Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Time to write again

Just please don't expect any pearls of wisdom from me. It is too close to the end of the year after a long hard year filled with changes and challenges.
From the time my mom got sick last year in August, through her passing from this world in February and onward has been like treading water. Trying not to think too much about her not being around and trying not to forget anything.
Add to that the ongoing challenges of daily life and having to sort out my house in New Germany and all my belongings just left there when I moved to Johannesburg.
I had the opportunity to go to KZN at the end of September but it wasn't a holiday. I spent the week slogging and cleaning up the little house on the hill, sorting and packing what I want to keep and disposing of the rest. I managed to bring some items up, including the 2 kitties living with my son at the house. This brings my head count to 11. A lot of items were left behind in the back room at the house due to lack of space in the vehicle.
There was another break in at the house, the second in four weeks and this prompted Dael to hand in his notice at work and catch a bus to Jhb in the space of two days. So my little house is standing empty but I have started contractors working at the house (with the help of my dad and brother) and once the house is freshened up, it will be sold.
Little cat Chase, now named Monkey, due to her playful nature and desire to climb to the top of things had a health scare which caused her to stop eating and drinking. After a few days of force feeding her, we took her to the vet. She had a temperature but after an antibiotic and painkilling injection, she was showing improvement in a couple of hours and is almost back to her old self now.
Monkey in Jhb with me
At the moment, the days at work are dragging, I feel permanently drained and the weekends are never long enough to recuperate and get my energy back. I'm not sure if it is just the time of the year or an accumulation of all the emotions I have been dealing with this year that is the cause of this feeling but I hope that I will also return to 'normal' some time soon.