Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Long weekend of contrasts...

I made some wonderful plans for the weekend just past and although not all the plans ran exactly to plan, I still spent time with wonderful friends and special people.

The arrangement for Saturday was to attend an airshow in Centurion. When Saturday dawned with thunder, lightning and torrential rain, I thought those plans were a washout! However, the rain dissipated somewhat and I headed off to the airshow with Jerome, his son Matthew and Bradley. The grounds at the airbase were extremely muddy after all the rain and Jerome found us some seating on an elevated viewing stand where we had a fantastic view of the aerial as well as the land manoevres. My favourite to watch was the jets and the powerful sonic boom they made as they passed over the crowd. So exciting! We walked around the showgrounds to let the teenagers see the various Defence Force vehicles and weapons and Bradley has decided to look into a career in the Navy. I am going to encourage this as I think it is something he would be good at and it would instill a lot of discipline in him. All in all a great day of entertainment and enjoyment..

On Saturday night, I went out with my fairly new friend Jackie for a couple of drinks but didnt really feel too well in the evening. Probably should have stayed home after a day of sun and fun. I ended up staying over at Jackie's house as it was a bit late to be tackling the road home after we returned from our jaunt. On Sunday, Jackie made early arrangements with another friend to have a braai at her house and invited me to return for that. The weather was perfect and it seemed a perfect idea.

Once I was home however, just pottering around, I really didnt feel up to going anywhere again that day. Not wanting to disappoint Jackie though, I dragged myself back and after relaxing for a while ended up having a fun girls' afternoon with some good laughs and possibly a teensy bit too much wine!

I had arranged to go with Jerome on Sunday on the Jhb Photowalkers excursion to Jeppe Boys High, a very historic venue with some beautiful buildings. During the night on Saturday, however, I woke with a bad bladder pain which was still nagging on by the morning. I drank some over the counter medication and hoping that the pain would disappear, I went off to the outing at the school. While still a sunny day, there was an icy wind and after battling along with the rest of the group, I found a warm bench to sit on in the sun. After a short while of sitting there, I decided that I was feeling worse and that I needed to get to a doctor. I felt very bad about dragging Jerome away from his photo excursion and also the braai afterwards that we had planned to attend but I really couldnt manage the pain. So the rest of the morning was spent at Fourways Life casualty where I ended up getting an injection for pain and fever as I was by that time running a temperature, as well as an antibiotic and a few other meds. I was soon feeling a lot better after the injection kicked in and ended up thoroughly enjoying the rest of the weekend even though plans had changed. Which goes to show its not what you spend time doing but who you are spending that time with that makes all the difference...!

Momcat xx

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Inspiration strikes....!

I have been inspired to post again by a new friend who, like many of my blog buddies, also posts to his blog daily.

There have been some changes and challenges in my life since I last posted but things are really looking better on all fronts. Workwise, I am employed again and have been with my new company for five weeks. They are a much better crowd than places I have worked before and the atmosphere is more relaxed although also productive. I am involved in reception and switchboard which I endeavour to make more interesting than it sounds. I also have responsibilities in accounts and office administration. It is a busy position and puts me exactly where I always want to be, at the centre of the action!

Socially, I have started to attend more events being held by the social groups which I joined earlier this year. I have attended a nature hike and a town walk, both followed by a visit to the pub with congenial company, a music festival and several more events planned for coming days. Will definitely be posting more about these outings as they happen.

I have also met a very special person who I have shared some memorable moments with and am really happy spending time with. Early days yet but we plan to spend more time together as we really enjoy each other's company.

Last Friday, I was fortunate to attend my company employee appreciation day where we unanimously chose to do the Ama Zwing Zwing zipline canopy tour out at Amanzingwe near Harties. I was keen to undertake this adventure but must admit to feeling a little trepidation, as we were kitted out in our harnesses, helmets and thick leather gloves, a feeling which worsened somewhat as we climbed the first platform and gazed down from the dizzy heights to where we would we ziplining across. The first cable was very wobbly for everyone but by the sixth cable slide, our group were handling it like pro's and having so much fun. And then it ended. We weren't disappointed for long though since we were treated to a slap up lunch and some alcoholic beverages after that. Much joking, teasing and laughter ensued...!

(This pic is not of my colleagues but just to give an idea of the terrifying ordeal we mainly non-adventurous types all went through!)

Its been great to touch base again with my blogging buddies (hopefully you haven't all forgotten who I am) and to discover that I can still write.....!

Momcat xx