Friday, September 25, 2009

When I got home on Wednesday evening, Bradley started nagging to go to his cousin, R's house. I had just driven home in the mist and rain. I had been to the shops and I didn't feel like going out again. I started to get irritated and then I noticed how messy the house was. Now it is usually messy by the time I get home again from work. But on Wednesday night, it was worrying me. After I started nagging, Dael got cross and Dael is hormonal at the moment. Thought it was just for girl teens - wrong!! He had a major tantrum, almost threatening to throw a small table across the room and me almost threatening to throw him out the house. He is getting to the stage where he has to make his own way in the world. My house is my house and if I want to throw a tantrum, I don't want anyone (least of all my offspring) jumping on the bandwagon and staging their own tantrum, thank you! Anyway, the storm blew over and Dael went for a bath. Soon afterwards, his friend C arrived on his bike and it became apparent that arrangements for the evening had been made. They left for a special 'public holiday' evening at the local club 54 and Bradley and I were left together.
In the meantime, Bradley had given up nagging during the tantrum throwing session and I promised to get him to his cousin in the morning. So much for spending time with mom on the public holiday.
Thursday morning dawned with sunshine which was very welcome after two days of rain and although it clouded over, it remained warm. Dael had attempted to arrange a gathering of sorts with his friends who it turned out had better things to do and other friends to visit and his plans fell flat. So he tagged after me when I went to drop Bradley off at his cousin's. We ended up at The Pav shopping centre so that I could get a bit of shopping. There wasn't much happening there for him and I don't hang out in shopping centres for fun so we left and were home by lunchtime.
While I was shopping and in my ongoing quest to find potatoes that are affordable, I decided to buy a 10kg pocket of potatoes for R64.00 at the big supermarket (Checkers Hyper) at The Pav. I joked with the packer guy who was packing the more expensive R70.00 pockets that if I found a potato that was rotten in the pocket, I would return it for a refund. He agreed (in fake agreement) that of course I could. But I wasn't joking. We are talking about staple dietary items here and all are more expensive every time you have to buy them. The price fluctuates almost daily. Rice, mealie meal, potatoes - starch items that are not luxuries are becoming so expensive and I'm not even on the breadline (okay probably almost). I don't buy many luxury items but I don't go hungry! What about those on minimum wage income. Government needs to step in and subsidise otherwise people are going to starve.
While I was shopping, Dael was wandering around the centre but I got hold of him on mxit and asked him to meet me as they had deodorant on special and there was no way I was going to choose a fragrance for him. He found me, found a variety of deo that he liked and much to my dismay, stayed with me. I have a phobia people - shopping with someone else, especially someone who is impatient. I just can't do it. Maybe it stems back to my early days of marriage when I used to take a long time comparing prices and buying the right items. My ex used to mock me and tell me I took hours. I really don't but that phobia of keeping someone waiting that doesn't want to be there remains to this day. I really do my best grocery shopping on my lonesome ownsome.
Anyway I managed to accomplish what needed doing and we headed for home. I spent the afternoon doing some much needed springcleaning of the tv cabinet which entailed emptying each shelf and dusting and repacking said shelf. By the evening I had accomplished that task even climbing on a stool and tackling the top of the unit and the adjacent blades of the ceiling fan while I was about it. I felt very satisfied with my achievement and my last active task of the day was to prepare hotdogs and chips for my older son and me, just the two of us because Bradley had decided to stay over at his cousin's place.
Tonight, I must collect Bradley and his cousin, R is staying over at my place this time - oh glory! I'm still at work, boosting my sense of calm with the help of a bottle of cider on company account.
Happy weekend all!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Teenagers, Rain and the end of term holiday!

Say no more. Bradley's school closed for the end of third term break today. Tomorrow is a public holiday (Heritage day) and I could have made it a long weekend but something is preventing me from submitting that leave form... Could it be my desire to preserve whats left of my sanity!?
So I'll be off tomorrow and will return to the safe haven of my office on Friday. It has been raining for two days solid so far with no end in sight. So cats, dogs and children are confined to the house. Well the children are usually in the house, on the couch with thumbs pounding the keyboards of the cellphones but the cats and dogs and I quite often escape outside to the sun and fresh air.
I can probably put up with it for one day - I think!
I went back to the clinic this morning to fetch Bradley's Ritalin. I didn't bother to get there too early, rather adopting the approach of "However long it takes I'll wait". When I arrived I was given the number 18. I found a seat next to a lady who had 15 and she had been there from about 7.30am. It was already 8.30am. I asked her if they had started dispensing meds and she said no but the doctor had started seeing patients. I got chatting with her and what a pleasant person she is. A few years younger than me and no kids but she was natural and interested in what I was saying and by the time she was called in we had exchanged phone numbers. She came out and - called me. I was the very next number as the in-between numbers were for the doctor. I got my meds and left for work and it only took me two hours! Honestly I don't mind as I had congenial company and the time just sped by. I'll do whatever it takes to help my son. And there's nothing like being held captive in a waiting room for making new friends (or catching a nap like some were doing). Next time I'm gonna take a flask of coffee.
See you on the other side.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This is how the weekend goes..

I indulged in a couple of drinks with some of the girls from the office to celebrate Robynne's having got the job in Gauteng.

Feeling quite relaxed I was prepared to face the weekend. At home, Bradley was waiting for me expectantly because he wanted to download mxit onto his phone again. "I've got no phone time! What happened to your mxit?" C deleted it - Why? "He wanted to load his mxit account onto my phone... Well apparently C had succeeded in making his mxit work on his own phone because I saw from my own contact list that he was online. I messaged him asking him why he had deleted Bradley's mxit and left him with no airtime to replace it and received a very cocky answer that I could sort it out for him ha ha! So I deleted him after leaving him an irritated offline message. Dael came in and got a mouthful from me which he in turn passed down the line to his brother - why did you let C delete your mxit! Now C is 18 and intimidates Bradley a little as Bradley tries to fit into the older age group but he got the message! Luckily Dael had some phone time and expertise and quickly righted matters.

Saturday dawned a gorgeous day and since my washing was piling up I decided to do something about it! Oops - my washing machine all set up days earlier with a load and detergent had decided not to come on! No power! I spoke to my brother, Greg to come round and have a look at it but he hadn't arrived and I was burning sunlight! So I set myself up in the bathroom with a tub, washing powder and softener and piles of separated washing. About 2 and a half hours later, after washing enough clothes and other assorted items to fill four long lines, I'm finished and just then, Greg pulls up the driveway. After dismantling the top section of the toploader washer where the switches are, he discovers its the switch that cuts off the machine when you lift the lid and he couldn't get to the switch so he just bypassed it. Not a problem - I don't have any toddlers who are likely to get their arms twisted off by fast moving machinery!

On Sunday, after doing a bit of tidying up whilst my ears were being blasted by head banging music, I decided I needed to get outside a bit and tackle a bit more of my 'garden' while the weather was still good. I've got piles of cut greenery which needs to be pulled down off the bank to a more accessible spot so my dad can load it onto his bakki. I had hoisted myself to a position halfway up a little steep bank where I could reach the pile of sticks and leaves on the next level and was hanging onto a little branch while pulling the sticks with the other and throwing them down to the lower level and the drive, when......the stick gave way and I just rolled helplessly all the way down, until fortuitously my fall was stopped by a tall metal pole which used to hold an old pair of gates. If that had not been there I would have fallen about a metre down off the wall onto the concrete driveway and that would have been much more painful! I got up checking for blood - nothing just a few bruises, my glasses were still in one piece, no broken bones, wow - looked behind me to see if anyone was laughing and pointing - no one! What a relief. Thank goodness I'm quite flexible because a roll down the hill like that could have turned out a lot worse. After I caught my breath, I was back to work again and managed to get quite a big pile prepared for carting away.

With the weather being mild and springlike, I had a very pleasant weekend and the best being no pressure to go anywhere or do anything!

Friday, September 18, 2009

She got the job!

My daughter now has a new job in Gauteng to move up to. New beginnings and new challenges!
She arrived in Gauteng at 9.00pm on Thursday night and was met by her friend, T as well as her dad and half sisters and their mom.
After hugs and kisses all round, she was whisked away by her friend. This morning she and T first went to T's workplace and then Robynne used T's car to travel to her new place of work. After spending some time at the company being introduced to everyone, they made her lunch and then she went in for her big meeting. And she was officially offered the job.
She is extremely happy and relieved that she can now move to Gauteng as an employed person which will mean she is now closer to more of her family and will still be able to pay her bills!
Now for the arrangements to get her car and her belongings up from Cape Town. For now though she is visiting with her friend tonight and her dad and sisters tomorrow and just enjoying her time in Gauteng. She flies back to Cape Town tomorrow, Sunday at 4pm and arrives in Cape town at 6pm.
I think she is going to leave behind some sad friends in Cape Town as she has the ability to make close friends wherever she is. She is a very good friend. And I think my sister in Cape Town is going to miss her niece as well.
Congratulations my clever daughter. I know that you'll have every success in your future.
Love, Mom

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Great things ahead!

I wanted to put the update on my daughter in a separate post. I didn't just want to tag it on at the end of my previous post although it was the final big happening of the week.
She applied for a job in Gauteng as she is very keen to move up there. As it happens, the directors of that company had to visit Cape Town for an exhibition and arranged for Robynne to meet them at the exhibition after hours. She had a very relaxed interview, feeling totally at ease with them as they were easy going and jokey kind of guys. She was asked to return the next evening to meet another staff member and to hear a bit more about the job. That was last week.
This week she was waiting impatiently and eagerly to hear from the company and eventually she did - with good news. The company wanted to fly her to Gauteng for the weekend to see their offices and meet their staff on a working day and then fly her back again - at their cost. She phoned me after work on Tuesday, laughing with joy and so excited. Final arrangements having been made yesterday, she will be winging her way to Gauteng at 7pm to land at 9pm. She will be met by her best friend from her school days who is already working up there and with whom she is staying for the weekend. She will spend the day at the host company's offices and hopes to find out by the end of the weekend that her employment with them is confirmed. She will also get to see her dad and her two half-sisters and their mom.
I am just very happy for her as she has been through a stressful time lately and its hard for me to know my daughter is battling and be too far away to help much. I told her to rely on God totally as he has her future in his hands and this is proving to be the case. If we just Let Go and Let God - take over our lives we will see that things fall into place.

What have I been doing this week?

Monday brought the big move to the new office, which required a little co-ordination and entailed the entire contents of my office sitting out in the walkway until the office I was moving into had been cleared. Something like musical offices! However, I am now comfortably installed into my own office at long last. The only thing now is that instead of just turning my chair in the direction of my boss to discuss some work related matter, I now get summoned to leave my office and go to his office for said discussions which is a little irritating especially when I am busy with something!

On Tuesday was the big visit to see the clinic doctor. Needless to say we didn't go and pick up a number for the queue at 4am! Bradley and I ambled along at our own pace and after parking at the same safe parking garage and walking the short distance to get to the clinic, it was about 8am. It didn't seem too busy at the entrance but the number I got at reception for our 'psyche' clinic was 25. A sea of faces turned to stare at us as we approached along the corridor and we quickly found seats. The doc only began seeing patients at about 8.20am and the long wait began. As one patient came out of the consulting room he would call the next number and generally it was moving along.

After one hour of waiting, Bradley was getting a 'little impatient'. Some of the patients took a little longer with the doc and that time really dragged. The baby clinic was situated just down the corridor from us and one baby seemed able to cry continuously for what seemed like two hours. Another little tot kept his mom busy by running up and down the corridor with her chasing after him. Some of the motherly patients reached out to him but he was wary of them. He liked Bradley though turning back to stare and smile at him before running off again.

An elderly couple arrived with two trays, one with the fixings for beverages and another tray of covered sandwiches. They set up shop down the corridor out of sight but soon reappeared, offering thick brown bread jam sandwiches and plastic cups of tea to all the patients, some of whom I assume had left home hours before to sit in the long queue. The bread was soon distributed and I accepted the last cup of tea. It wasn't too bad either although it did taste a bit plasticky! I thought it was a lovely gesture from the elderly folks though. They probably do it every day as a sort of ministry to those in need.

After three hours of waiting, our number was up. In the interim I had wandered back to the main reception desk looking for Bradley's immunisation card which I had left at reception for the attendant to make up a file. As I was looking for the gentleman, he directed me back to the sisters room and it turned out that she had the card and was looking to reschedule us to come again another day as Bradley was a first time patient and the doctor was busy (there are usually two doctors) and had too many patients. I begged her to leave me in as I didn't want Bradley to miss another day of school and I had already been the previous Thursday to make a booking. She thought about it and then thrust my card at me telling me to go and get a file made. This was the same file that should have been made about an hour and a half previously but at the government clinic you can't get irritated - it doesn't go down well with the staff! At the reception, the attendant was snappy about making a file as he was inundated with patients and painstakingly slow at his work. I joked with him and even dared to make a suggestion that he prepunch all the files and forms to avoid having to punch everything individually every time to place into files.

At 11am, Bradley and I entered the elderly doctor's consulting room. I handed him the psychologists report that I had prepared when Bradley was still in preschool (kindergarten) as well as the letter from his teacher. He observed Bradley who was fidgeting a lot after three hours of waiting, asked me questions and wrote his prescription - 3 tablets a day! That would cost an absolute fortune if I was buying it but the government will supply for free. The medication will unfortunately only be ready for collection next Thursday when the 3rd school term breaks but he will be on medication for the 4th term and we will definitely see a different Bradley. I'm very positive about that. Unfortunately he will have to stay on the medication permanently while at school from now on because as the level and amount of work increase so does his concentration decrease proportionately. But I will monitor the dosage accordingly and decide how many tablets he requires in a day, obviously with feedback from his teacher.

I'm just relieved that I have managed to start moving towards some sort of solution because I have been beating my head against a brick wall for most of this year to try and get Brad to show interest in his work. I really don't know why I didn't go this route sooner but the year seems to have simply flown. Better late than not at all I suppose.
Brad horsing about as he likes to do! He a great joker.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

New week - new challenges!

Monday morning brought with it more challenges. The one that sticks in my mind the most is when Bradley's teacher phoned to inform me that Monday was the deadline for all Bradley's term marks which includes work he is supposed to be catching up after having been off sick. She said that the way his marks were looking he would have to repeat Grade 7. The wheels totally came off for me although I was kind of expecting this phone call and I ended up getting a bit hysterical with her and accusing the teachers and the Department of Education of letting my son down. In truth they have done as with his ADD he battles to concentrate and the constant producing of work does not suit a child with ADD. Continuous assessment (producing work and handing it in) is part of the OBE (Outcomes Based Education) system. He also does not qualify to be placed in the Special Ed Class (they call it something else) as there are various prerequisites to being placed in that class, all of which seem to need medical aid funding i.e. psychologists reports, etc. The only recourse I have at this stage to ensure that my son can keep up with the classwork is to put him back on Ritalin. I don't have the finances to visit psychologists and paediatricians so I decided to pay a visit to our good old local government clinic to see if can set it up for him to receive the Ritalin he requires.
I requested and received from the teacher a letter from the school to present to whichever doctor I have to see, to prove what problems Bradley is experiencing at school.
I got off work early yesterday, picked up Bradley and decided to tackle the clinic. We arrived there at about 2.30pm only to find the place full of moms and babies. The receptionist who stuttered badly when speaking English but spoke perfectly when conversing in his home language of Zulu explained to us that we should come back tomorrow as Wednesday was a special day for babies. We agreed!
This morning we tried again. I had gathered together a few more documents, namely Bradley's birth certificate, his clinic card from when he was a baby and a report from an educational psychologist that I had had done when Bradley was still in pre-school (and when I still had medical aid). We arrived at the same local clinic early this morning only to find a praise and worship service in full swing. We stood at the back of the fully-packed and stuffy clinic until the end of the song and just before the service began, we decided to move along to the other local clinic as I did have to get to work today!
We had to park and walk to our destination as being in the middle of town, there was no safe parking to be found. Once there we found ourselves at the back of a long queue but undeterred, I went inside and asked around until I found one lady who was able to help me with the process. You have to be a bit thick-skinned to go to a clinic as the usual attendees stare and the clinic employees generally ignore you. The helpful lady directed me to the correct counter and the counter attendant actually accompanied us back to the assistant in the psyche department who asked if we had been before and when hearing that: no - we were private patients previously - said "Oops!" I replied "Oops! I don't like Oops!". He and the first counter attendant who was still standing there laughed politely but that broke the ice a little. The assistant explained that we would now need to see the doctor who only comes on Tuesday, who will then issue a prescription and then the medication will need to be ordered from King George hospital in Durban and will only arrive back at the clinic by Friday. And it was done. On the way out the helpful lady suggested we fetch a number from the security at the gate at 4am next Tuesday morning to ensure that we get seen early as many people just turn up without an appointment. Oh well!
Dropped Bradley at home with instructions to carry on with his catch-up work (which he won't do) and I left for work getting here at about 10am. Shortly after I arrived, I received a visit from our Financial Manager to say that we were moving offices again which would make it my 9th move since I joined the company. My boss and I have only been in our shared office for about 2 months! That was enough to throw me into a foul mood and when my boss arrived back in the office he heard all about it. He originally didn't want to rock the boat and alter any decision arrived at but I wasn't letting him off lightly. From sharing an office with him, I would have been left sitting in a central open plan area between the offices and these ladies are not quiet! I often have to close my door so that I can concentrate anyway and now I wouldn't even have a door to close. Anyway, I said to my boss that this was definitely going to affect my actions from now on but that I wouldn't mention it again. Much later and after me having calmed down somewhat, he has come to me and told me that after all my ranting and raving, he has arranged for me to have the small office across the hallway with my own door to close. The lady who would have got an office is now in the open plan area. I have some years of seniority and tenure over her and I need peace and quiet to concentrate. I appreciate him having sorted out this problem for me but I wish I didn't always have to fight to just be treated fairly and not like a second-class citizen!
Cheers friends!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hello Weekend - Goodbye Sanity!

Friday night gave no indication of what was in store for the rest of the weekend! The boys went to a local youth group, Dael having gone earlier with friend C to skateboard and spend time with friends and I followed along with Bradley after work. The boys returned home at about 10.30pm and were in high spirits because the plan was to go to a big fete at a local school, which attracts a good deal of the local and surrounding population including most of the teens in town. I went with Bradley about mid-morning - reluctantly as it was extremely hot and humid and that type of weather always make me want to hide at home. However, dutiful mother that I am I felt sorry for Bradley as I am his only means of transport, him being almost 14 and I didn't want to restrict his social activities!
I was abandoned at the fete but managed to find the bookstall where I stocked up on books for the next year (total of 4). I was ready to leave by 1pm and dragged Bradley away to recover at home. Dael and C followed shortly after on C's motorbike and had a story to tell of how they had had a run-in with Dael's currently-ex girlfriend and her other buddies. There was almost an argument but the friends on both sides had averted the conflict.
That evening Dael and C went off to the local nightclub for the evenings activities. I fell asleep after supper and was fast asleep when I got a phone call from my daughter in Cape Town, saying that she had received disturbing 'farewell' messages from her brother. That woke me up and I decided to fetch him. I phoned C to get Dael to wait outside the club for me and to wait with him. When I arrived, Dael was there but C wasn't. Dael was non-communicative on the way home and on arrival after I had opened up the house, I went to lock the gate, thinking that we would likely have no further visitors for the night. As I walked up the short incline of the driveway from the gate, I heard it - a motorbike arriving at the bottom of my steep drive and changing down to first gear. I rushed to the edge of the bank and screamed his name but he didn't hear me and the last thing I saw was the motorbike ploughing into my locked gate before I turned and dashed to the house shouting for Dael. We all rushed down the driveway to where the felled C lay, holding onto his squashed man bits, this injury having been caused by his body ramming into the petrol tank of the motorbike when the bike came to an abrupt halt. I didn't know where he was injured but he oblivious to the fact that his 125cc motorcycle was lying on him, was only concerned about his future fathering abilities! Dael manhandled the heavy bike up off of C and after managing to start the beast again, luckily because we were still on a steep section of the drive, drove it up to the top before returning to help C up and into the house. C said he hadn't even seen the gate was closed until he was about to hit it and this is because of a faulty headlight which clicks off when he goes over a bump as well as impaired reflexes after a night of drinking. So Mr C was a very second hand young man that night and most of the next day because on top of a fair bit of drinking and falling heavily off his bike, he is suffering from a bout of flu and sinus. Oh and my gate - the bottom bar is bent, the wire mesh has a big bulb in it and my large padlock was broken in two bits - otherwise its fine!
Next day's plan was to go off to a local event of motorcycle racing! Again, another scorcher and there was mom ferrying Bradley as his own personal chauffeur. I wandered around for about 20 minutes and although I would have spent a bit longer there, 36 deg Centigrade heat is not good for me - I know my limitations! I left the boys with their friends and escaped to the safety and coolness of my mom's house for a bit of lunch and a visit. At about 3pm, I returned to fetch the boys and on the way home, stopped at the local shop for bread. Who should also be parked there but the currently-ex girlfriend and her loyal gang! While I went into the shop, the one chap and Dael were exchanging a few heated insults but the other vehicle and its occupants were gone by the time I came out.
We got home and I got busy with a few chores. When I came inside from hanging washing, I looked for the boys and found Dael in the kitchen pouring coca cola and resolutely swallowing tablets with a determined look on his face. I demanded to know what he was doing but he didn't speak simply continuing. I removed the tablets from him and started delivering a huge lecture on such a selfish and short-sighted action while all the while my heart was threatening to burst from my chest with the stress of it all. He still refused to talk but simply lay on the couch desperately texting his friends and started to nod off. I woke him and sent him off for a walk with his brother accompanying him to watch him. Eventually he returned and Bradley decided that he wanted to go to church as we hadn't been for some time. We changed and I told Dael that he must go with us and just sit in the car if he didn't want to come in. There was no way he was staying at home in his current state of mind. At church I had settled down to listen to the service when I noticed Dael walking out of the church after he had entered unnoticed by me. A young female friend of his, N who had just arrived spotted Dael, and squealing with joy, she jumped into his arms, happy that he was there. Dael, N and Bradley popped out of the church to spend some time talking and I was relieved that he had support after a traumatic episode.
After church and when we went home, he was much happier, relaxed and more resolved - crisis averted once again. All this tension and trauma is taking its toll on me and I will be relieved when the terrible teens are past but I fear this will only be in several years time because Bradley definitely has some excitement planned for me if I manage to survive Dael!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Its Friday so it must be time to post!

On Monday, Dael was scheduled to write his 1-hour learners licence test. He studied hard and was confident. The test was at 8.15 am at the licensing grounds across town from me in early morning peak hour traffic. Not the best time for me to be fighting against time to get to a venue. We made it. He wrote the test, using almost all the allotted time to check and recheck his answers and HE PASSED!
I actually think he even surprised himself! I dropped him back home with his friend and that day he was almost manically happy.
His friend C was scheduled to write this past Wednesday and had stayed over at my house to study with his friends. He wrote and rewrote the practice test several times but was not confident of his ability to pass and HE DIDN'T pass. If you set the bar low for yourself you cannot help but not achieve. He even said to me that he freezes in tests all the time and cannot remember the answers.
So he had to rebook to write the test again. On Wednesday night he stayed over again so that he and Dael could get to the grounds early to book again before the queue built up. As I was lying on my bed, I heard him say to Dael something about setting his cellphone alarm early so that they could get up and get ready and I shouted for them not to make a noise when they woke up.
Thursday morning - still dark - no lights on in the house. The cellphone alarm goes off LOUDLY, C stumbles across the lounge (he was sleeping on the couch), cursing the poor unfortunate cat who was startled and ran in front of him trying to escape his stumbling torso - "Stupid Cat!" - I'm hearing it all. In a loud voice "Bones, you awake?" (He's talking to Dael). Light on in the kitchen - bang crash - kettle being filled - cups clattering. Guess what time ; 4.30am!!
I swing out of bed pulling on a tracksuit top against the morning chill. Now I'm grumpy. Usually, my cellphone alarm is set for 4.55am, snooze gets pressed for 5 minutes and I get up slowly. Bathroom, brush hair, proceed to kitchen - all accomplished in silence with no-one else awake. I've got my early morning routine which I share with the cats. Other humans must only awake at the decent hour of Any time after 6.00am, I'm not fussy! But that one hour of peace and quiet is mine alone. Anyway after a bit of chastising silence reigned once more and I calmed down while washing my usual 101 dishes.
The boys were off to book again at first light and the next test is on 1st October! I wish him all the best but positivity is the only thing that is going to get him through this along with a lot of learning (and remembering).
I am very chuffed that my son got through first time though considering that he has battled in school under exam situations but he is very determined when it is something he wants to do. He is following in his sister's footsteps as she also got through her learners and drivers first time.
I am very proud of my children!
Have a restful weekend and see you on the other side....