Saturday, September 17, 2011

I did it!

I signed the letter of offer from the new company and handed in my notice yesterday. I will work out my notice in the two weeks until the end of September and start with my new employer on the 3rd of October.

Okay the salary is not a whole lot better than where I'm currently working but it ticks a lot of the boxes I require in a work environment i.e. close to home, challenging work environment, amenable people and basically enough to live on, if not luxuriously, at least I can pay my bills. It is a new position so I will have to grow into it and make myself indispensable.

I don't usually leave a particular job after just six months but I have made myself a promise, after staying in jobs for long periods of time, generally not less than 3 years and after being retrenched from my last position after six years with the company, that I will not stay patiently and unhappily anywhere where the cons start to outweigh the pros. I will empower myself by moving on. The alternative is just to swallow your unhappiness and irritation and develop a stress-related illness. I already have had one of those and I'm not going to allow anyone or anything to aggravate my stress levels anymore any longer than I have to.

So wish me the patience of Job for the next two weeks as I work out my notice and a better environment at my new workplace.

xx Momcat

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Optical Illusions () () ()

Or maybe its just because I have a lot more time to think these days. Living alone with just kitties and dog for company, I do tend to spend a lot more time on internal conversations and maybe I'm thinking myself into craziness!! Just kidding....

Driving along a local road, my eye caught sight of something flying into the air in the direction of the road. It gave me a start and in that split second I thought it was a monkey dashing towards my car and I jerked the steering wheel which caused the car to veer a bit. And then I processed what had ACTUALLY been flying into the air, which ........was a spadeful of sand from the spade of a workman standing in a trench.

I'll have to watch these optical illusions carefully. They could cause me to end up in a ditch myself!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Well here I am again. This has been a year of not being around. The office where I work has a very limited amount of Internet cap and I have to be careful what I do with it.

Just to briefly bring everyone up to date. I am just about to move work again. An interview that I went for last year just after I returned home from taking Bradley to Jhb didn't pan out and they took back the lady that previously worked in that position. Now 10 months later, they are expanding and remembered me and it looks like it might work out this time.

I have been working in this real estate office for 5 months now and I am getting bored. Small companies where I cannot create my own work are not for me. I have to wait for work to come from the agents and now that I know my way around there is  no challenge. I also just finished an afternoon temp job at a vet's office just up the road and learned a few new skills but I don't like to be in an environment where pets are put to sleep. This new position will be a training environment which promises to be very challenging, coming in at the start of a new partnership and I can build up my role in the business which I enjoy doing. And bonus its also close to home. I would be working in two different offices, three days in the office of the new partner and two days in the offices of the original person who interviewed me so no chance of getting bored with my surroundings.

On the home front, Dael is in Jhb now looking for work up there so now I'm all alone with the furry ones. I am focusing on getting up to date with the remaining spays and neuters of the younger animals which I wasn't able to do with the kids at home. Its not always easy and preys on my mind that the kids are not with me any more. Its like one day you are a mom with all the responsibilities that go with that and the next you have nothing to do. Empty nest syndrome sucks! I'm focusing on getting my income and my debts sorted out now though so that when the kids need me again, I will have everything in order and be ready for them again. I am also planning on starting my Saturday afternoon hikes again and am trying to persuade my brother to go with me. He is not keen though and comes up with excuses. It would be good for him though and my vehicle is not going to get me to the hikes based further away. I will start with the local hikes though and get my fitness levels up again. The novelty of sitting at home has long since worn off.

Enough for now before it turns into a book. Will definitely speak again soon!

XX Momcat