Saturday, September 17, 2011

I did it!

I signed the letter of offer from the new company and handed in my notice yesterday. I will work out my notice in the two weeks until the end of September and start with my new employer on the 3rd of October.

Okay the salary is not a whole lot better than where I'm currently working but it ticks a lot of the boxes I require in a work environment i.e. close to home, challenging work environment, amenable people and basically enough to live on, if not luxuriously, at least I can pay my bills. It is a new position so I will have to grow into it and make myself indispensable.

I don't usually leave a particular job after just six months but I have made myself a promise, after staying in jobs for long periods of time, generally not less than 3 years and after being retrenched from my last position after six years with the company, that I will not stay patiently and unhappily anywhere where the cons start to outweigh the pros. I will empower myself by moving on. The alternative is just to swallow your unhappiness and irritation and develop a stress-related illness. I already have had one of those and I'm not going to allow anyone or anything to aggravate my stress levels anymore any longer than I have to.

So wish me the patience of Job for the next two weeks as I work out my notice and a better environment at my new workplace.

xx Momcat


  1. All the best and well done. I'm very pleased to read this. If anyone deserves a break it's you.

  2. Thanks Cat but I definitely think it will be a more rewarding environment than the one I'm in.

    Griever, thank you too. Supportive as ever!

  3. Yay! So glad to have you back online :-)

    Good for you and all the best!

  4. Louisa - Thank you so much.

    Tamara - I'm happy that you're happy! No seriously I can always rely on my blogging friends to make me feel welcome and that my company is wanted... Thank you.