Tuesday, May 27, 2014

An ending and also a beginning...

The view from my house

Today my house transfer was registered. It now has new owners. A young couple just starting out.
It served its purpose, to provide a safe base for me, my kids and our pets. We didn't have to move at the whim of a landlord while we lived there.
It wasn't an easy sell but I think it is a good buy for the youngsters who have bought it. Now the problem is, I am property..less. I have come full circle, once again living at the whim of a landlord.
The beginning is to finally get out of debt apart from my car which I will be paying off now and to build up a new nest egg to buy again.
Also new beginnings for Robynne and Marco who have started a new business making and selling lounge sets, couches and headboards, all custom built to customers requirements. After small beginnings, they are getting busier and busier. Their small house which they bought a year ago is almost entirely engulfed with fabrics and wood. They started from home to save costs but they will have to expand or move very shortly it seems. They are growing in ability and experience, learning how to quote, how to budget and manage staff. Organised chaos but they are forging bravely forward and keeping their eye on the ultimate goal..to earn a living without having a boss, to have the freedom of movement and choice that the working for others does not offer and to reap the full reward of their labours. They have roped the whole family in either to help with sales or deliveries or even manufacturing. They are fully embracing the idea of entrepreneurship.
It is a just over year that my Mom is gone and my Dad is moving ahead with his life without her. In April, my sister in Cape Town treated him to a trip down to celebrate his birthday on the 18th and visit with his sister and other family members long last seen. It was the first time he had flown in an airplane and he is now thoroughly hooked and determined to never drive any distance to visit his family again. He also announced to me today that he has a lady friend who has very similar tastes and conversation to him. She is a widow who was a family friend when both she and my Dad still had their spouses with them and he is looking to the future.
So endings and beginnings all around.
The one thing that is certain in life is that things will always change.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Time to write again

Just please don't expect any pearls of wisdom from me. It is too close to the end of the year after a long hard year filled with changes and challenges.
From the time my mom got sick last year in August, through her passing from this world in February and onward has been like treading water. Trying not to think too much about her not being around and trying not to forget anything.
Add to that the ongoing challenges of daily life and having to sort out my house in New Germany and all my belongings just left there when I moved to Johannesburg.
I had the opportunity to go to KZN at the end of September but it wasn't a holiday. I spent the week slogging and cleaning up the little house on the hill, sorting and packing what I want to keep and disposing of the rest. I managed to bring some items up, including the 2 kitties living with my son at the house. This brings my head count to 11. A lot of items were left behind in the back room at the house due to lack of space in the vehicle.
There was another break in at the house, the second in four weeks and this prompted Dael to hand in his notice at work and catch a bus to Jhb in the space of two days. So my little house is standing empty but I have started contractors working at the house (with the help of my dad and brother) and once the house is freshened up, it will be sold.
Little cat Chase, now named Monkey, due to her playful nature and desire to climb to the top of things had a health scare which caused her to stop eating and drinking. After a few days of force feeding her, we took her to the vet. She had a temperature but after an antibiotic and painkilling injection, she was showing improvement in a couple of hours and is almost back to her old self now.
Monkey in Jhb with me
At the moment, the days at work are dragging, I feel permanently drained and the weekends are never long enough to recuperate and get my energy back. I'm not sure if it is just the time of the year or an accumulation of all the emotions I have been dealing with this year that is the cause of this feeling but I hope that I will also return to 'normal' some time soon.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Putting Down Roots

Halfway through the fourth month of sharing a living space with my love and we are enjoying each other's company. We move around each other as dancers...I cook and clean the kitchen, my man makes our packed lunches for work...as well as the bed. We are in a routine.
Not that it is always smooth running. I was a little put out when my man decided to get up early to wash the dishes. He wanted to help but the morning is my time to potter around and chat to the kitties. As soon as the kitties see this big man approaching, they scatter. They are slowly getting used to him. I prefer (and he prefers) him to lie in a bit later in the mornings until I go through with coffee. By that time my chores are done and the kitchen is his to make sandwiches while I use the bathroom and get dressed. Its comfortable and it feels right.
The kitties are also very comfortable and feeling more relaxed in their own space. Even though they have dogs living in the hut below them (3 Italian Greyhounds and a Whippet), they are getting the measure of the dogs and realise that they are safer around these doggies. Jerome sectioned off a larger piece of the garden for the kitties to use but at the moment with the cold weather, they move between our house and their kitty lodge with brief sojourns outside to use the litter trays or to perch on the outside windowsill surveying the world...and the dogs.
So as far as putting down roots, I never feel truly rooted in an area until I have joined the local library and this Saturday past, we popped in at the library and filled in the forms. I have taken out a book...I belong.
The second part of putting down roots that I have planned is planting up our flower pots which are weed filled and desolate at the moment. The garden is huge and all the trees are losing leaves so raking is not even an option. I just want something manageable and colourful. I don't want to wait for spring so I am going to find some colourful plants to brighten up the entrance to our home. Nesting...
Bradley is writing exams and I had my work cut out to arrange exam transport for him on the day that the exams started. Normally he would wait after school and go home with his younger sisters but while exams are on he writes only one exam per day and then would have to wait the whole day to go home. I found a local lady who comes out when he lets her know he is finished and she pops him home. So that is sorted. Now to worry about a trip to the dentist and buying winter school clothes before winter is over...!
Robynne was ill over the weekend and after taking note of some of her symptoms, I was searching the internet for a possible illness and giving her advice.
Dael needed me to make a dentists appointment for him in Pinetown. He had an emergency and who could he turn to but mom.
The kids are all big but still mom's job is never done....and we wouldn't want it any other way! If your kids don't turn to you for help, they don't trust you or you have alienated them.
Staying with Dael, he had posted as his BBM status a week ago about finding a little kitten a home. As can be expected, my ears pricked up and I asked him where he had found a cat. Apparently at his work, which is a workshop which shares the property with a service station, this little kitten had been extricated from under a tanker truck where it had run after jumping from under a delivery van. It had travelled from Durban North to Pinetown under this van ending up at Dael's work. Dael ended up taking the little chap home and has named him Chase. The kitten has been very terrified as can be expected and also ravenously hungry. Slowly, with attention and playfulness, the little guy has come out of his shell and was jumping all over Dael the other evening as he lay on the carpet of the bedroom.
Chase at Dael's work just after capture before Dael took him home.
Chase playing with Dael after a few days of safety and attention.
My kids love animals and I'm proud of them.
Momcat xx

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The next step...

On the Saturday, 27th April 2013 my daughter and her boyfriend of 3 years, Marco, became engaged.
Yes, I'm a mother-in-law to be.
I didn't know a thing about it at the time. I hadn't been having a very good weekend because my boyfriend was away on a trip to the Cape for a week and I was feeling very sorry for myself.
I had arranged to attend a talk hosted by Robynne's church on the Sunday and was walking along on the Sunday morning in the direction of the venue, totally engrossed in my own thoughts when I heard "Come over here". I looked up, startled and there was Robynne standing along the route to the venue with her friend, Taryn. They were on duty as helpers and I hadn't even noticed my own daughter, being so engrossed in my own thoughts - a fact that she duly pointed out to me.
She mysteriously said to me that she had some news to tell me and then being unable to contain herself any longer, whipped up her left hand to reveal her sparkling new engagement ring. I was astonished and then very happy for my daughter.
She recounted the happy details of the situation leading up to the happy event. It seems that Marco had been trying for the greater part of the Saturday to get Robynne to go with him to her favourite dog-walking park and for once, she just wasn't in the mood. He eventually dragged her out into the garden of their own house and there, in front of their doggies, he went down on one knee and proposed to her. He had been storing the ring away for a whole month, planning when and where to pop the question and eventually all fell into place.
Robynne is now fully into the swing of wedding preparations, with a date for next year at around this time being identified. I went with the young couple this past Sunday to see a lovely wedding venue which will handle all the arrangements of decor, food, music, etc and has a chapel as well as a Bridal Suite and family rooms for out of town guests. A million details to be planned but every minute to be enjoyed.
So...the next step for my daughter and for her mom..
Congratulations Robynne and Marco and may God richly bless your life together.
Momcat xxx