Monday, April 30, 2012

Posting from my email..!

It is appropriate since I last posted on the 1st day of April to end the month off by posting again on the last day of the month. Haha, kidding!
Its been a busy month, what with my first month in a new job, Easter and 4 birthdays but culminating in the wonderful feeling of receiving a paycheck once again. Never underestimate the feeling of achievement just receiving payment for services rendered gives one.
One thing I didn't miss was standing in a bank queue, something I had to do again this past Saturday. It was a very long hour...
My first month at my new job has been interesting and after a couple of weeks, even broken up with all the long weekends as they were, I have started to feel as if I have been here for many months already, rather than just one month.
I have got things done that were pending or needed doing, I have been running around doing company shopping in a work bakkie and I received a compliment from the MD who said to some visitors in meeting where I was also present that I have been helping out a lot and taking the pressure off. So I feel that I am achieving what I was hired to do...
When I started, I didn't have a computer, stationery or a chair and I was feeling like I wasn't expected but now my desk is cluttered, people are coming to me with queries and I have an increasing workload, which I enjoy.
I have attended two craft markets this month, one of which I paid to attend and didn't even make a sale  so now I have vowed to only attend markets where I can get a free table so that if I don't make a sale, Im not left out of pocket either.
I haven't increased my stock much this month. Ive been knitting dog jerseys for Robynne's little pinschers, who are starting to feel the cold now. Im getting quite the expert at knitting dog jerseys now and will knit some for my stand as well.
Im typing this post up in Word. Its a test to see how it works out with me posting through my email so maybe I will be able to post more often if I don't have to work on a post while Im online. I can write at my leisure and reduce the amount of time that I am actually online. I'll see how this works.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools Day was no joke at all!

The 'sick jokes' started early...

On Saturday evening, I went with Robynne to a local pub where she was meeting friends for drinks and the plan was for me to return and collect her later on in the evening. I had put off the lights between 8.30 and 9.30pm and set my alarm for 10pm because I knew I would drop off to sleep in the dark after a busy day. Just before the alarm went off, Robynne phoned to say I wouldn't need to fetch her because she and her friends were moving to another bar further down the road and that Marco, who had been at a separate gathering with his friends, would be fetching her. I went back to sleep and the next thing I knew, Robynne was phoning again to ask if Marco had come home. This was now 12.30am and I told her that I hadn't seen or heard him come home.

Apparently, on his way to fetch her, he changed down gears as he was driving and his gearbox just started making horrible metallic grinding noises. He cruised to the side of the road and was out of action. The idea was for him to phone for a tow truck to bring the car home, fetch her car and drive back to fetch her. He eventually arrived with the car on a flatbed truck at about 1am, changed his clothes and left to fetch Robynne. I think they eventually only got back home at 3.30am.

The second April Fools disaster was waking to no electricity and freezing winds. I got up but soon decided to return to bed to wait and see if the electricity would come on soon. I heard some noises from the dogs in the lounge but when I eventually came through again, discovered shredded foam rubber carpeting the lounge floor. Bebe the doberman had scratched the lounge chair cushion right through to the webbing and caused a huge amount of damage. Marco had discovered this and put the dogs outside but the damage was done! And the electricity was still off!

I decided to clean up to keep myself busy and this took a couple of hours. We discovered that two of the other miniature pinscher doggies are sick so this is number four. And the electricity only eventually came back on at about 2pm.

So, tomorrow when I start work, because we now only have one car, we all three have to leave together at 6am to get Robynne to work in Midrand. She starts at 7.30am. Then drive back to get Marco to work in Randburg, drop him and I drive back to North Riding to start work at about 7.50am - complete circle. Then repeat that in the afternoon. I only finish at 4.30pm as does Robynne so she and Marco will just have to wait as I negotiate traffic to get back to them. I would rather have the car and do the driving than wait though. :) And on top of this, just saw a news broadcast on that petrol and diesel prices rise steeply this week - Again!

Happy April...!

Momcat xx