Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The world is turning but I'm standing still..

...and what a strange feeling this is! Its the first time since I've been working that I haven't had any money to buy presents (or anything other than food for my animals). Robynne and boyfriend haven't got money other than for necessities and all around us - jingle, sparkle and manic spend, spend, spend!

I went through to Sandton for an interview yesterday and afterwards rather wished I hadn't. Firstly it was at Sandton City itself in a cafe-style restaurant off Nelson Mandela Square. It was a late appointment (3pm). I found my way there okay because I have been to the area for a previous appointment but after I entered the parkade it was round and round, unable to find a parking. Eventually about 15 mins later, I did find one and then after memorising where my car was parked, entered the glittering and expensive world of Sandton City shopping centre, feeling rather like a refugee. I wandered through, not really knowing where I was going. Thank goodness for security guards as they helped to point me in the right direction. The overhead direction boards also helped and eventually I wandered out into Nelson Mandela Square amid the bold, the beautiful and financially well-endowed patrons, eating lunch at one of the multitude of eateries or snapping photos or just mingling and absorbing the atmosphere.

I found the cafe (I'm definitely getting good at finding places) and sat waiting for my turn to be interviewed as the interviewer was still busy with a prior interview. While I was waiting another interviewee arrived and jumped the queue, so I waited again. I think she had booked about 3 people for the same time. After a sketchy interview where I was advised that if I made the shortlist I would have to attend a full day of testing, whereafter if I 'passed' I would be given a one week contract and then whereafter I would be given a one month contract. I mean come on. Anyway, 'interview' over, I zoomed off, keen to leave the hyped-up bedlam of the shopping centre and ... got a bit lost trying to find my way back to the carpark entrance. I texted Robynne that I should have left a trail of breadcrumbs! Thanks to directions from another helpful security guard I eventually wandered out at the parking, paid and found the closest exit outa there! Well, the traffic started at the downramp to the street. I eventually got out and found my way to Sandton Drive and just sat and sat. Sandton traffic! As we crawled along there were police with rifles and dark glasses on the side of the road as well as army guys on the centre island, also with guns, Scary! Further along a BIG roadblock, with a minibus full of commuters being grilled by the police. Even further along on the other side to catch traffic coming up into Sandton, an identical roadblock, pulling off regular cars. At least on my side they were waving all the 'ordinary' cars through. I was so hot as Robynne's boyfriend's car's drivers side window doesn't open and I was overdressed for the heat in my interview clothes.

Mental note: No more 'bulls**t interviews at least until the silly season is over.

So I'm on the plot looking after the animals and cleaning house and not really feeling very Christmassy at all. Bradley has gone down to Natal for Christmas. He went with his father and their family, not telling me at all that they were going. He turns 16 on Christmas Day but I can't get him a present and I will probably not even see him. I don't think he cares...

Dael is very busy at work and only gets off on Christmas Day. I don't think he will even have time to hit the shops. My parents are not too happy that their family is far away but I know Dael will pop in there and they have my brother. Its not really the same, I know.

I will spend Christmas with Robynne and Marco, her boyfriend. We will cook a nice lunch, exchange some small gifts, phone our family, and enjoy the antics of the puppies and kitties.

We do what we have to do, I guess.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Selling myself...

its easier to sell my knitted toys! Seriously, I've been for interviews a few weeks back and never heard anything more. The one job where I've actually been for a second interview went like this: First drive through to Parktown for an interview with the HR consultant. This went very well. Next about a week later, telephonic interview with the employer's HR guy. This also went very well. Thirdly, drive through to Randburg for an interview with the lady director. She was rushed and I wasn't 100% happy with the interview because she seemed to be looking for an accounts orientated person rather than an admin person. Next I would need to go for an interview with the other two directors. I think its easier to get married!

Hello, this isn't rocket science people. I'm an intelligent experienced administrator/secretary - Employ me already!

Apart from my neverending quest to find employment, Robynne and I have been researching craft markets on the internet. I brought a few items up from Durban with me but with space constraints, left most of my toys behind. My mom has sold a few but is redistributing any money to Dael who is housesitting our house and trying to feed himself and a cat and a dog. Lots of responsibility for a young man not used to living on his own.

Last weekend, we took a spot at the Olivedale Library at their craft market. Our table was a bit sparse but we made almost R200 in sales, the weather was excellent, people were friendly, we had our snacks and we sat and had mom and daughter time and knitted away at our projects. Very enjoyable. The next market we are booking for is the Christmas Craft Market out at Value Faire Shopping Centre on Saturday, 10th December and we will be there between 9am and 3pm. I am looking forward to it because its also a way of getting out and about, getting to know different areas and meeting new people.

Back on the subject of Dael, I applied for a position on his behalf since I've been up here in Jhb. The job was entitled Junior Motorbike Technician and he went for an interview and never heard back. He asked me to find out if the people were still considering him for the position and they replied asking him to come in for another interview. And he's been taken on board. Obviously working a probation period while the other guy who hes replacing is working out his notice. But Dael says this guy just sweeps and mops and plays on his phone the whole day. While Dael on the other hand is rewiring bikes and stripping parts and basically slogging his buns off! But its something he enjoys so I've no doubt he will prove his worth.

My Christmas wish is for my future to be secured before the end of the year and hopefully for employment to start but I know it is a difficult time of the year. In the meantime I am staying industrious and building up my stock of toys, looking after kitties and doggies, doing a lot of housework, applying for jobs and going for interviews, basically just taking one day at a time. My future is in God's hands.

More later.

Momcat xx