Friday, August 28, 2009

I had a difficult start today

as I do most days that I have to get Bradley to school. He hasn't caught up on a lot of his work from when he was off sick and marks are due. I ended up shouting and he did a lot of banging around. I dropped him at school and we went our separate ways, not looking back at each other. A negative start to my day usually means things go wrong the whole day but a new friend restored my good humour by going out of her way to help me even though she hardly knows me. A bad start turned out really good and I got to know my new friend a bit better.
Later Brad was on mxit and told me that it was sports day today and not marks hand in day and he managed to get quite a bit finished while the teachers were busy with the sports day. I hate being the bad guy with my kids but sometimes its the only thing that gets them moving! Now we can enjoy our weekend a bit knowing that some positive things are happening.
Always look for the silver lining on the grey cloud and keep your sense of humour!


  1. I hope the weekend brings even more positive things your way.

  2. Thank you Damaria for your good wishes.

  3. Too weird...!!!! The funny thing, I first wrote the story about the Rice Krispree tantrum with the thought that yes, someone was filming me. THEY were watching me and laughing at my patheticness. And then you are saying the same I said too funny. (Plus I had cockroaches come out of my blender.)

  4. That sure brings back memories -- not too long ago -- when my son was in high school. I banged a few things too. But there is hope. He is married and has a 10 month old son now. Recently he admitted that he no longer thinks I'm a complete moron.

  5. Some days turn out better than we think they will.
    I also try really hard not to fight with my kids before school (not easy) I just never want our last conversation to be in frustration. I hate to set the tone for their day as well.
    Hope all is well now. take care, Suz

  6. I think angels pop up as people and as humor. When we laugh, perhaps we lighten the load in our trials and tribulations.