Friday, December 18, 2009

My final post for the decade!

Sounds dramatic doesn't it! I couldn't just leave for the year without updating my dear friends on the results of my trip to the hospital today. I had an ultrasound booked for today and my dad offered to give me a lift to the hospital. After a bit of a wait, I was ushered into the room where the ultrasound takes place and I lay down on the bed to wait. The radiologist soon came through after finishing on the phone and gel was smeared over the area of the lump and he was soon scanning away. Its the same ultrasound machine that they use to look at a preggie mom's baby. He was quite interested to hear that the lump had reduced in size since I had the needle aspiration and asked what colour the liquid had been. Umm, sorry I didn't look. I was too busy worrying about the wound inflicted on my breast by the extra large needle.
Any way, it turns out I have a number of cysts (10) in my left breast. He mentioned the phrase Benign Breast "Disease" and said that it was normally just treated symptomatically. He was surprised that the attending doctor hadn't ordered a proper mammogram being that I am over 40. I took the results through to Surgical Outpatients for the doctor to look at. They located my biopsy results which they attached to my file. When the doctors finally materialised from their meeting, things moved fast. The doctor (a different one from before) examined me again and then decided to be safe and order a proper mammogram.
So I have a date at R.K. Khan hospital again on Wednesday, 30th December. Luckily, when I wandered back to XRay and found everything locked up, I noticed the radiologist from before and rushed over to him. He found someone to help me and although she was really grumpy about it, she found the appointment book and allocated 1 of 2 remaining 'emergency' bookings for the year to me. So I will get this done before the year ends and then wait another two weeks for those results. But I was happy to hear from the radiologist that it looked like benign cysts to him, as he must have seen a lot of that and the doctors are interns. So I can enjoy Christmas without worrying that I haven't left something undone. My daughter, Robynne is also happy with the diagnosis as she had been worrying about the unknown.
I wish all my friends and followers a safe, happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year and I will see all of you in the new decade!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

All quiet on the home front.

Its been a quiet week on the home front. I've been settling into my routine of being on my own. Its really very similar to when I have Bradley there except a lot more relaxed - no homework, no one asking 'what's for supper?' or 'When are we going to eat?'. When I get home I put on the tv. When I get up I put on the radio because....its a bit quiet...
News of the week.
I attended the big carol service at The Pavilion shopping centre on Tuesday evening. I was invited by my parents and dad said he would treat me to supper at their favourite restaurant. The other two invited guests were my parents friends, another elderly couple. Nothing like going out with four older people to make you feel like a spare wheel. The carol service was pleasant except it was too dark to read the hymn sheet and the audience carried on talking even during the childrens' narrations. I know its held at a shopping centre but its not just entertainment. If you cant keep quiet while the choir and the children are trying to complete the programme that they have practised then why not just leave. And during the meal, the parents and their friends talked amongst each other and I mainly just ate (rump steak with veg. and chips - tasty) or stared into space! Maybe give it a miss next time.
I have been trying to get the kittens weaned this week as I want to take their mom, Kittykie in for spaying and I know she won't want to feed them once she has the operation. The two ginger kittens have taken to eating out of a bowl very quickly but the little beige chap just didn't want to know. Every time I guided his face to the bowl he would brace himself and pull back. I decided to use some tactics and made a visit to the vet. The lady there didn't really know but I just asked her to show me the food they prescribe when kitties don't want to eat as they have been ill. I bought a tin of Hills Prescription Diet for R13.00. When all the others were fed last night, I dished up a small portion and went through to the bedroom so the others couldn't follow. I held little Beige on my lap and with some food on a teaspoon, just touched his mouth. He licked his mouth and then sniffed the spoon and then consented to eat off the spoon. I placed the food onto a plate and he ate off the plate too. Success! In the morning, I dished the food directly onto the plate and put some food that the others eat onto the plate too with a little milk. Warmed all up for a couple of seconds and he ate again like a champ. I think the ice is broken now.
My sister suffered a bad fall at work and has broken both bones in her one leg close to her ankle. She works in reception and their cleaning lady had mopped the floor and she hadn't seen that and fell. She was operated on this afternoon and we will probably visit her tonight. She has had to have a pin placed in the one bone and a plate in the other so she will be out of action for some time to come. This has really placed a damper on her Christmas celebration and year end leave.
Its raining again this afternoon. We had a sunny day on Sunday and a couple of dry days thereafter. I surveyed my jungle on Sunday morning and honestly didn't know where to start. My mom phoned and I got a little tearful, feeling sorry for myself because its only me to tackle my whole huge steep overgrown yard. My mom sent Greg around to cut my grass even though it was Sunday and he doesn't usually cut grass on Sunday. I was home, feeling a bit better. I got over myself and just started cutting the area around the house. I told Greg I hadn't expected him that day and he said 'Well mom said you were upset'. Its amazing how much better I felt by just having the lawn cut. Then on Tuesday my dad had his worker Derek slashing my banks and although its a rough cut it looks A LOT better. Thanks Family...again.

Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm writing under the influence...

of Christmas lunch and sparkling wine! We had our office Christmas lunch today and after filling myself with food and drink, I was feeling a little nauseous and decided to stop off in my office before facing the outside world on my way home.
There is an evening function tonight, held by our main division but being that the evening will be rainy I decided not to attend that function but to rather retire home to the company of my kitties (and dogs) and relax on the couch. I can only take so much scintillating conversation!
You may have guessed that I am indeed on my own as from yesterday morning. Bradley has returned with his father and brother to the house in Johannesburg and I am left behind.
I had left for work yesterday morning before the menfolk left my house and although I was invited to supper at my parents, who had returned from their short trip away, I decided to first go home to see what state my house had been left in. It was as well I did because the two dogs had been left inside the house and were frantic to get out. Lights were on. The door to the outside room was left open and the neighbours dog had been into the room and muddied up the floor and the mattress! I fed the cats and went out again, only returning at 9pm.
This morning when I woke up I carried out a good cleanup so that at least I didn't have to come home again to my house looking like a wreck.
I had a call from Bradley's teacher from primary school. Basically he didn't achieve the minimum marks in all the subjects he should have. Some of the subjects he would have had to complete work on a continuous basis through the year to have achieved the pass mark, as an exam is not set for those subjects at the end of the year i.e. Art and Technology (and he hadn't achieved the minimum of 40% for those subjects). However, because of my communication with the teacher, his achievement with Maths and English and (his class teacher's subjects) and other subjects for which he wrote exams, as well as the fact that he was on Ritalin for this last term and the difference in his attitude to school could be seen, the school has decided to condone him to move on to High School. I am just so thankful as he will be turning 14 on Christmas Day and has already completed 8 years at Primary School. I really don't think repeating Grade 7 would have benefited him. The teacher stressed that he would have to work hard from Day 1 of High School and I confirmed that he would continue to take Ritalin from the beginning of the year and ongoing. I will be meeting with the teacher on Monday to sign the relevant paperwork for the condoned pass.
I just went down to the function room to save the leftover food to take home to the hungry animals - mashed potatoes, vegetables and pasta with gravy. It would just be thrown away on Monday. I found some takeaway containers in the kitchen. No use leaving it to go to waste!
I'm off now to see if my house has succeeded in floating away with our sixth consecutive day of rain! Whatever this weekend brings, I wish you all the best.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Busy house and a Birthday Girl!

Its been raining again since Sunday. Its not much fun at the coast anymore. Whats the use of the beach if its always raining!
On Friday evening, Bradley discovered a patch of dampness on the bed and as it was the second time, with me having found a little damp patch before, I decided that the kittens had to move. I took their whole box and put it in a corner of the kitchen. They are like different kittens now, interacting with the other kitties, playing and jumping and stalking, using the litter box and sampling the other food. I can think of no better way to train the littlies than to let them watch the bigger cats and copy them. They are also getting socialised and used to all the strange cats! Amazingly, its their own older siblings who were the most averse to them, hissing when they came near but all seem to be getting used to each other.

A good thing about the wet weather is that is forces Sabrina to stay inside and there's no sun to burn her ears and nose. She is healing nicely now but it will be an ongoing effort to make sure she doesn't damage herself again.

Saturday was spent in cleaning house due to the imminent arrival of my son and his father from Jhb as well as helper, Ishmael. I did a bit of shopping in the irritatingly crowded shopping centre in town and then popped in to see my parents on my way home. I didn't think I would get a chance to pop in on Sunday as my visitors were arriving then and my parents are away for a short holiday this week.

After another morning of Springcleaning (really with this rainy weather, what else is there to do), my visitors from Jhb arrived. Dael was hyped to come back home to Durban but after three days of rain, he wants to go back to the sun in Jhb.

It is little Rachael's 3rd birthday today and her mom phoned through this morning so she could speak to her dad. After he had wished her and chatted about her toys, I got on the line and spoke to her. She loves cellphones. I sang Happy Birthday to her, my voice cracking with emotion as I tried not to cry. She was giggling, so happy to hear the birthday song sung for her and trying to sing along at the same time. Unfortunately it is her second birthday that he has been away from home for, due to working away from home at the time but her mom and her big sister and I always try and keep the magic alive so that it is a memorable occasion for all the kids.

Rachael, the Birthday Girl! Happy Birthday, cheeky monkey!

All going well with the job, the Jhb gang should be returning to Jhb on Thursday, dragging with them Bradley and Chris, who has asked to hitch a lift to his relatives in Jhb for Christmas. Bradley is all packed and raring to go. He thought that the return trip would be today so prematurely packed what seems to be every item in his cupboard in two overflowing bags.

I cooked a big meal for the hardworking crew last night. Pork sausages left whole in a stew of cubed potato, butternut and baked beans, all dished over mashed potatoes - wholesome and filling. Supper was ready as they walked in the door and was shovelled down fast. Thank goodness I am used to cooking for a multitude so am able to make a little go a long way. I'm buying macaroni and bacon bits tonight to make macaroni cheese with bacon, always a favourite with all and usually eaten with fresh buttered bread on the side. Yum! Don't know how much genuine cooking I'll be doing once the mob has gone. Its probably going to be easier to just join my mom's table a couple of times a week.

Robynne phoned me late yesterday afternoon to tell me that her car was leaking She is the one responsible for fetching Trish and the two little girls in the absence of her father and now her car was playing up again. She had left the office on her way to pick up the family, discovered the problem and managed to limp her car back to her office. She was almost crying in frustration at having another problem with her car but had secured a lift home with the office driver and had phoned Trish to let her know that she had to make alternative arrangements to pick up the kids and get home. I chatted with her for a while and then had to leave myself as I still had to get to the shops and pharmacy and get home. A while later, she phoned me at home to say that the clever company driver had crawled under her car and discovered a pipe that was half out and causing petrol to spill out. She had also spoken to her dad and he was of the opinion that someone had tried to steal her petrol. Now she had been doing stocktaking earlier that day at her company's warehouse and her car had been parked outside on the street during this time so it is a likely probability. She reckons she lost about R100 worth of petrol. She was extremely thrilled that it wasn't another serious problem but obviously she is now aware that you just cannot leave your car on any street in Jhb and expect it to remain unmolested! How sad and just plain wrong. We have an alternative career choice in good ol' RSA and that is Car Guard and sometimes they are the only deterrent that you have against car molesters!

More later...

Friday, November 27, 2009

Another side to Santa...

A Christmas Story for people having a bad day:
When four of Santa's elves got sick, the trainee elves did not produce toys as fast as the regular ones, and Santa began to feel the Pre-Christmas pressure.

Then Mrs Claus told Santa her Mother was coming to visit, which stressed Santa even more.

When he went to harness the reindeer, he found that three of them were about to give birth and two others had jumped the fence and were out, Heaven knows where.

Then when he began to load the sleigh, one of the floorboards cracked, the toy bag fell to the ground and all the toys were scattered.

Frustrated, Santa went in the house for a cup of apple cider and a shot of rum. When he went to the cupboard, he discovered the elves had drank all the cider and hidden the liquor.

In his frustration, he accidentally dropped the cider jug, and it broke into hundreds of little glass pieces all over the kitchen floor.

He went to get the broom and found the mice had eaten all the straw off the end of the broom.

Just then the doorbell rang, and irritated Santa marched to the door, yanked it open, and there stood a little angel with a great big Christmas tree.

The angel said very cheerfully, 'Merry Christmas, Santa. Isn't this a lovely day? I have a beautiful tree for you. Where would you like me to stick it?'

And so began the tradition of the little angel on top of the Christmas tree!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nothing like a cold shower to wake me up!

I had fallen asleep on the couch last night while watching tv but was awakened by a shower of something wet all over my face. Sabrina had been sitting on my hip and she went leaping as I immediately sprang up and headed for the bathroom to wipe my face with a facecloth. I realised that she had a problem with her ears which are still healing from their operation but since it was the middle of the night and I was barely awake, I just switched off the lights and went to bed.
In the morning, I investigated and discovered her one ear is bleeding, probably from scratching so I hauled out the collar again and cleaned it off nicely, replacing the yucky bandage which secures it to Sabrina's neck with a fresh piece. I also padded the sharpish edges of the collar with some elasticised plaster which hopefully should prevent it from cutting into her neck. Last step was to slather her ear and her nose which she also keeps damaging, with ointment. She was non too happy I can tell you.
Early in the morning still but just before I got up, I again heard a sound which would have most people jumping up to investigate. Glass breaking! But I am so attuned to the movements of my cats that I just knew even in my half asleep state that it was 'only' a drinking glass left on the coffee table from the evening before that some cat had jumped against and broken. For some reason when they come through the 'cat/dog door' they can't just run past the table on their way to the kitchen. They have to jump onto the table and off the other side, wreaking havoc on their way across. I usually keep the table clear because of this. Cats - 1 - Crockery - 0!
The little kittens, at almost 5 weeks old, are running around on the bed in my room where they are based. Their mommy removed them from their box and made a nest on my bed on one of my pillows. The beige boy is the noisiest and whenever he hears one of us, starts meowing loudly and comes running for attention. The orange boy is quiet but can be playful and also gets around quite a lot. The little orange girl is much shorter legged than her brothers and although she does get around when she wants to, is generally very quiet and placid, just cuddling up in a corner behind the pillows and always seems to be lying on her back. Funny little kid.
Bradley has finished exams now and as his father is coming down to KZN next week to do a job, has decided to return to Jhb with him to be with his extended family. He will miss the last two weeks of school but there doesn't seem to be much happening there anyway. So I will be on my lonesome ownsome for a few weeks. It doesn't phase me too much as at least he will be entertained and I can just completely relax for a couple of weeks. I will only finish work on about the 22nd December and Bradley will probably return to KZN with his sister, who intends driving down on the 23rd, just in time to spend Christmas with the family.
I must say with all the hype building up for the Christmas Season, I am leaning toward low-key and relaxed after a rather hectic and changeable year. My mother has always made a big deal out of Christmas and they start buying Christmas meat as it comes on special from about August. She makes huge quantities of shortbread and mince pies and her Christmas fruit cake which my dad ends up eating until April of the next year. She changed the Christmas dinner to Christmas Eve a few years ago so that on Christmas Day she is not so overloaded that she ends up not enjoying the day but she still ends up laying out a generous spread on Christmas Day itself. She always has a real tree to the ceiling, perfectly laid table in the Christmas theme with candles and flowers. Its a big production as she has 'catering bones' which unfortunately I haven't really inherited. When it comes to catering I would always rather just be the helper. In fact although my younger sister considers herself a cordon bleu cook and spends a lot of time watching the cooking channel, a lot of her dishes turn out to be too rich or unusual. I don't think any of my mother's daughters have the catering desire or stamina so it may be the end of an era when my mom decides that she's had enough.
In the meantime, we gather as many family members as we can and spend the festivities together with an awareness now being realised that in the future, family members may not be around, or may have other commitments on that day and we probably won't always have the privilege of being together as a family.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I like being Gorgeous!

Busy mom of 3 and all round friendly and interesting lady who goes by one of my favourite names, Cat at Juggling Act Of Life has bestowed upon me an unexpected gift....The Gorgeous Blogger Award.

The 'rules' of this award are:
By accepting this award I am to tell you six things about myself that you don't know and then award it to six other gorgeous bloggers.

I am the eldest of four children, all born within 5 years of each other.

I was painfully shy as a child and only had about 2 actual friends in high school, both of whom were better friends with each other than with me!

I used to hate condiments and salads such as tomato, gherkins and onions and burgers were picked bare before I ate them. I outgrew that.

I do not like peas and only buy them because Bradley likes them.

I used to love drinking chocolate in cold milk with lumpy Milo floating on top. I wouldn't drink it but gradually consume it with a teaspoon.

I needed about 10 hours of sleep a night in perfect darkness and quiet as a teenager. I got over that too!

I am passing this award to the following blogging friends because they are all truly Gorgeous:

Elizabeth from Elizabeth Bradley Bits & Bytes
Tammy from Forever Feline

Lulu from Small Town Lulu
Louisa from 123 Blog Myself
Roby from I'm Just A Girl
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Renee from Circling My Head
Barefootheart from Willow House Chronicles

I couldn't just stick to six nominees and this is by no means an complete list. I have just met so many Gorgeous Bloggers since I have been blogging.

Thanks so much for your ongoing support and friendship.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Next step accomplished.

Thursday dawned another overcast day. By the time I got to work, it was pouring with rain again and within the hour it was blowing a gale. One of the trees in our office park suffered damage from a falling tree branch and up the road a tree had also fallen across the road, fortunately not on any passing vehicle.
If I hadn't already had a lift arranged to get down to the hospital, I may have called off the entire visit due to the horrible weather conditions. Good excuse! Anyway by 9.30am I was headed off down to the hospital with my driver.
He drove me into the hospital grounds, and even tried to enter the hospital with me, to show me where to go but a very determined security guard shooed him out, telling him to move his vehicle. The first thing I saw at the reception was a huge board with a lot of prices on it. Oh no, don't tell me they were expecting me to pay. I ran out of the hospital to try and catch the driver. He was driving off already and as I held up my hand for him to stop, he thought I was waving him goodbye and off he went. Oh well! I decided to book in and I would soon find out if I could proceed. The gentleman filled out a chart and asked me for....R20. I managed to scratch that amount together and then continued to the next area. The procedure was to book in at casualty, be first examined by a casualty doctor and then be redirected to the relevant department's doctor. After a short wait I was called and examined. The lady doctor phoned the Surgical Outpatients department who confirmed they could see me that day. Down the corridor to that department, book in with the sister and then sit on the bench to wait. Hardly sat down and I was called. After taking down my medical history, I went through to be examined again. Seriously I have taken off my shirt for four different people in the last few days. No such thing as false modesty anymore! After the examination he said that I would have an ultrasound and a biopsy and then added, as I was replacing my clothes.'Why don't we just do the biopsy now to save you coming back.' 'Oh okay, is it sore?' 'No, its just like an injection.'
I didn't look but I think obviously it was a big needle. And a rather loooong injection! I just squeezed my clothing between two fingers of each hand while trying to keep my left arm and body as relaxed as possible. And it was over. He prepared his slides, which will be sent to the teaching and referral hospital, Albert Luthuli.
Then it was over to X-Ray to find out if I could have an ultrasound. I needed directions from the reception - go down the corridor, left, at the Coca-cola machine turn right, proceed, at the white booth, turn left and you will see the xray department. The hospital is a huge maze of a building.
I could only get an appointment for an ultrasound on the 18th December so then through to the Appointments office where I made a followup appointment for the 10th December where I will receive the result of my biopsy. And I was finished.
My driver wasn't expecting me to finish so quickly and had gone back to work (in Botha's Hill) which is a considerable distance away. I had to wait outside the front of the hospital. My breast had an ache and a sting from the needle now but I passed the time quite pleasantly chatting with another patient who was also waiting for a lift. He is a young man, a quadriplegic who used to be extremely active, surfing, diving. He was diving at Port Alfred into a river mouth which was in flood, so the water was brown with silt and lots of floating debris. As he dived in or surfaced, a huge plank of wood hit him in the spine and broke it, rendering him paralysed. He was of the opinion that it was 'meant to be'. We watched another young man being delivered to hospital by private car. They took a long time to figure out how to remove him from the back seat as his helpers had decided that he had to stay immobile. He had bunked school and gone on an adventure and suffered a bad fall (?). The helpers eventually got a back board to place him on so they could lift him without damaging him further. He seemed to have suffered a bad break to his leg as it was in a splint.
As the guy in the wheelchair left with his transport, I became aware of a private car that had stopped just in front of me. The driver had jumped out and run into the hospital looking for help. A lady holding a small child was in the front passenger seat. In the back was a hysterically crying lady holding a prone patient on the back seat. She was sobbing and repeating 'I'm losing my cousin'. The patient was also a young woman in her late teens or early twenties, who seemed to have just passed away in the car. They brought the trolley and loaded her onto it. She was completely lifeless, her limbs tumbling around. Her cousin blurted out 'She hanged herself!' before the whole family disappeared into the hospital.
I was extremely traumatised by this occurrence. The family was on an island of grief and tragedy in a sea of life carrying on. I wondered what would go through the mind of a young person (or any person) to prompt the extreme decision that now was the time that their life would end. I really battled to wrap my mind around the sight of that young person and her extended family.
A constant stream of ambulances and private cars continued to bring in new patients and take away other patients. A lady was with her elderly mother. Her and her husband were collecting the old lady. She had tried to comfort the other lady who had been crying bitterly for her cousin but a moment later was verbally abusing the old lady, her own family member as they both climbed into their own car. The old lady could hardly walk and was trying to get into the back seat. "Hurry up, I can't always be looking after you. You're always talking to people!' I was aghast!
My own lift arrived but the scenes of the past hour whilst I had been waiting at the entrance stayed on my mind. How poignant it all is. Life and death and grief and impatience and care - a whole melting pot of human emotions stirred together. People watching at its most extreme!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Round and round the waiting room.

It was such a beautiful if windy morning this morning as I drove through to the hospital for yet another marathon waiting room session. It is quite confusing finding out the procedure for a new patient but I'm becoming quite the expert with all my experience lately. I'll be able to give guided tours of all the local medical institutions soon!
After waiting in a queue to get a file made up in an outside office, I entered the hospital and asked a handy security guard where I had to go next. The cashier! Oh dear! I hadn't been told by the clinic that I needed to bring money. After a bit of persuasion to the unhappy cashier that I would pay the money into the hospital bank account, I joined a long queue to get my blood pressure checked and my weight recorded. Everything fine with the blood pressure (?). No matter how stressed I get and even with my overactive thyroid, my blood pressure is always fine. As a first time patient I joined a third queue adjacent to the blood pressure checking nurses. The two ladies in this cubicle were filling in forms and asking for a lot of information from the various patients they were interviewing. Eventually it was my turn. These ladies were giving patients the opportunity to have a free HIV test. They have little disposable testers which deliver a small prick to the finger. A drop or so of blood is squeezed into the little holes and a few minutes later you have your result. Hey, a freebie is a freebie! I wasn't going to say no.
Then the queue for the doctor. This moved along a lot faster. It was about 11.10am by this stage. The Indian doctor lady checked me over and confirmed that the lump needed further investigation (which they couldn't do at St Marys). I would have to be referred to R.K. Khan Hospital in Chatsworth. Now that is an area I don't really go to at all and it is a distance away. Anyway I took my referral letter and proceeded to the pharmacy for painkillers one of which helps with swelling. A short time later I was on my way. Another 4 hour wait. So 8 hours in 2 days of waiting for medical attention.
At work, several of my co-workers have come to know about my situation and the one lady has organised with our messenger to drop me off at the hospital tomorrow and pick me up when I am ready. If he can't make it back, my boss has offered to collect me. Everyone is being so supportive. So tomorrow I go straight to the relevant department for a mammogram and probably a needle biopsy.
When I was speaking about my situation to a young woman in our accounts dept., she told me that she had also had a lump in her breast and had had a mammogram and needle biopsy done. They ended up surgically removing the lump even though it was benign. It is good to hear of other people who have been in the same situation and have come through it and carried on with their lives. I wasn't going to do it this week but I decided that if I leave it until next week, I may just not get it done, so gritting my teeth and gathering my courage, here I go!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Cold Wait

I decided to take off Sabrina's collar as she has been frantically shaking her head and scratching during the night. I had a feeling that her neck was worrying her. So first thing this morning I removed the collar and rubbed her neck and she was in heaven!
I was only planning on going to the clinic on Wednesday but decided to get it done this morning. I just had a strong feeling that I must start this investigation today. So after dropping Bradley I proceeded through to the clinic and got there just after 8am. Upon arriving and finding the correct department, the whole queue of people (I was the last number - no. 35) were shepherded to the outside benches. Now it was a cold day today and eventually I put on my jacket and was so glad I thought to bring it. It took from 8am to 12 midday for the sister to eventually see me. I was almost frozen to an iceblock by the time I was called inside to the benches in that department where unusually, there were only 3 patients per bench at a time, one on each end and one in the middle. Obviously they don't want their department looking untidy with too many patients or otherwise they don't want the patients catching anything from each other - a bit ridiculous since we had been bunched together outside in the freezing weather for hours already. I commented to the man next to me that if we hadn't been very sick before we arrived, then we most certainly would be by the time we left!
After a quick examination and a few exclamations as to why it took so long for me to come in, she decided that I should be referred to one of the local hospitals to see a doctor. So I now have a letter of referral to St. Mary's hospital in Mariannhill to see a doctor and from there on who knows. She said the lump is a bit big and hard and if I had come in when it was smaller she could have just given me an antibiotic to see if that worked. Who knew? I don't have a lot of fatty tissue in my breasts (small size) and they often feel lumpy but only in the past two weeks or so has the lump increased in size and started causing an ache and some discomfort. I know its there all the time. I came in to work straight after I left the clinic but I have told my boss that I have to go to the hospital tomorrow and wherever else I am sent whenever I am sent there, until this issue is resolved.
I will update tomorrow as and when I make it to the office.

Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm still standing...

Bebe was fine after her procedure on Friday and soon headed back into her favourite bushy area when we arrived home. She really is an outdoorsy girl. She has had no ill affects from her spaying. Sabrina has learned to live with her collar but I won't be able to keep it on for much longer as I noticed that it is wearing a sore spot on her neck. She keeps shaking it and it really gets in the way of her grooming. She is able to lick her paw and clean her nose however. I have been grateful for the collar though as her scratching would be a direct hit on her stitched ears if she wasn't wearing it. She still looks a bit like a wreck but is much more her old self. I think when she is all healed up with fur grown back she will look a bit like a bear cub.
Bradley had headed off down to Chris' house by the time I got home on Friday evening so I was able to take it easy (and not cook). I just made cheese snackwiches for supper. Chris has a playstation and there is another boy at the house of Bradley's age which makes for better entertainment than being at home with boring mom.
On Saturday, I just cleaned up and pottered about. The weather wasn't great so the most I did was keep running out and turning the washing over to the wet side to try and encourage it to dry faster. I had arranged to be at my mom's at about lunchtime as my aunt, my cousin and her two boys were coming to visit and mom needed reinforcements. I collected Bradley and took him along but by the time we arrived, at almost 2pm, the cousins weren't there yet. They eventually arrived with a cake and we had a jolly time catching up and having tea. I hadn't seen my cousin or my aunt for more than ten years and it was our first time of meeting Shelly's two little boys. They had a great time with Bradley who was acting the role of the cool dude older cousin.
Bradley decided to go down to Chris' house to play again on Sunday and this really suited me because after my stressful week of not feeling well last week, I just wanted to do nothing on Sunday. I watched tv and read my novel and didn't go anywhere the whole day until I collected Bradley and Chris for church at 6pm. I really felt relaxed and didn't even do any housework, just sat on my behind the whole day.
On the health front, I haven't got those symptoms that I was suffering from last week, the lump in the throat, funny breathing, etc. Those have subsided somewhat. I have got another health issue that is worrying me at the moment. I have discovered a rather large lump in my left breast which doesn't seem to be going away and I also have some 'funny' pains in my chest and emanating to my armpit which are worrying me. I immediately think cancer but it might not be that. I won't know until I go and find out. Finding out is not so simple as I don't have medical aid and usually no money to throw at something like this. I phoned around today and CANSA Durban have a clinic that they run on Wednesdays between 8 and 10am which I could attend. I asked the lady if I could start with my government clinic (that I go to with Bradley) and she said that I could start there as they have qualified nursing sisters. I know the staff is fully qualified but I don't know what kind of ailments they deal with there. So I will start there and if need be they will refer me to a district hospital. I can see a lot of sitting in waiting rooms in my immediate future. Maybe a good time to catch up on my reading. I wasn't going to mention all this here but you guys have been excellent with your moral support on all fronts and I know that I am among friends here. Whatever the diagnosis, I am determined to be positive and just do what needs to be done. Worrying about this has been eating away at me a bit but I do find if I do something proactively to solve a problem (including this) it empowers me a lot. I don't want to be a person who minimises their choices in life by being too scared to find out what is going on with me.
I will appreciate being remembered in the prayers and thoughts of all my friends as I find out what is causing this problem.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Curiosity got the cat caught!

After work yesterday, I decided to go straight home before going to the vet. I arrived home just before 5pm and immediately started calling kitties and talking to those surrounding me. I told Bradley to get ready because I was going to the vet to find out about pain medication for Sabrina and to the shop for bread. Sabrina was still in the tv cabinet at that stage so I called her out and gave her some milk to drink. Just then I realised that - who had arrived but Miss Bebe herself, so I prepared the basket, found the ties and popped her into the basket. She wasn't impressed and yowled all the way to the vet.
The vet receptionist told me the vet was very booked up for Friday but I said that I was prepared to leave Bebe and see if they could fit her in because she is very hard to pin down and she is one step off of getting preggers herself. Shame poor girl. She loves being outside and I left her for the night in a strange place. But it is the best thing for her.
Sabrina ate a little last night and spent the night on the arm of the couch. I wiped her collar clean and her little chin because she wasn't able to look after herself yet. This morning she is cleaning herself off again and seems to be able to clean her face even with the collar on. Luckily the collar is doing its job and preventing her hind leg from scratching her sore ears to pieces. I keep talking to her and telling her I love her and this morning she was purring and talking to me again. Getting back to her old self. I gave her the tablet (crushed between two spoons) in a small amount of meat and just left her and the bowl in a bedroom together. By the time I came back she had cleaned the bowl.
I was running late this morning and decided to take Bradley to school first and then come back home to bath. While I was waiting for him to come to the car, I decided to top up the water as that is having to be topped up every day now (next thing to get fixed). I filled my 2lt colddrink bottle that I keep in the car at all times with more water and slammed the bonnet. On arriving back home after dropping Bradley, I noticed A LOT of steam coming from the area of the water bottle. 'Oh no!' I thought. 'Don't tell me it broken totally now.' I went into the house already planning my next move and after thinking about it, I wondered to myself, 'Did I replace the cap of the water holder when I filled it'. I couldn't remember so I went to check. And no I didn't! Luckily the cap hadn't fallen out onto the road, but was still there on the ledge behind the engine. All the water had bubbled out and it took about 4 and a half litres to fill up again. Which didn't help with my lateness but at least I could still drive my car.
Anyway off to fetch Bebe now who will probably not be too happy after her treatment but hopefully I get her staying at home with the rest of the family more now.
Have a wonderful weekend and thanks everyone for your support and encouragement.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sick Kitty - Sick Mommy!

Little Sabrina was delivered to the vet yesterday morning and I went off to work. Bebe didn't go with as she decided not to appear in the morning! (Who told her about the vet?)
I wasn't feeling too well as all the stress of recent events has triggered off my overactive thyroid problem which is now causing me stress related health issues. This manifests itself as a feeling like I have a big lump in my throat, racing heart, fixation on breathing which means I don't breathe normally. These symptoms disappear again after a period of rest but at the moment all this makes me feel totally exhausted. I will need to schedule a trip to the doctor in the near future. In the meantime the family have been alerted to the fact that I am not well and are handling all their own issues at the moment.
After a fairly uneventful day at work, I left early to fetch Sabrina from the vet. The veterinarian lady actually thought she was a feral that I had trapped because she was acting so wild. She had both ears removed and a bit off the top of her nose due to cancer. When she woke from anaesthetic she had managed to remove the nose stitches from trying to get out the recovery cage and now had an open sore on her nose. The vet and her assistant tried to pad the door of my basket which has a crisscross mesh, with the towel I had in the basket, because she was frantically trying to get out of the basket too. This lasted until I got in the car. The poor little girl was damaging herself even more pushing her nose against the door of the basket so I let her out and she was off round and round the car while I was driving across town in traffic. She eventually calmed down a bit with me talking to her and stroking her when she came near me. The car and my clothes were absolutely covered in white fur which she was obviously shedding from the stress.
At home she lapped a bit of milk but didn't eat. She sat on my lap for a while but soon went to hide in the tv cabinet on a pile of magazines. This morning I pulled her out of the cabinet to give her some more milk. I applied ointment to her nose and tried to get her to eat a bit of plain canned meat (with the antiobiotic tablet in it). She ate a bit of meat but not the tablet which I let Bitsy eat eventually. Bitsy is also booked for spaying but Bradley noticed a weird rash on the whole of her stomach which she has been licking. I am hoping that the antibiotic will help with this. It is a general antiobiotic (Synulox) which the vets prescribe for a lot of ailments. I generally try to keep some in the house but the vets don't really like to dispense it without seeing the cat. Its going to be difficult forcing a tablet into Sabrina's mouth with her nose being an open sore and with a plastic cone around her neck to prevent her scratching anywhere near her head. How do I even get a grip on her head to open her mouth?
My poor little girl. She has hardly been to the vet in her seven years and nine months of life, the only previous time to get spayed. She is extremely traumatised and I am a bit too. She looks really beaten up and I was actually relieved that I didn't have two sick kitties to cope with yesterday. Maybe I'll continue to just do them one cat at a time.
Bebe came around last night and was also around this morning again. I really think she can read my mind!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hello Kitty!

After work yesterday, went through to the vet to book in the first of the kitties for vet treatment. Sabrina, my 7-year old white kittygirl has injured her ears badly due to too much sunbathing and needs vet treatment for this now. Bebe, my 11-month old kittygirl is doing too much running around as she is on heat and this is extremely dangerous for her as quite apart from getting pregnant, she could also get herself into danger with all this running around. So these two will go to the vet first. I don't have any decent carriers anymore but I do have two cat traps which are quite large. Greg will come round to help me get one of them down from the garage roof and I will prepare it to carry my 2 girls to the vet on Wednesday morning.
I collected Bradley from my mom and made it home by about 7pm. I was a bit tired by then but luckily Brad just wanted egg on toast for supper. After watching some tv (Amazing Race and Lipstick Jungle), I turned off the tv and the lights and we went to bed. Now Bradley has been moving the box with the kittens around quite a bit. On Monday night, they spent the night with their mom in the box in the lounge on the couch, then we moved the box to my bed in the morning because the house gets hot during the day when it is closed up. In the evening Bradley again moved the box to the lounge while he was studying so that he could be close to the kittens. We left the box in the lounge when we went to bed.
I was snuggled up in bed. I had read a few pages of my book but it was making me tired so I was just nodding off to sleep with the light on when the distinctive meowing of a kitten woke me up. I turned over and there on my bed behind me, Kittykie, the mommy had carried the little cream coloured kitty to my bed. I called for Bradley to see what she had done and I told him to fetch the box with the other 2 kittens from the lounge and put it back in the cupboard where it had previously been. Kittykie was rather distracted, the baby was meowing and she was even trying to bite it. Bradley put the kitten in the box with the other two and put out the light. Kittykie jumped up into the box and was reaching into the box. Eventually she got into the box but soon jumped out again down onto the bed with the same poor dazed kitten in her mouth. We snapped on the light again. I told Bradley to bring the box down to the bed. I was worried now but I decided that she was trying to tell me something. I asked Bradley to fetch a new can of pet food, a can opener, plate and a spoon. He even brought back a sheet of newspaper to put the plate on. As I was opening the can of food she was fighting to get into the food. I kept spooning and she kept eating until a third of an 840g can of food had been gobbled up by her. In the meantime I put the little one back in the box with his siblings and all three went to sleep. After the eating marathon, Bradley on one side of my bed, the box of kittens with mommy too and me on the other side of the bed all went to sleep, satisfied at last. With all the time the kittens take, Kittykie sometimes cuts short her mealtimes or the other cats interrupt her while shes eating. Whatever the reason, she had decided that she was just too hungry to carry on feeding her babies and she was using all her communications skills to impart this information to me. She and the babies had a comfortable night. She was still in the box this morning, feeding all three and didn't even come for morning meal. I'm just grateful that she's feeding all three babies still. They are 17 days old and although their eyes are open and they are wobbling around and trying to clumsily play with each other, they are still a long way from solid food. Phew - crisis averted!
News from Gauteng - Dad went to the mechanic this morning to find out what the problem is with the car. Can you believe that a 2005 model Chevy Spark that has a problem with its Ignition Coil, a part which I believe can be purchased for about R500.00 is likely to be out of action for about 5 weeks as the dealers and the factory DO NOT HAVE this part in the whole entire country. WTH!! My 19-voetsek model VW Fox doesn't even have to be out of action that long. A very helpful parts clerk liaised with the factory and found out that there is a problem with the ETA Control Log which has something to do with bringing this part (and goodness knows what other parts) into the country from Korea. Remind me not to buy a foreign made car. I told him that I wanted to lay a complaint as I found this unacceptable that a car owner could be inconvenienced in this manner for 5 weeks or more. He referred me to the GM Customer Complaints dept. where I spoke to a helpful gent named Monty who was logging the complaint and would get back to me with information as to how GM could possible help us with our problem. I await feedback from either source...with anticipation! Customer Service is a HUGE bugbear of mine. Don't feed me some drivel about having to shut up and wait. I am not very good at doing that I must admit!
In the meantime, I am assisting the Gauteng crew with finding alternative accommodation which they will need to locate by the end of November latest. They don't want much: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, double garage, private garden (for pets), secure complex, reasonably priced, patient neighbours - its not asking too much is it?
More later...

Monday, November 9, 2009

The weekend that was.

I didn't rush off home last Friday evening. A rather large thunderstorm was crashing and I decided to have a couple of drinks at work after my stressful week. I surfed the net and enjoyed my drinks and was pretty relaxed by the time I got home.
Bradley wasn't concerned about my lateness as Dael's friend, Chris was at the house together with his new girlfriend and they were continuing with the painting of the outside room, previously Dael's room. I changed and settled down in the lounge and then both Robynne and Dael came on mxit at the same time. Robynne was en route to her weekend destination but was upset about not having been able to take Dael with her due to her finances having taken a beating with her car breaking down and also about not having her car back yet. Dael was upset about not being paid by his father but instead just having to work hard for no reward. I was talking to both of them and trying to give my best advice and eventually Robynne went offline and Dael went to sleep. It is difficult when your children are battling. They are making decisions about their lives which sometimes work out and sometimes cause problems in their lives but that is how life is lived. We sometimes (often) go against our parents advice and then we have to make the best of whichever way our lives go from then on.
On Saturday, the weather was fine and I decided that it was a good day to wash my windows. It is quite a time-consuming process as my windows are mostly the cottage pane variety with individual squares of glass in a divided frame rather than one large sheet. After half the house was done, so was Bradley! He wanted to do something other than watch tv. Eventually, I bathed and we went down to my mom as it was a bit late to do anything else by then. We ended up staying for a braai of cocktail sausages and boerewors with salad, which was rather enjoyable and unexpected.
On Sunday, due to not having done much on Saturday, Bradley and I went to the public swimming pool in Westville, along with Chris. Bradley had wanted to go on Chris' motorbike but mommy decided no! The weather was hot but the swimming pool enclosure has a lot of shady spots. Bradley is too cool for sunscreen but I took it over to him and waited while he applied it to his neck and shoulders. I sat in the shade other than when I had a quick swim and still got a bit burned. The water was 23 deg. C and that's still too cold for me. I'm happiest when the water temperature gets closer to 30 deg. C! Chris' other friend Mark had also arrived in his little car and after a bit of horseplay, they decided to leave. Bradley went with Mark with strict instructions to wear his seatbelt! I left about half an hour later stopping at the shop for some necessities. After I had left the shop, I received a message from Bradley that he still needed stationery for his exams which started today. So I had to stop again at the local shopping centre and traipse around looking from shop to shop looking for what he needed for the best price. I eventually got home an hour later.
Bradley writes exams this week and next week and this is make or break for him! He will go on an extra Ritalin tablet per day so that he can concentrate to study in the afternoon and he will be taking the Ritalin this weekend coming as well also so that he can study as well as for continuity.
So much for the weekend - now for the week!

Friday, November 6, 2009

The saga continues..

Monty is still around and Bebe is still running around. Hopefully the latter will be sorted out shortly with a visit to the vet. I had dished up for the other cats this morning and put down a small bowl for Monty, which I left him eating. About 10 minutes later, from the kitchen, I could hear a cat fight break out. "Quick Brad, Go see! Cats fighting!" He ran out to see and when he came back, said it must have been Monty fighting with someone because he was walking down the driveway shaking his head. As I was warming up the car later to leave for work, Bradley rapped on my window and pointed to Mischief, the alpha male who was limping (hopping) on one front paw and holding the other one up in the air dramatically. I checked it out and it looked like a claw may have broken off but no blood. Or else he's twisted it somehow during the fight. I'll check it out later.
I wasn't at work for very long when Bradley came on line on mxit (illegally as he was in class), spitting mad. His little English teacher had apparently told the class after a spelling test that for every wrong answer, the correction for that wrong answer would have to be written out 1000 times. He had 8 wrong. So needless to say Bradley hadn't done his 8000 corrections. The little teacher handed out break detention until the end of the year. "Mom, I'm bigger than her. She must watch out! I'll hit her" Another child with anger management problems! But the teachers do seem to be extremely aggravating at the moment. The kids start exams next week. Really don't know why there is this strange battle of wills taking place at the moment between the teachers and the kids just before the year end tests?
Robynne's car has experienced some problems after the long trip from Cape Town to Gauteng. She drove it around fine for a week but on Wednesday evening, it started cutting out. Then on Thursday morning it wouldn't start at all. Her dad had a look but doesn't really know the Chevy engine that well and they towed it to a local garage in the area - people that have just opened their business. They apparently had diagnostic equipment and came back with a diagnosis. The fuel pump packed up. She was really hoping that she would have it back today but they have phoned her. No, its not the fuel pump, its now some other pipe which they have to get from the agent and its going to cost R2,000. She is very upset as she doesn't have that money now and doesn't even understand what the mechanic was saying to her. On a positive note, she is going away for the weekend with her friend, Terri and some other 20 somethings to a self catering unit at a resort in Warmbaths. She needs a relaxing weekend away to restore her equilibrium and to have a bit of fun.
Everything will turn out all right but sometimes when things go wrong, it seems like the end of the world and we think we can't carry on. If we really think about it, the things that go wrong are maybe a dent to our self-esteem, or a temporary halt to our independence but that which money can fix is not something that is truly important at the end of the day. Its our relationships with people, our family and people we come into contact with that truly enrich us and empower us to carry on. I have met some truly wonderful and caring people on the internet and in real life. I appreciate my family and I try to be a person who can be relied on by friends and family alike. All these little things like broken cars, neverending bills, stolen handbags, head colds, rude people, burnt suppers are just so unimportant when measured against the yardstick of human relationships.
And now to practice what I preach!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A cry in the night!

One of my 11 month old kittens, Bebe, the grey calico, was missing yesterday. She is on heat and is doing a bit of unauthorised wandering. She usually just pops over the wall into my neighbour's yard which is fairly safe as they have no animals of their own and sits calling for any willing male. As soon as I call for her, she jumps back over and comes home.
I called her yesterday morning and there was no sign of her. It's not like her to miss meals and I was stressing by the time I left the house for work. When her brother disappeared, he never returned and I thought that I had lost another baby!
I tried calling her last night when I got home and still no sign of her. As darkness fell, I went outside with the pot of food to dish up a portion for Pup who eats outside on his own due to antisocial doggy behaviour and the evening was quiet. I banged the pot and called loudly for Bebe, alternating her name with my distinctive 'cat-cat-cat' call! After a while of doing this calling which was echoing around the neighbourhood (poor neighbours!) and stirring up the dogs, I heard a tiny meow in the distance. Oh no! Don't tell me Bebe is caught up a tree in someone's yard. I called to Bradley to walk down the road and see if he could tell where the sound was coming from. I carried on calling and eventually the sound came closer. I was really excited and went to the wall. Bradley had returned and was helping me look for Bebe in the bushes. Suddenly he exclaimed, "Mom, its Monty!" Now Monty is one of our foster cats who became our cat when he was returned by his adoptive parents for not being friendly enough. He lived with us for many years and has always been very loving but has also always been a wanderer. He would disappear for days at a time and we came to realise that he must have another 'home' in the area. He hasn't (to the best of my knowledge) been back to my place in more than a year but because he heard my extended calling, he came to visit! He was born in February 2002 and is a black tabby with grey markings. On his sides his markings form a circle like a bullseye! It was a bittersweet moment because now I knew that he was still fine but he wasn't Bebe! The other cats were a bit wary of him but he ended up spending the night on a folding chair just outside my front door. He was still in the garden this morning when I went to call for Bebe again. After a couple of calls, I gave up and went in to carry on with my chores.
Imagine my surprise when I turned around from washing dishes to spot Bebe sitting on the kitchen counter, casually grooming herself. She had arrived from her razzlings without announcement. She accepted my cuddlings reluctantly. She absolutely has a bee in her bonnet at the moment and kept running in and out of the house while waiting for food. I'm just so relieved that she hasn't met with any harm.
I stood over Monty while he ate because Mischief, our one alpha male didn't want to let him have his bowl of food. We left Monty on the driveway as we went off for the day. Not sure how long he'll stay but it was great to see him again, looking healthy and well-fed.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Seen on the streets - Taxi!

On Tuesday, I had just collected my new drivers licence card from the vehicle testing grounds in Mariannhill and was driving along behind a slow delivery van on my way back to town. As the truck and I were preparing to proceed through a set of traffic lights, a pedestrian who had been standing on the side of the road suddenly lunged forward with his arm and his finger stuck straight up in the air, as if he was hailing a taxi! He was almost insisting that I stopped. It gave me a bit of a start, him appearing so suddenly as he had been obscured from view by the delivery van right in front of me. I veered toward the centre line of the road and avoided him. But I thought - how strange! Talk about proactive liftseeking. Usually people just stick up their thumb to indicate that they want a lift.
Driving down my own road this morning, one of the crowd that searches for valuables in the rubbish bags on collection day, waved wildly in greeting at me, with a big grin on his face, as I passed on my way to drop Bradley at school. Bradley and I looked at each other in surprise. Do we know him? Don't think so. Maybe he was just thanking me for putting out my rubbish. Good luck buddy. Nothing of value in there! We joked with each other. Maybe he's just thanking us for leaving the house so he can go break in! Joke - no joke. I do feel somewhat uneasy leaving my house in full view of people who don't really belong in our area. Its a good excuse for anyone up to no good. And that's the time we have had at least two attempted break-ins. In the early morning when we have just left for the day. The criminals know that if you've just left you are not likely to return immediately. Anyway I had to return to fetch my petrol tank key so I could fill up and the house was fine just filled with sleepy cats who had already settled down for their morning nap!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Stress Level Overload!

I last posted about the long trip up to Gauteng from Cape Town and since then it feels like I've been climbing Mt. Everest, stress level wise.
Robynne worked hard last week, the whole day and into the night, coming home late every night from Tuesday until Friday, from the exhibition where her company had a stall. She lifted, carried and slogged and enjoyed the experience thoroughly but still the week took its toll and her resistance took a pounding. By Thursday afternoon, she had picked up the same bug that Dael had been suffering from for the whole week. The kids still had to work and me trying to direct medical care from hundreds of kilometres away was no joke! They felt better by Saturday evening and went out to a friends Halloween party. They had a grand time and even getting lost on the way home because the GPS battery went flat was handled with good humour. On Sunday, the whole family went through to a weekly market in Pretoria but by the evening Robynne was down again with the stomach flu. She is still ill and Dael seems to be relapsing with it. Dael and his dad also have issues to resolve with regard to working together, expectations, understanding and payment for work done but I cannot get involved in this as any direct intervention by myself seems to make matters worse. Obviously this is also stressful to me as a parent because I cannot just switch off my protective mother instincts because my kids are out of sight. I still know they're suffering. I have to back off though and let matters resolve themselves without my input here.
On the local front, the following is happening:
My poor unfortunate cat had kittens again - 3 this time. I would have had her fixed earlier in the year but my neighbours dog very kindly wandered into my yard and bit my dog on the mouth which required a procedure under anaesthesia and she fixed him at the same time. Vet budget for the year gone in one fell swoop!
Bradley seems to be getting higher marks for work completed and getting work finished without too much prompting. The Ritalin seems to have kicked in. Thank goodness but I hope not too late to turn his year's marks around.
My mom had a birthday last weekend and Brad and I went with Mom, Dad and my brother, Greg out to a local coffee shop for tea. Everybody ordered waffles but Brad wanted a full breakfast as he had slept late and hadn't eaten breakfast. I said no and Brad had a little tantrum. I was irritated because although he is officially a teen he likes to resort to toddler behaviour every now and then. Mom turned 67 and today was the parents 46th wedding anniversary. Mom's parents wouldn't let her get married before she turned 21 so she did and then waited a week before tying the knot! And the rest as they say is history!
Oh and my car broke down last week again. The oil clogging its system story again and I had to ask dad for a loan of R1700 to get it out of the garage. I'm still not too happy with it. Just observing it at the moment!
Now if I can just get my stress levels down to a manageable level! When I've been too stressed, I get weird pains in my chest, my breathing rhythm gets messed up and I feel breathless and I feel like my overactive thyroid problem is playing up. Its all a mind game - mind over matter. Think I just need to stare at some scenery or stroke some cats or something!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Travelling mercies granted

Robynne's big move was this past weekend and as with any planned event involving various people, all didn't run exactly according to plan. Firstly, Robynne was expecting her dad to leave on Thursday morning but he didn't, as he had work to finish up and kids and their mom to ferry to and from school and work. He only hit the road at about 1.30pm on Friday afternoon! He and my son travelled right through at a steady pace and stopped at about 1.30am at a service station/rest stop to rest. Dad climbed into the back of the bakkie, locked himself in and fell asleep on a comfy mattress with a blanket covering him and left his son with nothing warm to wear or cover himself with, to sit in the cab and keep watch. He was only supposed to sleep for an hour and then carry on but one and a half hours later, Dael couldn't wake dad up. He would rock the bakkie and dad would stir and then drop off to sleep again. Dael texted me and I ended up phoning dad, who luckily had his cellphone with him, from Kwazulu Natal and with my last 62 cents of airtime and succeeded in waking him up before we were cut off. Dael actually ended up getting sick with a bad cold after catching a chill while waiting for dad to have his sleep. They continued on their journey but only reached Cape Town at 12.30pm on Saturday, a long trip of about 1.500kms.
By this time a very grumpy Robynne had almost given up on them and told me she was going for a nap. By the time they arrived, Dael was also grumpy but all three went for a nap. I would have preferred them to delay their departure until Sunday but the decision was made. After waking, the bakkie was packed with Robynne's belongings, her bunny babies loaded into her little car and Dael climbed into Robynne's little Chevy Spark to travel with her. And the little convoy commenced the journey of the return trip to Gauteng at 19.50pm on Saturday evening. They travelled through, stopping every 100kms or so to rest and eventually stopped to sleep at a place in the Karoo called Leeu-Gamke at about 3.00am, where they stayed until 5.30ish before starting off once again. They continued on and I couldn't rest either until I knew that they had arrived at their destination. They almost ran out of travelling cash quite close to their destination but managed to get to into Gauteng without running out of fuel! I was pleased that they had accomplished a quite amazing and tiring trip in good humour but it was not to be.
They were travelling in the big city of Gauteng, through traffic, about 10 mins away from dad's house when a miscommunication caused dad to lose his cool. When he turned on his emergency lights, Robynne was supposed to flash her lights to let dad know where she was. This was dad's version of the story. He didn't want the kids to get lost because he knew he wouldn't have enough fuel to drive around looking for them. The kids had another version of what they were supposed to do and this confusion was like a spark to a tinderbox for dad. He stopped at the nearest traffic lights, jumped out his bakke like a crazy person and tore strips off the kids. So a rather sad end to a very long, tiring and dramatic trip. But it was all due to being over-tired and over-stressed.
They eventually arrived at their destination at about 21h00 making their travelling time inclusive of stops, more than 24 hours. Not something for the faint hearted to ever think of doing.
I am proud of my kids though for accomplishing such a long road trip with no experience of long distance driving without giving up and falling apart. They finished what they started out doing. And of dad who has a lot of faults but was prepared to sacrifice his rest and push his limits to make sure Robynne got to Gauteng before Monday, 26th October.
Everyone's eyes were red and puffy the next day but Robynne started her new job as arranged and after a quiet first day, is now involved in a major exhibition which is keeping her at work until the late hours of the night but which suits her fantastically as she is a very social person who enjoys being involved, and which is the prime reason for her needing to get up to Gauteng by this week.
So well done family and I'm just grateful that this trip was accomplished without any vehicle breakdowns and with everybody arriving safe and sound!

Friday, October 23, 2009

School b**ches um.. teachers!

Since this term began, Bradley has been coming home with a lot of detentions. Now this shouldn't be happening since he is on Ritalin and should be concentrating like a pro.
The first detention for 14th Oct. was for talking in line. Then he got a detention for not taking his PE kit. Now I know that he did take his PE kit because I made him pack it but they wanted his swimming kit. I wrote on the slip that he had his PE clothes and I didn't want him swimming anyway because he had a cold.
14th October - Detention for talking in line. On the 14th I checked if he went and he said yes.
16th October - Detention for no PE kit. I wrote a letter on the slip. Brad didn't hand it in!
21st and 22nd October - Detention x 2 for not attending detention on the 14th.
26th and 29th October - Detention for not attending the detention on the 16th October (that I wrote the note for) and detention for not having pe kit again. This time I wrote on the slip in big letters - No Costume, no money!
30th Oct. and 2nd Nov - Detention for missing break detentions.
Oh yes! In addition to having 1 hour detention in the afternoon, he now has indefinite break (both breaks) detentions for not completing his daily writing homework and for handing in sloppy work. There are also pretty red writing notes in his homework notebook that he keeps ditching the break detentions and running off to the playground to play.
Oh my gosh and you wonder why I hate the schools. There are only about 30 days left to the year. Can you please leave my child alone so that he can try and pass the year!
I just screamed and screamed this morning. I hate doing that and Bradley hates it. I just wish it would all go away.
I think I had 2 detentions in my whole school career. This is why Bradley is as closed as a clam when it comes to school. I have walked through the school and listened to the teachers yell the ugliest things at the children. Its like a war zone. We were treated and likewise treated our teachers with a lot more respect than is flowing around out there now.
On the way to school, Bradley finally piped up (he had been sullenly silent up until then) and pulled his Bio test result out of his bag. "See mom, I'm not concentrating on all that now. This is what I'm concentrating on at the moment". And it was rather a good result too.
I know the teachers have to keep discipline but really, you know my son battles at school. Can't you just f**king back off and give him space to breathe!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

First Blog-oversary!

I thought I missed my blog-oversary so looked back on my posts - and its today!
My first post was a year ago and it feels like yesterday that I first took the plunge of committing thoughts to the written word.
It hasn't been as easy as I thought it might be. Sometimes words and ideas don't flow so smoothly. You experience something during the day that you think would make a good post and then when you come to write, you can't remember what the heck it was you wanted to write about! Or all of a sudden you feel very boring and can't write at all. Eventually you come to see that people are mostly the same the world over. We all have confidence issues at some time, we sometimes feel stupid or boring. But someone somewhere is interested in what we have to say and that really builds self-confidence. Over the past year and more especially fairly recently, I have come to appreciate the release that writing gives me, the freedom to express myself in a written form. When I keep all my thoughts inside my head, I actually find it difficult to process my thoughts and I forget words - my mind becomes a muddy backwater.
So thank you friends and followers and Internet for giving me this platform for freedom of expression and for showing interest in the happenings of my life and my mind! May our relationship continue for many more years to come.

Teenage boy blush!

I embarrassed Bradley this morning! Not on purpose...I'm not so mean. Just by being a mommy.
We arrived at his school and I noticed a group of grade seven girls, obviously prefects, standing by the entrance to the playground from the parking lot. They were giggling and not taking any notice whatsoever of the arriving students.
Bradley was still zipping up his bag and I spotted yesterday's empty lunchbox still inside his bag, together with today's full lunchbox, just taking up space. I made a grab for the empty lunchbox and came out with the full one instead. He made a grab for the lunchbox and stuffed it back inside his bag, his cheeks flushing pink with embarrassment. "Mom leave it! There's girls watching!"
"But they're not even watching you. They're talking to each other."
"They're always watching....", he closed the door with an arrogant kick and stalked off without a backwards glance.
I overstepped my mark as the taxi driver. Bad mom!
(P.S. Thats why I won't change my old jalopy until all are through the moody teenage phase!)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The calm after the storm!

Bradley was a bit sad and quiet for a day after the family left but has since perked up since he realised he's not being given instructions by older brother and can watch whatever he likes on tv. He's coming into his own already. We are getting into a quiet evening routine and best of all the house is still tidy when we get home. Bradley has been going to my mom in the afternoons as he doesn't want to go home at the moment with nobody there. I can see that changing shortly though because he already texted me today "Mom come early to fetch me". My mom likes things done in a particular way and I can see he will be deciding to go straight home from school in the near future.
Yesterday morning, when Brad got into the car his hair was wet and on glancing at him I noticed some specks of white almost like dandruff in his hair except that the specks weren't budging. Now he had been complaining that his hair was itchy but with my bad eyes I can't usually see anything small hidden away in hair and I used to rely on the older two to spot things like that. These specks I could see. I knew just what to get and last night we started on our remedial treatment of *lice*.
First a (much) shorter haircut. Brad doesn't like his hair too short as he likes to style it in a 'cool' style for school etc. He bit the bullet though and didn't argue because he wanted his problem sorted out. Then a nice bath and hairwash after which I dried his hair with the drier and then applied the ointment to his hair, rubbing it into the scalp. He had to sleep with the ointment on his hair and we rinsed it off this morning followed by another bath and hairwash. I will change all the bed linens tonight and wash them well. In a few days time we will repeat the whole ointment process again. I texted the Gauteng bunch to check the hair of the two little girls and their mom, Trish who had visited cousin R's house during the weekend reported that she had seen lice ointment in their bathroom. Now he was also visiting during the weekend and at one stage had such itchy hair that he had to go and shampoo his hair for relief. Share and share alike but there will be no more visiting until this is all cleared up to my satisfaction.
The office is irritating at the moment. Its year end so auditors and other strangers are wandering around. I have been dealing with irritating and irritated rental agents, purchasers, tenants. Everybody has a problem and time is running out. It seems as the year gets shorter everybody starts running around manically trying to get things finished before year end closedown.
Weather is unpredictable too. Its hot when I leave for work but where I work, just 8kms from home but at a slightly higher altitude, the weather is changeable and every afternoon brings clouds and cooler temperatures. Its difficult to know what to wear. I have taken to bringing a pair of track pants to change into because I never just go straight home and by the end of the day, I am freezing in my Summer outfit.
I haven't spoken much to Dael but I believe he is working hard and I'm sure he is excited to make the trip down to Cape Town with his dad to fetch his sister, as he hasn't been to Cape Town before. Definitely beats sitting at my place with nothing to do!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Expecting the unexpected.

I had planned to take the boys out this weekend past because I was anticipating Dael leaving for Gauteng as soon as his father was given the go-ahead to come down to KZN to finish a job.
It was still raining on Friday night but the boys cousin, R had been dropped off to stay over and had brought a stock of crackers with him, much to my irritation. They barely waited for night to fall before dashing out and letting some off. The cats were a little concerned but the dogs reacted immediately cowering below the couch and every now and again trying to get up. R kept on running in and out of the house to the bedroom and when I eventually went into the bedroom, I saw that the carpet was just absolutely full of mud! I saw red and that was the end of the cracker session. We had burgers for supper and I went to sleep because the boys were using the tv for playstation games. I woke up again at about 1am and the boys were still awake. Dael was making coffee when a vehicle pulled up the driveway.
It was the kids dad come down without notifying us and he had the whole family - Trish, Kaleigh and Rachael and his helper, Ishmael. So all systems go sorting out beds for the extras and making coffee and we all went to sleep. I think it was almost 4am before the littlest one stopped chirping.
The weekend was supremely busy and I had a full house the whole weekend. Luckily most of Dael's clothes had been washed and it was just a case of packing and making sure nothing important got left behind. On Saturday night, Dael and friend C wanted to have a last memorable outing to club 54. Well it was memorable for Dael and quite ironic for me. I had been out earlier in the evening and texted Dael jokingly, asking him what he had prepared for supper. He texted back 'My foot' with a pic of his foot. I jumped to the wrong conclusion and thought that something was wrong with his foot. At club 54 later, he and friend C had been descending a metal staircase with full bottles of beer. It had been raining heavily and Dael slipped on the stairs and fell down about 10 remaining stairs, landing heavily on his hip. That was the end of his evening and I got a call at midnight (early for them) to fetch them. C had slipped as well behind Dael but managed to land on his feet. I told Dael he took the fall for his friend and prevented him from injury but to add insult to injury, the bottle of beer also broke and cut Dael's hand though not badly thank goodness. I said to him that I must have had a premonition from the pic earlier that we would have a foot injury. He had a painful roasty and a big bump on his hip and Sunday saw him limping in agony.
Sunday went by in a blur. I spent as much time as possible with Dael and the family left for Gauteng at 6.40pm after visiting ouma (grandma) on route, only arriving at their destination at 3am on Monday morning.
Bradley spent the evening very blue and upset because suddenly now he is an only child with only his mom for company. He was also very tired and soon fell asleep. I think its going to be a few days before he gets used to the new arrangement.