Friday, August 6, 2010

Getting my head around....

my future prospects - now that I have been retrenched! There I said it. Last Thursday I signed my letter. The company is restructuring and my division is being discontinued. I'm not heartsore as I have been looking for another position but it was a bit sudden. And I'm still working in my little office! I actually still have work to do not that head office seems to realise it and I cant just walk away and leave unfinished business. I am trying to tie things up and am using the opportunity to also use the phone and internet to jobhunt while I still can.

Its necessary for me to stay in routine and get up and dressed every day and get to the office. I'm sure that I will find the right position soon.

I will get around to an update on the last few weeks on Tuesday. Have a great long weekend!


  1. I'm praying for you my friend!! Have a great long weekend too xx

  2. Wishing you the best! I hope you find moments of peace this weekend!

  3. Keeping you in my prayers and hope you find something soon.

  4. I am praying for you too! Just a reminder: when the Lord closes one door He always opens another BETTER one. So hang in there and know that HE sees the bigger picture.

    lots of hugs

  5. You're smart and resourceful, I have no doubt that you'll be ok but good luck Momcat. I hope things work out the way they should for you.

  6. Lulu - Thank you for your prayers and for caring.

    Tummy hurts - Thank you. Peace is in short supply but I'm going with fortitude at the moment!

    Cat - Thank you. I pray I find something soon too preferably while I still have access to the phone and internet.

    Lynette - Thank you for you reminder that our Father knows what is best for us and I know that He will show me the way.

    Hardspear - Thank you. We have all had a difficult year.

    Griever - Thank you for your encouragement. I know that I will be fine but its hard to to through that changing and growing process.

  7. It's a new level that's not always comfortable that often brings the best blessings. Thinking a lot of you and sending you good energy!