Friday, August 28, 2009

I had a difficult start today

as I do most days that I have to get Bradley to school. He hasn't caught up on a lot of his work from when he was off sick and marks are due. I ended up shouting and he did a lot of banging around. I dropped him at school and we went our separate ways, not looking back at each other. A negative start to my day usually means things go wrong the whole day but a new friend restored my good humour by going out of her way to help me even though she hardly knows me. A bad start turned out really good and I got to know my new friend a bit better.
Later Brad was on mxit and told me that it was sports day today and not marks hand in day and he managed to get quite a bit finished while the teachers were busy with the sports day. I hate being the bad guy with my kids but sometimes its the only thing that gets them moving! Now we can enjoy our weekend a bit knowing that some positive things are happening.
Always look for the silver lining on the grey cloud and keep your sense of humour!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I owe this blog a post.

I've been gone for a little while (again) and in that time a few things happened which caused me to withdraw somewhat and gather my strength. I have to get past drawing back every time something stressful or traumatic happens or else I'll never write again. So since the beginning of June when I last of my kittens disappeared into the night never to be seen again (I still miss him), my son decided to leave his job until he found the right one for him (leaving me to pay his cellphone bill) and our house was broken into at the beginning of August and 2 cellphones including one new one which Brad was using and my handbag with all my personal papers was stolen (this happened just before I woke up at about 4.40am and if I was faster I could have caught them). My daughter has now decided that she is not happy in Cape Town and has decided to leave her job and head to Johannesburg in search of greener pastures, even though she too is paying off her car still. Oh and we all had flu last week although the boys have had theirs for 5 weeks - Dael and 3 weeks - Bradley, the younger having missed 3 weeks of the new school term. Fun and games!
I came back to work last Wednesday after two days off sick to find that a dear friend and colleague, our messenger, Dave who was a fit and healthy just-turned-60 year old had died on that Monday while he was working. He had been diagnosed with a heart ailment in April (which he didn't tell us about) and was trusting in God to heal him, having refused whatever treatment was offered to him. He didn't want to be an invalid. On the previous Thursday, after a day of rushing around, he couldn't breath and was feeling faint. He went home and to the doctor but was back the next day saying that he had heart murmurs because of stress. But still working. On Monday he had come to work, was still feeling ill and despite urgings to go home and rest, had headed off on an errand and while there had suffered a heart attack. Despite being taken to hospital by ambulance and finally agreeing to the necessary operation for the sake of his dear wife, it was all too much for him and he passed. I attended his funeral on Friday and it was a very emotional time for me.
Rest in peace, my dear friend. The stress of this earth is past and your body is healed. I will miss you!
Well, the ice is broken and I am determined to post more often.....