Friday, November 18, 2011

Two weeks in Jozi under my belt...

So what have I been doing for the past two weeks..Obviously not blogging. But I have been scouring the internet for work and I have been for a couple of interviews. Now bearing in mind that I'm used to driving short distances in a small town. But the first interview I went to with a consultant was in Centurion of all places. I didn't sleep well the night before because the idea was to drive Robynne's little car (which I'm not used to) and use the Garmaps application on her Blackberry (also not used to) to find my way, all on my own. Scary! However, not being one to back down from something scary, I ventured forth and after dropping Robynne at work in Midrand, hit the road. Now the idea with the GPS is not to try and overthink the whole thing. A couple of times I would see a signboard which I was sure was directing me to where I should be but the GPS would be directing me elsewhere. Its not like me to hand over the control to someone/something else so this was a learning curve for me, haha. Anyway I reached my destination after a few redirects and u-turns and actually having to ask someone where I should be after the GPS directed me one block away from my destination. I'm rather proud of my achievement. And then this week I went in the other direction to Parktown. As an old hand at using the Garmin by this stage, I actually relaxed and enjoyed the tour rather than be worried about where I was being sent to. Both interviews with consultants went off really well but I'm still waiting to hear if they will become interviews with potential employers. In the meantime, time marches on, money getting used up and the last time I had absolutely no money was when Bradley was a baby and I was unemployed. So almost 16 years ago. Not a state I want to be in again for very long, I assure you!

On the home front, I am cleaning Robynne's house every day, keeping busy. She lives on a plot which entails a short drive down a stretch of bumpy dirt road to enter or exit the area. Its a security estate so really safe but still with a bit of nature surrounding the house. Almost like an oasis in the middle of the busy outside world. Its ideal for us as Robynne has a lot of dogs and with my cats, two chickens and two bunnies, its like a farmyard here. The neighbours have chickens and ducks, horses and donkeys so a rural feel to the place. The challenge has been getting all kitties settled and relaxed and its as well I wasn't rushing out to work when I first got here as I think some of the cats might have caught the first bus back to Durban!l. As it is everyone seems to be settling and relaxing well. I brought up a sick cat from Durban, Charlie, my big alpha male who developed a strange growth on his neck a few months ago and despite having the whole thing cleaned out, it grew back and showed no signs of healing. Anyway, I was just giving him palliative care and treating symptomatically. On Monday, he went downhill very drastically and I was with him stroking him and talking to him when he passed away. So he is now buried under a tree in Robynne's garden. He was a part of our family for almost 9 years. We also have kittens thanks to my two mommies who never got spayed yet, and the one mommy has been a less than sterling mom. So my time has been cut out.

I'm just taking one day at a time at the moment. Some days are good, some are bad. The weather is always good. I hear its just permanently raining in Durban so I'm not missing that. Trying to stay positive and upbeat. And raring to get moving and get working because I feel like the world is leaving me behind. I am nevertheless extremely grateful to my family for all their help and support and I know the right position is waiting out there for me.

Happy Saturday.

Momcat xx


  1. Hey there, so nice to reconnect with you! Time has flown, and I'm a fully-fledged mom now - incredible. I look forward to catching up on your blog!!!!

  2. I do hope you get something soon. Sorry about your kitty.

  3. I'm sorry to read about your cat. I just hope that you're okay.

  4. Wow, never a dull moment in your life hey?! So sorry to hear about your dear kitty, at least you were with him and he knew you were there for him, he would have taken comfort from that. I'm holding thumbs for you that you get something sorted really soon! Good luck! Alisonxxx

  5. Lulu - Nice to reconnect with you too. And to hear that being a mom has become more the norm with you rather than being something new and strange.

    Cat - Thanks for your support and sympathy.

    Griever - Thank you too. I'm okay. I'm relieved that Charlie cat is not suffering anymore.

    Misty'sMum - Too true. Dont know what I would do with a dull moment. I do take comfort from being there for Charlie at the end. Thanks for your good wishes on the job hunting front.