Saturday, April 16, 2011

I'm connected again.

Well hello there! I'm still alive and very definitely kicking.

Lots of news. I'm employed again and in a half-day position this time. I will be working from 8am until 1pm and alternate Saturdays from 8am until 12 noon, which is why I'm blogging now.

My new half day employed status will give me time to continue with my knitting and also to build my own business. I have joined a multi-level marketing company, GNLD and am a distributor for them. I am using some of their excellent cleaning range in my own home having swapped their environmentally friendly products for the toxic products which I was previously using. I am also using some of their nutritional supplements and can report that my health is improved. I am now headache resistant where I used to suffer from headaches for weeks at a time and have not picked up any of the change of season bugs that are plaguing many around me at the moment. I have signed up Robynne under me so far (my first downline) and it is becoming a habit to speak to people about this fantastic business opportunity. So all good there.

Unfortunately, I lost one of my beloved kitties again. I think he was startled by an unexpected visitor, a friend of Dael's who turned up early one morning and he disappeared from my garden. A day later I was searching for him and shockingly saw his mangled body just lying in my neighbours front yard. His dogs (4 of them) had killed my kitty. I climbed their fence fully prepared to kill dogs if necessary and retrieved him and Dael buried him in one of his favourite sleeping spots. A huge loss because this kitty was full of character and a gorgeous chap. I still feel his loss. His older sister, Lovey, from Kittykie's first litter unfortunately got in the family way (still need to get her fixed) and gave birth to two ginger kittens, a boy and a girl that I have named Socks (the boy) for his cute white feet and Bunny (the girl) who is a terror with a loud voice.

Dael is not working anymore. The firm he was working for did not come through with all their magnificent promises of more money after the probation period and on achievement of his licence and Dael decided to leave them forthwith. So he is again looking for the elusive 'perfect job'.

Signing off now because I don't want to abuse the internet connection at my new job but glad to be back with you all again.