Thursday, December 1, 2011

Selling myself...

its easier to sell my knitted toys! Seriously, I've been for interviews a few weeks back and never heard anything more. The one job where I've actually been for a second interview went like this: First drive through to Parktown for an interview with the HR consultant. This went very well. Next about a week later, telephonic interview with the employer's HR guy. This also went very well. Thirdly, drive through to Randburg for an interview with the lady director. She was rushed and I wasn't 100% happy with the interview because she seemed to be looking for an accounts orientated person rather than an admin person. Next I would need to go for an interview with the other two directors. I think its easier to get married!

Hello, this isn't rocket science people. I'm an intelligent experienced administrator/secretary - Employ me already!

Apart from my neverending quest to find employment, Robynne and I have been researching craft markets on the internet. I brought a few items up from Durban with me but with space constraints, left most of my toys behind. My mom has sold a few but is redistributing any money to Dael who is housesitting our house and trying to feed himself and a cat and a dog. Lots of responsibility for a young man not used to living on his own.

Last weekend, we took a spot at the Olivedale Library at their craft market. Our table was a bit sparse but we made almost R200 in sales, the weather was excellent, people were friendly, we had our snacks and we sat and had mom and daughter time and knitted away at our projects. Very enjoyable. The next market we are booking for is the Christmas Craft Market out at Value Faire Shopping Centre on Saturday, 10th December and we will be there between 9am and 3pm. I am looking forward to it because its also a way of getting out and about, getting to know different areas and meeting new people.

Back on the subject of Dael, I applied for a position on his behalf since I've been up here in Jhb. The job was entitled Junior Motorbike Technician and he went for an interview and never heard back. He asked me to find out if the people were still considering him for the position and they replied asking him to come in for another interview. And he's been taken on board. Obviously working a probation period while the other guy who hes replacing is working out his notice. But Dael says this guy just sweeps and mops and plays on his phone the whole day. While Dael on the other hand is rewiring bikes and stripping parts and basically slogging his buns off! But its something he enjoys so I've no doubt he will prove his worth.

My Christmas wish is for my future to be secured before the end of the year and hopefully for employment to start but I know it is a difficult time of the year. In the meantime I am staying industrious and building up my stock of toys, looking after kitties and doggies, doing a lot of housework, applying for jobs and going for interviews, basically just taking one day at a time. My future is in God's hands.

More later.

Momcat xx


  1. I really hope you get something soon. A market we love is the Irene craft market in Centurion. It has a huge following and a market every Saturday to Christmas.

  2. Thank you Cat, I hope so too. We will look into the Irene craft market. It sounds like a good one.

  3. I know Dael's situation all too well. 'Don't worry, I'll do everything...'. I'm sorry to read about your situation though, it makes no sense at all why someone as valuable as you isn't getting more callbacks. Sometimes wonder if you're the only person left in the world who sees things clearly. You still remain defiantly positive, I don't know WHEN things will work for you but I do believe that they will. That's largely down to my faith in you. I wish you all the best in the meantime.

    Do you sell online? Would like to help.

  4. I hope you get a wonderful job before the end of the year too. Will keep my fingers crossed!

  5. Sheesh, we could do with such an industrious and hardworking person as yourself at OUR company...sadly, we are too far away! Good luck and yes, God does have his plans.

  6. are your toys at i love knitted stuff :)

  7. Griever - Thank you. I have had a number of callbacks and interviews but everything takes so long. An interview has many steps and in the meantime time is passing. However I know that things will come right and thanks for your good wishes.

    Louisa - It doesnt look like that job will be happening before the end of the year so keep those fingers crossed for me.

    Lulu - Thank you.

    Sunny (and Griever) - My toys are not online yet but I am looking into a website in the new year.