Thursday, February 12, 2009

Exhausted Friday!!

Got to work at 7.50am and I feel like I have done my whole day's work already. Friday is just one day too many - can't we have a 3-day weekend?
Got up at 5.30am (half an hour late!) and after a quick trip to the bathroom, entered the wreck that was my kitchen. I didn't have time to do my floor yesterday so it was really creepy this morning. The cats chased me into the kitchen and immediately started yowling for food (which wasn't cooked yet). Boiled the kettle for coffee and poured some milk down for the cats to shut them up. Decided I didn't have time to wash the dishes so just cleared the clean dishes and stacked the dirty lot ready for washing later. started wiping down the kitchen counters. Remembered that Bradley needed to get up early to rewrite his Biology assignment which I had written down last night (types of soil and uses and it took me about an hour and a half of brain drain to figure it all out). Put on a pot of rice and veg. peels to cook for the cats and a pot of meat porridge at the same time. Started tidying up the couch covers and collecting items for return to bedroom. Dropped items in bedroom and woke Bradley at the same time. He stirred and asked for Oats for breakfast which also need to be cooked. I dragged him out of bed and got him started. Finished cooking the meat porridge for the cats and started the pot of oats. Started sweeping out the living room. Went to wake Dael for work (he has an outside bedroom). Finished cooking the oats. Finished sweeping, sprayed disinfectant on the kitchen floor and mopped it. At the same time helped Bradley with the homework. Dished out the cats food. Put up the ironing board and ironed 2 shirts (boys) and a skirt (me) for the day. Put ironing board and iron away. Charge Bradley's cell phone so I can phone him later. Ran my bath water. Prepared lunches for the kids and me. Fed the fish. Cleaned the cat sandtray. Closed up the house. Went to bath and get dressed (10 mins. tops). Brushed teeth and moisturised face. Gathered handbag and lunch. Out the door.
Dael's morning routine : Make coffee and sit in the lounge smoking a cigarette and listening to music all the while messaging his contacts on Mxit. Then goes to shower and get dressed and meet me back in the house for any help I need gathering inside cats and kittens and locking the house.
Bradley's morning routine : Get up slowly and eat breakfast served by mom in bed (cos he's so slow) with squinty eyes, still half asleep. Roll over for another few minutes shuteye until mom throws ironed shirt on the bed and shouts at him to get up and get dressed. Float through and play with the kittens all the while getting dressed slowly. Pack his bag and lunch after being instructed by mom. Brush his teeth after being instructed by mom to do so. Fight with Dael and waste some more time. Eventually he is ready and tries to help by getting the kittens in.
I come to work to relax in my comfy chair in my quiet office and be served a large cup of coffee by Daisy, our office assistant.
Have a good Friday and roll on the weekend!


  1. Yeah!

    Having a good Friday since we are on the Muslim schedule here. Friday is like Sunday. Downside is thinking about going back to work on Saturday which is like Monday...urgh!

  2. Sorry J.L. - I'll be thinking of you while I'm cutting back my 'jungle' garden!!

  3. holy crapperpoodle batwoman!!!??!?