Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy 23rd Birthday, Dael!

My eldest son, Dael turned 23 years old today! I can't believe it has been 23 years already and early this morning, the thought crossed my mind that at that moment 23 years ago, I was awoken from a sound sleep with labour pains.

Dael was born at about 7.20am on a momentous day in April.
It hasn't always been easy but I have enjoyed and still enjoy and appreciate having my son in my life.
Dael has been living in Pinetown in my house since I moved to Johannesburg and works as a motorbike technician. He is doing so well and learning so much. He works hard, long hours and a lot of overtime and he is very reliable, even having been known to go to work when he was sick.
He loves motorbikes and I think to him it is fun as well as work.

He is also a good friend and I can rely on him to do the family thing, visiting my dad on special occasions and whenever he can. He stood next to me at mom's memorial service, greeting the mourners even though he didn't really know anyone there. He did his duty and he did it out of love and family feeling.
Happy Birthday, my son....a man now not just my baby anymore!

I love you and I am very proud of you...through thick and thin, I will always be there for you.

Your mom xx


  1. Happy Birthday, Dael. I hope you continue to be the man you mom described. It is sometimes a difficult thing to do, but in the end it is the most rewarding thing to do. Pride that you were there when needed. Again, HBD, and wishes for many more safe and happy years.

  2. Great post. My sons are 6 and 9, and I worry about the day they will be 23 and might not (*sniff*) need me any more! Yikes.

    Will be back to read more!


  3. John, thank you for your good wishes for my son. I pray too that he will continue to be a man that others look up to.

    Mov, thank you for your comment and be sure, your sons may not 'need' you in the same way as now when they are little but they will still need you in their lives. And that will be your time again to do other things in your life when your sons become independent.

  4. Happy birthday to your baby! He sounds like a lovely young man - well done Momcat. :-)

  5. Louisa, thank you. I cant take all the credit and although he is not perfect (who is?) I wouldn't swop him for another.

    Cat, thank you so much for the birthday wishes.