Friday, June 5, 2009

The cats enjoyed it!

Got home last night after stopping for petrol and a few groceries. The boys were lounging around with Dael's friend C, completely ignoring the increasingly messy living room. After changing, I got started washing the sink full of dishes which I hadn't had time to wash that morning. I couldn't start cooking with such a mess in the way. Wiped counters etc and then started preparing a sort of adapted Chicken-a-la-king.
While I was busy I noticed Dael had changed out of his work clothes into civvies. He was apparently going out to a local bar with friend C for a couple of hours. I was still cooking when they left for their evening out. I dished up for Bradley and myself and we enjoyed our meal. The pan of leftover chicken (of which there was still Dael's portion plus enough for a small Friday meal on toast) had been left on the stove with a cover plus weighted down with a pot of rice so the cats couldn't get to it.
After I finished my supper I returned to the kitchen with my empty plate and popped the frozen pets mince into the microwave oven to defrost so I could make the cats meat porridge. I returned to the couch to wait for the defrosting to finish and slipped under the blanket. And that's the last I knew until I emerged from my nap at 10pm to find that:
1) Bradley was still awake even though his bedtime is no later than 9.30pm, and
2) The hungry cats had managed to push the pot of rice off the pan of chicken to obviously get to the chicken. I was asleep at the time but Bradley had heard this happen and replaced the heavy pot with a light plastic container of cornflour. Obviously this was no contest for the cats who spent the rest of the evening eating the whole leftover pan of chicken.
That I wasn't pleased is an understatement and Bradley got an earful of screaming before he even went to bed.
Dael came home shortly afterwards and found no supper for himself.
1 tired mom with too much to do and not much home support = things like this happen fairly regularly.
Roll on the weekend...


  1. Oh my word! I know it couldnt have been funny at the time but the vision is quite funny. One of my cats hooked an entire chicken fillet off the kitchen counter a while ago and then growled furiously as I reclaimed it.
    I think the boys should start a roster to help you with house chores!

  2. Hey you, I know the feeling too well T doesn't help too much either and there are times when you just can't stay awake, I'm sorry about your chicken! Things like this happen to me too! Thank goodness it's weekend. Enjoy!

  3. ahhh time for a relaxing evening says I.

  4. Earlier today, Dom covered up some cat poop that was in the house (the cat usually stays outside) and he didn't mention it until a couple of hours later. I made him clean it up.