Monday, January 26, 2009

Well how do you like that?

The IT guys have cottoned on to the fact that I am blogging and following blogs during the day at work and they have blocked me from accessing any blog with the .blogspot extension in the address. What a cheek! I can still access the dashboard and therefore post to my blog but I can't read it or any others (apart from 3 that I follow that have different addresses) other than between 12 and 1pm every day. What I can do is open all the blog entries and read them and comment at my leisure during the afternoon. Where there's a will there's a way!
My weekend was of the frustrating variety:
- Had the boys cousin sleeping over. He phoned me and asked to sleep over because his parents were fighting!! He is hyperactive and nags and cajoles Bradley into various activities. He brings his Playstation with which Bradley is more than happy to sit and play with for hours but the cuz wants to skateboard down the road or go somewhere or do something. One visit he didn't even sleep at all the whole night. I told him after that - no sleep no visit. I don't want the kid wandering around the house when everyone else is asleep.
- My dad's sister and her hub were up from Cape Town this weekend and stayed at my parents house for the weekend. They are visiting family in the area and then catching a cruiseliner for a trip back to Cape Town (paid for by their kids for their 50th wedding anniversary). So that entailed a dinner on Saturday night and a braai lunch on Sunday, with reluctant kids in tow. All was peaceful until I was leaving the parents house on Sunday afternoon. Bradley and the cuz were playing a game of netball together. Dael arrived on the scene and wanted to join in. Bradley disagreed because they were already playing. Dael accused him of being selfish, grabbed the ball and threw it at Bradley's legs causing him to drop to the floor screaming and writhing. Enter mom on the scene imagining the worst. Big fight with Dael ensues with him defending himself and calling his brother a baby. I throw everyone in the car, scream off (poor car), fling out the cuz at his house still screaming at Dael and with the cuz's parents looking on in wide-eyed shock, race home and fling out the offender with a last few choice epithets. He is really going through a difficult phase at the moment. I remember going through similar with Robynne although not so physical but also that she had the attitude that I really didn't know what I was doing particularly with parenting the younger ones and that she had to 'assist' me with this. Dael in turn is going through the same stage and there's really only room for one boss in the house and that's definitely ME!

- I also tried to untangle the garden this weekend. I used the weedeater a bit until the line ran out. Couldn't find any more line. Decided to use the panga to at least chop the long grass and weeds a bit shorter. Pulled out head high blackjacks, chopped back 'alien's, hacked and hacked until it started raining again. I work until I feel second hand. I managed to chop my thumb at one stage (bad aim). The hand working the panga developed a blister which then opened. I have bruises on both inner forearms and not to mention sore muscles. But the worst part is what to do with the big pile of weeds and grass I cut - and I've only just started. I'm going to have to do a bit every weekend.
So that was my weekend sort of in a nutshell!


  1. Aaargh those IT guys are a pain. I remember that happened to me with facebook when it first came out.

    My mom always told me that if life or circumstance is frustrating you, get in the garden and dig, pull, plant whatever, as it releases endorphins and is super therapy!

    Good luck with the testosterone that is boys :)

  2. Wow. Sounds like you had crap weekend. Gardening (and blogging) is my therapy, but pangas and weeds don't sound like much fun.

  3. Those IT bastards. Wouldn't it be nice to see what they're looking at?

  4. ah, buggers at work!! they suck!
    i love gardening!! but i don't have a garden :( i think i'll get some plants for my veranda!

  5. Oh have me totally paranoid now about our IT guy!!! What if he now reads my blog...mortified...completely mortified