Monday, April 30, 2012

Posting from my email..!

It is appropriate since I last posted on the 1st day of April to end the month off by posting again on the last day of the month. Haha, kidding!
Its been a busy month, what with my first month in a new job, Easter and 4 birthdays but culminating in the wonderful feeling of receiving a paycheck once again. Never underestimate the feeling of achievement just receiving payment for services rendered gives one.
One thing I didn't miss was standing in a bank queue, something I had to do again this past Saturday. It was a very long hour...
My first month at my new job has been interesting and after a couple of weeks, even broken up with all the long weekends as they were, I have started to feel as if I have been here for many months already, rather than just one month.
I have got things done that were pending or needed doing, I have been running around doing company shopping in a work bakkie and I received a compliment from the MD who said to some visitors in meeting where I was also present that I have been helping out a lot and taking the pressure off. So I feel that I am achieving what I was hired to do...
When I started, I didn't have a computer, stationery or a chair and I was feeling like I wasn't expected but now my desk is cluttered, people are coming to me with queries and I have an increasing workload, which I enjoy.
I have attended two craft markets this month, one of which I paid to attend and didn't even make a sale  so now I have vowed to only attend markets where I can get a free table so that if I don't make a sale, Im not left out of pocket either.
I haven't increased my stock much this month. Ive been knitting dog jerseys for Robynne's little pinschers, who are starting to feel the cold now. Im getting quite the expert at knitting dog jerseys now and will knit some for my stand as well.
Im typing this post up in Word. Its a test to see how it works out with me posting through my email so maybe I will be able to post more often if I don't have to work on a post while Im online. I can write at my leisure and reduce the amount of time that I am actually online. I'll see how this works.


  1. Excellent! It worked! So now this is my new modus operandi...

  2. I use word on all my long blogs (if I'm not coping and pasting.) Mainly because spelling is not my forte.

  3. I love hearing that things are looking so good at work and that you're happy.

  4. Great to hear from you again! Was wondering if you'd fallen off the edge of the earth or something.

    What's a bakkie?