Monday, December 8, 2008

I can't believe its been a week...

since my last post. Time is going so fast and yet so slow at the same time. We've just had two days of sunshine and its been bliss! Not too humid either. I've been chained to my desk the whole day so I decided to go take a turn around the garden. I filled up a bucket I found in the courtyard with water and walked around to the front garden and cleaned out the bird bath and refilled it. The security guard was looking at me a little strangely when I walked around to the driveway where he sits but I think he's getting used to me and my foibles.

Bradley is on holiday as from Friday, 5th along with the rest of the schoolkids in SA and I've already heard "I'm bored". That usually means he wants to be entertained and that usually costs. Dael and Bradley's girl cousin 'N' has been visiting since Friday and Bradley has his nose out of joint because Dael and N being similar age are spending time together and leaving Bradley out. That age gap of 5 years is really becoming a stumbling block now because Brad being 13 on Christmas Day is wanting to do teenage things and be involved and pretend that he's older than almost 13 but Dael at 18 (and 8 months) puts him firmly in his place. Sometimes I really get tired of being in the middle of all this and having to sort out daily fights.
I keep telling them that every time I wash my hair more grey hairs are showing through. And its all their fault!

We had our end of year function on Friday which consisted of a large tent placed on the tennis court (now parking lot) at the back of our offices. The rain was bucketing down and the water seeping into the tent so that the floor was totally wet and all the white table cloths and chair covers were hanging in the water. They ended up sandbagging the whole tent which seemed to help a little. I arrived back at the festivities at about 6.45pm after sorting out the family. They were completing a fun prize giving with novelty prizes. And then the karaoke singing started. I'm not a big fan of karaoke although I can sing but the song they chose for me and my boss to sing I had never even heard of so that was I bit of a bomb. I did dazzle them with a few dance moves to distract the crowd from the song. Anyhow after the singing and music ended at about 11pm everyone disappeared to the next venue leaving all the hired equipment out in the tent. Of course I took responsibility and together with the security guard and one of our employees we proceeded to stow the crockery, cutlery, glasses, vases and booze into the offices so they wouldn't go missing. That took about an hour. The helpers were given gifts of booze and portions of the food which I discovered just dumped in the kitchen. All the other food and deserts went home with me much to the delight of the kids. I discovered this morning that the secretary who arranged the event had also arranged for the caterer to collect everything on Saturday but didn't tell me so I just did my own thing.
The thing that I found amazing is that not one manager or any other employee stayed behind to make sure that I locked the offices and got home safe. I was on my own at our offices with the male security guards and a male employee that I just met that night and only left the office at just after midnight but not even one of the guys stayed behind. Mindblowing! Anyway told my mom about it and she says that she has the same thing when she organises functions at their church. Their are always only one or two responsible people who will stay behind to make sure everything is packed up and packed away. Even though it is extra work and inconvenience I am glad I am the responsible one!!


  1. Seems like that happens frequently -- I know it did with me back in my working days. Thank you for stopping by my blog and I'll be back again.

  2. I remember telling my mother, "I'm bored" during the seemingly endless school holidays. Now I long for those days ;-)

  3. Well then seriously, you don't work with any gentlemen! Shame on them!

  4. lets hope they remember stuff like that come increase/review time!