Tuesday, July 20, 2010

And they tell me to stay calm....

In the mornings, I carry a small school juice bottle of milk in my carryall bag to work since we don't have a fridge and the bottle is enough for my daily coffee. As I twisted the lid shut this morning, I noticed the lid was cracked but as I was running out the door, I didn't have time to decant the milk into another bottle. All I did was put the bottle into a plastic bread bag to prevent spillage onto the other items in the bag.
In the car I placed the bag onto the back seat as Bradley occupies the front seat. The bag never falls over so I reckoned the bottle of milk would be fine as it was in an upright position. Whats the chances that just because the bottle was broken and a potential leaking hazard that the bag would fall over FOUR times - literally... It was like it had a mind of its own!
I even had to stop my car in a taxi stop zone with my hazards on to stand the bag upright again.
Then, sitting in a traffic queue of slow moving traffic, my car wouldn't idle properly. It had a miss which was threatening to stall the engine. My car is automatic so I put it in neutral and revved the engine a bit and then decided to engage pulling gear which basically keeps the car in first gear without changing to second gear. This was fine while moving slowly forward in the traffic queue but as I started moving faster I suddenly realised that I hadn't changed back into Drive gear and my engine was screaming. Well, there went my hazard lights on again as I had to come to a complete stop to change gears and I had to do this with the car behind me bearing down on me as I had to stop in a totally inappropriate place, just basically the middle of the road that I was travelling on.
To say I was relieved to finally get to work is an understatement and the amount of moaning and muttering to myself in the car this morning would probably be enough to get me a label of Crazy Lady.


  1. hey hey crazy lady! Hope your day gets better now!

  2. Oh my, not an easy trip. I've missed checking in with our travels, but shouting a hello!

  3. Lulu - Once I'm at work, its much better. Thanks and great to hear from you again.

    Susan - No, not an easy trip any day with my car playing up so much. Thanks for popping in.

  4. Lol! I also had a crazy morning. I woke up ate 09:00. I was supposed to be at work at 08:00.

  5. Oi, my shattered nerves would never have survived this.