Monday, August 23, 2010

Change of life happening

No, I'm not going through menopause however my life as I have been living it for the past six years is definitely changing.

During this month, I have still been coming in to work and winding down outstanding work-related issues. There has been some talk of me carrying on in a support role on a contract basis after the end of the month, possibly working from home. I have mixed feelings on this as while the idea of working from home is a good one, I enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the office and will probably not get that at home. It will be a plus to continue earning some income and still have access to internet and phone while looking for a new job.

I have applied for several positions but have had no call backs. My parents are of the opinion that I need a makeover and have offered to pay for that but I wasn't keen to do that as I am very settled in my skin and besides I haven't been sending a photo with my applications. I might just settle for a trip to the hairdresser! I could probably get a position easily if I am prepared to accept a salary of a few thousand Rand less a month than what I am currently getting! Not! So I continue to hang on.

Also this month has seen me getting my personal paperwork in place to kick into gear several retrenchment insurances I have in place and to prepare what I need to go and stand in the unemployment queue at the Labout dept. at the end of the month to apply for unemployment benefits... I was disappointed to learn that I hadnt covered my home loan for retrenchment benefits as that would have seen my home loan being paid for 12 months. Oh well, one lives and learns.

To add to my misery, my car continues to be sick and has been at the mechanic and also been worked on by Dael who is still really a beginner at mechanics. However, he is learning fast and has fixed a few things on my car already. I have been getting lifts to work for the last two weeks and I think I'm wearing everyone's patience a bit thin. The idea now is to try and get another vehicle and do a major engine clean on my car as the engine is pretty sludged up. Now where can I get another vehicle from in a hurry?!
Dael will be going for an interview at a firm who has just moved their entire operation under one roof after operating from two different places. This business is vehicle customising with mechanics and panelbeating in the same shop. Everyone please pray for Dael as he would love to get in at this business and I believe he would do very well. They will be calling for interviews from the 25th.
Bradley continues to battle at mainstream schooling and I believe that this year is now wasted. He is just falling so far behind and not coping with the workload. There are discussions to move Bradley up to Jhb next year to either do homeschooling or to attend a school which is geared to children with learning challenges. Unfortunately, the consensus seems to be that KZN has very little to offer in the form of schooling for a young man who cannot concentrate very well in a classroom setting and cannot focus on or even complete the amount of work required with this curriculum.
Obviously I dont want to be separated from my son but I believe that a bit of separation from mom and older brother might be just the thing that Bradley needs right now.
So lots of changes and happenings, quite a bit of stress and some feelings of being a bit helpless at the moment. I am positive however that I will get through and over all these hurdles if I just keep positive and look out for opportunities.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Getting my head around....

my future prospects - now that I have been retrenched! There I said it. Last Thursday I signed my letter. The company is restructuring and my division is being discontinued. I'm not heartsore as I have been looking for another position but it was a bit sudden. And I'm still working in my little office! I actually still have work to do not that head office seems to realise it and I cant just walk away and leave unfinished business. I am trying to tie things up and am using the opportunity to also use the phone and internet to jobhunt while I still can.

Its necessary for me to stay in routine and get up and dressed every day and get to the office. I'm sure that I will find the right position soon.

I will get around to an update on the last few weeks on Tuesday. Have a great long weekend!