Thursday, August 27, 2009

I owe this blog a post.

I've been gone for a little while (again) and in that time a few things happened which caused me to withdraw somewhat and gather my strength. I have to get past drawing back every time something stressful or traumatic happens or else I'll never write again. So since the beginning of June when I last of my kittens disappeared into the night never to be seen again (I still miss him), my son decided to leave his job until he found the right one for him (leaving me to pay his cellphone bill) and our house was broken into at the beginning of August and 2 cellphones including one new one which Brad was using and my handbag with all my personal papers was stolen (this happened just before I woke up at about 4.40am and if I was faster I could have caught them). My daughter has now decided that she is not happy in Cape Town and has decided to leave her job and head to Johannesburg in search of greener pastures, even though she too is paying off her car still. Oh and we all had flu last week although the boys have had theirs for 5 weeks - Dael and 3 weeks - Bradley, the younger having missed 3 weeks of the new school term. Fun and games!
I came back to work last Wednesday after two days off sick to find that a dear friend and colleague, our messenger, Dave who was a fit and healthy just-turned-60 year old had died on that Monday while he was working. He had been diagnosed with a heart ailment in April (which he didn't tell us about) and was trusting in God to heal him, having refused whatever treatment was offered to him. He didn't want to be an invalid. On the previous Thursday, after a day of rushing around, he couldn't breath and was feeling faint. He went home and to the doctor but was back the next day saying that he had heart murmurs because of stress. But still working. On Monday he had come to work, was still feeling ill and despite urgings to go home and rest, had headed off on an errand and while there had suffered a heart attack. Despite being taken to hospital by ambulance and finally agreeing to the necessary operation for the sake of his dear wife, it was all too much for him and he passed. I attended his funeral on Friday and it was a very emotional time for me.
Rest in peace, my dear friend. The stress of this earth is past and your body is healed. I will miss you!
Well, the ice is broken and I am determined to post more often.....


  1. Momcat you have had a really horrible time.
    I am so very sorry to hear about all of it. Goodness knows you need a break!
    What line of work is your daughter in? I have family and clients in Durban and could let you know of vacancies

  2. Hi Forever Feline - thanks for the sympathy. I have worked through the worst of it - thank goodness. My daughter has been doing admin with a bit of accounts i.e. debtors and creditors. She is going up to Jhb to stay with either her dad or her best friend until she can get on her feet. She also wants to make a bit more monthly so she can continue studying. Many thanks for your offer of help.

  3. That is just the pits!

    I pray that just as the spate of bad things that happened to me and Lamb ended, things will turn for you as well and that a whole string of good things will bring joy back to you!

  4. Hi Momcat. Even better! Despite the doom and gloom of the economy Jhb still has jobs up for grabs. I'll ask all my contacts and then find a "secure" way of letting you know who and where.
    May you have a lovely restful evening.

    p.s. so so sorry about your kitten. Damn man!

  5. I'm sorry for all the bad news recently. Despite everything you still haven't been beaten.

  6. Could you give me a ball park figure of the salary your daughter would realistically need/want to CLEAR based on her experience:
    1.5000-7000 or
    2.7000-10 000 or
    3.10 000 - 12500 or
    4.12 500 - 15000 or
    5.15 000 upwards?
    Also would she be living in Jhb North, East, South or West?
    I have a few possibilities already but need info above to send you ones that wont be a waste of time

  7. FF - She has been working for her current company for about 2 years since she moved to Cape Town and is very fond of her employers but with her car payments is not making enough to live properly. She says she would probably need closer to R7000 in Jhb to be able to rent a small place and pay for her car. She is a very dependable employee however and doesn't even take sick leave so worth her weight in gold. Thanks so much.

    Spear - I pray that the tide will turn too but we are not promised a rose garden on earth so if it doesn't I am prepared to do battle for as long as it takes! Thanks for being there.

    Griever - So good to know that you're still out there fighting the good fight as well. Sometimes I feel negative as I'm only human but my nature won't allow me to wallow in self-pity as what's the point?

  8. Hi Momcat.
    Super. I think she should push for a little more though. JHB is an expensive place. Perhaps suggest that she start looking on to get an idea of what rentals are like.
    Could you maybe set up an anonymous email on hotmail or something so that I can send you details of where and what and who she can send her CV.
    I'll also need her name and surname so that I can advise my contacts who she is and to look out for her details.
    You can email me on:
    Please also remember to let me know the general area in JHB she would be staying in. Traffic is not a joke here. If you live in the East for example then working in the West would take you about 2 hours of traffic in the morning and 1.5 hours in the evening as we now also have road works for 2010 to contend with.
    Most agencies insist on placing people as close to home as they possibly can to avoid frustration, late coming to work, petrol expenses etc and I would agree with them.
    If your daughter has anything she needs to know or tips of advice she is also welcome to email me and I'll help. I know lots of back roads and I can also advise her on areas in terms of safety, convenience etc.
    I used to be in Recruitment and I know how hectic it can be for poeple trying to set themselves up and I'm very happy to help.