Monday, October 27, 2008

Screamin' Weekend

Well, thank goodness it was back to work this morning. My own little space (my boss only intrudes occasionally)! I seem to have been irritated the whole weekend. I have a small house (starter home) and it is full of people and animals. There are my 2 boys and myself as well as my ex's younger kids and their mom. He has gone to Gauteng to work and the mom (young) and the kids, 2 girls aged 6 and almost 2 are staying with me but hopefully will also go up to Gauteng soon!
Anyway with my full house, I got home on Friday and discovered not only my 2 boys but their 3 friends as well - no sitting room in the lounge and the noise! He then informed me that 2 of the friends were staying over. This is when I started getting irritated!
List of irritations:
1) Not advised of all friends coming over;
2) Not advised of friends staying over;
3) No formal request to mom (is there ever?);
4) Before I took them to youth group the boys had let out my youngest cat Bitsy into the dark night after I had already caught her and she just happens to be on heat;
5) Two year old hyperactive and didn't sleep the whole day on Saturday;
6) Weather was a bit cold and the two little girls didn't go outside the whole weekend except when I let the little one escape;
7) Their Mom spent the weekend alternately doing housework, watching tv and shouting at them to be good;
8) My two boys spent all my phone time on mxit and I didn't have any money to buy more. I also had to phone my mom for her birthday on Saturday and I had to use Bradley's phone cos he was the only one who had phone time. Tried to phone my mom using his phone and it was flat cos he hadn't charged it.
9) Discovered that while my sons were at the mall the eldest kicked a bottle left lying which was discovered to contain pee and which splashed the youngest's brand new skate shoes. Also discovered that he hadn't bothered to clean the shoes with disinfectant when he got home!
10) After shouting at the eldest for kicking the bottle he then proceeded to scream at me for always blaming him for everything and always shouting at him, grabbed his skateboard and was gone for the rest of the day!
Do you think I might have PMS?!

Friday, October 24, 2008

We've got kittens!

Great excitement for the kids! I went home last night and while I was relaxing and drinking a cup of coffee my 2 yo pregnant cat, Kittykie, started purring and mewing and acting very affectionate towards me. I realised that she was in labour and took her to the bedroom where I had previously prepared a box for her. She decided to have the kittens on the towel shelf and I ended up clearing off that shelf and putting the box there. After a very short time, out popped a ginger kit and after she cleaned up that one out came an unusually coloured little one who seems to be white with a dark 'saddle'. Shortly thereafter she gave birth to a plain grey and lastly another ginger who was quite a lot smaller than the first. All kittens were quite small as she is also a small cat but quite strong. I must say that out of 3 cats which I have had giving birth over the years as well as 2 dogs giving birth to puppies I have never lost a kitten or puppy or had any stillborn.
Anyway, this morning I heard whining and scrabbling coming from the bedroom and when I went to investigate there was my dog Piglet (cross Maltese/Dachshund) on the shelf below the kittens. He had scrabbled out a whole lot of kids books and puzzles in his quest to get to the kittens. I think he was just inquisitive as he likes cats and had heard them crying but I didn't give him a chance to explain and now he has been banished outside.
I will post photos later as Kittykie was giving Dael the evil eye last night when he was attempting to take photos of the babies with his cellphone camera!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My family

Here they are - my pride, pleasure and pain (descriptions that apply equally to each of them).

Robynne (21), Dael (18) and Bradley (almost 13).
This is one of my favourite photos and one of the few where they are all together in the same photo. My daughter is now resident in Cape Town and my sons are still with me in Durban.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Boys will be boys!

No matter how old they are boys will always end up damaging themselves. My excitement of the day - taking my 18 yo to hospital medical centre to see a GP and for an xray for a broken collarbone which is the 2nd time he's broken the collarbone on this side. He fell off his bmx and on to his arm. I keep telling my boys "There is no medical aid so don't hurt yourselves" but their interests are skateboarding and bmxing and helmets and protective equipment is not cool so dont even ask them to wear anything like that! I suppose I should be grateful that he didn't fall on his head! I am having to take the whole afternoon off work cos this is usually a long process but luckily I have an understanding boss who also has to take time off for kid stuff.