Tuesday, May 27, 2014

An ending and also a beginning...

The view from my house

Today my house transfer was registered. It now has new owners. A young couple just starting out.
It served its purpose, to provide a safe base for me, my kids and our pets. We didn't have to move at the whim of a landlord while we lived there.
It wasn't an easy sell but I think it is a good buy for the youngsters who have bought it. Now the problem is, I am property..less. I have come full circle, once again living at the whim of a landlord.
The beginning is to finally get out of debt apart from my car which I will be paying off now and to build up a new nest egg to buy again.
Also new beginnings for Robynne and Marco who have started a new business making and selling lounge sets, couches and headboards, all custom built to customers requirements. After small beginnings, they are getting busier and busier. Their small house which they bought a year ago is almost entirely engulfed with fabrics and wood. They started from home to save costs but they will have to expand or move very shortly it seems. They are growing in ability and experience, learning how to quote, how to budget and manage staff. Organised chaos but they are forging bravely forward and keeping their eye on the ultimate goal..to earn a living without having a boss, to have the freedom of movement and choice that the working for others does not offer and to reap the full reward of their labours. They have roped the whole family in either to help with sales or deliveries or even manufacturing. They are fully embracing the idea of entrepreneurship.
It is a just over year that my Mom is gone and my Dad is moving ahead with his life without her. In April, my sister in Cape Town treated him to a trip down to celebrate his birthday on the 18th and visit with his sister and other family members long last seen. It was the first time he had flown in an airplane and he is now thoroughly hooked and determined to never drive any distance to visit his family again. He also announced to me today that he has a lady friend who has very similar tastes and conversation to him. She is a widow who was a family friend when both she and my Dad still had their spouses with them and he is looking to the future.
So endings and beginnings all around.
The one thing that is certain in life is that things will always change.