Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The next step...

On the Saturday, 27th April 2013 my daughter and her boyfriend of 3 years, Marco, became engaged.
Yes, I'm a mother-in-law to be.
I didn't know a thing about it at the time. I hadn't been having a very good weekend because my boyfriend was away on a trip to the Cape for a week and I was feeling very sorry for myself.
I had arranged to attend a talk hosted by Robynne's church on the Sunday and was walking along on the Sunday morning in the direction of the venue, totally engrossed in my own thoughts when I heard "Come over here". I looked up, startled and there was Robynne standing along the route to the venue with her friend, Taryn. They were on duty as helpers and I hadn't even noticed my own daughter, being so engrossed in my own thoughts - a fact that she duly pointed out to me.
She mysteriously said to me that she had some news to tell me and then being unable to contain herself any longer, whipped up her left hand to reveal her sparkling new engagement ring. I was astonished and then very happy for my daughter.
She recounted the happy details of the situation leading up to the happy event. It seems that Marco had been trying for the greater part of the Saturday to get Robynne to go with him to her favourite dog-walking park and for once, she just wasn't in the mood. He eventually dragged her out into the garden of their own house and there, in front of their doggies, he went down on one knee and proposed to her. He had been storing the ring away for a whole month, planning when and where to pop the question and eventually all fell into place.
Robynne is now fully into the swing of wedding preparations, with a date for next year at around this time being identified. I went with the young couple this past Sunday to see a lovely wedding venue which will handle all the arrangements of decor, food, music, etc and has a chapel as well as a Bridal Suite and family rooms for out of town guests. A million details to be planned but every minute to be enjoyed.
So...the next step for my daughter and for her mom..
Congratulations Robynne and Marco and may God richly bless your life together.
Momcat xxx


  1. First comes mother in law then before you know it---Grandma.

  2. Yes and Im ready to be a granny, Walking Man. Im already 3 years older now than my mom was when I made her a granny by giving birth to Robynne. :-)

  3. It is great to read news like this, I'm very pleased for all of you- the beginning of a whole new chapter is always a good place to be. I also hope Dael had a good birthday recently.

  4. Griever, thank you for your good wishes. I wish for my children strong hearts and coping skills for all the challenges that life will throw their way.

    1. They have the perfect role model for those skills.