Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Optical Illusions () () ()

Or maybe its just because I have a lot more time to think these days. Living alone with just kitties and dog for company, I do tend to spend a lot more time on internal conversations and maybe I'm thinking myself into craziness!! Just kidding....

Driving along a local road, my eye caught sight of something flying into the air in the direction of the road. It gave me a start and in that split second I thought it was a monkey dashing towards my car and I jerked the steering wheel which caused the car to veer a bit. And then I processed what had ACTUALLY been flying into the air, which ........was a spadeful of sand from the spade of a workman standing in a trench.

I'll have to watch these optical illusions carefully. They could cause me to end up in a ditch myself!


  1. First thing is I'm glad you didn't end up in a ditch. It made me smile. Lets just say if I thought I saw a monkey dashing toward me where I'm from I'd be in serious trouble :)

  2. Haha too true Griever. We're in a suburban area bordering on a town and we have nature reserve areas in between the houses so these troops of monkeys are very active especially now with spring and all the new babies. Sometimes they do get hit by cars because they dash across the road unexpectedly.