Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Is it just me....

whose life seems to be so boring at the moment with the days just melting into each other. I just seem to be leaving work to go home or leaving home to come to work.
I had just got interested in reading again and re-joined our local library but now I'm battling to read. I have a problem with the inactivity of sitting and reading and can only read for short periods at a time. I have been reading the same book for more than a month, my library fines are mounting because I forget to renew and my other three books are sitting in the bag waiting to be read. I actually think that being active can be an addictive habit just as inactivity can. However, I would rather be accused of being busy than lazy! :)
Bradley managed to get through his first four days of school last week in one piece. He had soccer tryouts for two afternoons last week and was placed in the C team. His first match was last Saturday and I had to get him to the school before 7am to catch the bus down to Crawford College in La Lucia who his school were playing against. In preparation, Bradley had asked the Coach what time I had to collect him from the school. Brad's school is closer to my work than my house and I couldn't make too many trips up and down. I was told that I had to fetch him at 11am and I was rushing to get there at 11.30am, thinking I was late. But when I got to the school, no one was there. I drove round to speak to the security guard and he seemed sure that they would only be back at about 2.30pm! I ended up sitting at the school for 3 and a half hours without any liquid refreshment. Other parents eventually started arriving at 2pm and the bus arrived at 2.30pm. So disappointing because when Bradley eventually ran to the car, instead of congratulations on winning his first game, all he got was a screaming mother and he ended up in a huff too. That ogre inside me is escaping more and more often these days.
In aggravation of my demon, friend 'S's father has not paid in his financial contribution for his son's keep due to the fact that the whole family is on their way to South Africa this week. Unfortunately, I didn't realise that no funds would be forthcoming and did not budget accordingly and now my car and our house is running on the smell of an oil rag! I had strong words last night with other friends 'S' who keeps on coming and going like I'm running a charity organisation or the local flophouse and told him that he must leave in the morning and not return until he could contribute financially to the house. Friend 'S' who normally would pay board will have to leave at the end of this week since his family will now be here to take care of him. This has been an exceptionally expensive month for me with all the boys at home and eating like its going out of fashion. This whole scene is taking its toll on me because I have to keep on addressing the same problem and being the bad guy. It really is a problem when people come to stay, contribute very little and don't know when to leave and its crazy that their parents and extended family don't seem to think this is wrong! Seriously!
So now instead of hanging on by my fingernails, I'm trying to keep my head above water!


  1. You are one wonderful woman but you should learn how to relax more and how to say no. Here I go, telling other people how to live! Sorry momcat, ignore me, I don't walk in your moccasins. But you really do need to take care of yourself!

  2. Good luck - thinking of you.

  3. Also thinking of you. I wish I had words of wisdom here...all I can say is that you must be creating an awesome space if everybody wants to crash there.

  4. I think I see your problem with trying to relax with a book.

  5. Give people an inch and they take a mile. I'm sick of it. You are a wonderful woman, as Retiredandcrazy said, and we're learning that more and more with every post. You keep your head above water no matter what ok Momcat. For what it's worth you have the support of everyone of us here. I'm sure of it.
    You're the boss, some choices are tough, but nobody can argue that they aren't fair.

  6. You have to sometimes wonder what parents are thinking! Sounds like you have one hectic home front.

  7. Retiredand Crazy - Thanks so much for caring. I have said no several times but I don't think anybody is taking me seriously. Lucky I've always got my positivity and sense of humour to fall back on.

    Cat - Thank you for your support.

    Lynette - Thats a great way of looking at it. I do try and treat the kids as I like to be treated but they do sometimes take advantage and then I am forced to pull rank.

    Captain - Haha, too true! To be able to read and focus one needs a fair amount of time and quiet. I do try and get a few chapters in before I go to sleep though.

    Griever - Thank you my friend. I always know I can count on you for support. I just need to get my house running smoothly again. Baby steps hey!

    Life - I think sometimes the kids take advantage because of what they learned from the parents. Hopefully things will get a bit quieter soon.