Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bits 'n pieces of my week....

Had to go in to the school on Tuesday morning early to sign a 'very important' document for Bradley which was to go to the Dept of Education that day. Bradley has a received a condoned pass because he didn't achieve the required minimum pass mark for two of his subjects - Zulu (don't blame him) and Natural Science (do blame him). His teacher has recommended him for condonation because he did achieve the required minimum (level 2?) for the other 4 subjects and because of his age (almost 13). So not really a good result for Bradley this year but maybe the new year and a bit of maturing (?) will help him improve.

The kittens are 5 weeks old today and very active. They are climbing out of their box and looking for attention. Their mom is trying to avoid them but takes pity on them every now and then. She just feeds and leaves! Got a home for one but still looking for homes for the others!

The miniature dobi puppy that I have been puppysitting and which is going to Gauteng with my ex's family has disgraced itself in several ways. Apart from getting its toilet training wrong frequently and picking on several of my cats by barking and harassing them until they jump to freedom, he has also chewed several pairs of my bikini underwear and several pages of my library book! Still I relent and let him sleep under my duvet with me snuggled in the crook of my arm. My cats are very disgruntled cos puppy has taken over their mom. Never mind, puppy and his human owners will be leaving for Gauteng on about the 19th of December to move into their new spot so peace will reign again!

We had one day of sunshine today and now we're having a storm! Oh rain. My carpets smell like wet dog and my garden is turning to mud. Chinese water torture indeed!
I worked in the rain last night for about three quarters of an hour shovelling mud from where I usually park in my yard cos my car nearly got stuck and today I started feeling like I'm getting flu! Thanks immune system!
And I guess that's it for now!


  1. Your house sounds like a menagerie at the moment!

  2. It totally is but not just now...always. Its just affecting me a lot worse now cos I'm tired and anything sets me off! I need some peace and quiet - just hanging in there!

  3. so where are the kitten pictures!??!