Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I've been a stranger but I'm back now.

After a week from hell and today's previous two attempts at posting getting lost, I don't think I can be accused of giving up too easily.
My week has included the following, in no particular order:
Dael getting his tongue pierced! He has been wanting to get this done since he was 16 and now since he is a man with money, he finally got what he wanted. What he didn't realise and I quote: "I didn't realise that getting my tongue pierced would hit me so hard". He couldn't eat properly. Even a plate of scrambled egg took him two hours to eat. His tongue was swollen. He has been taking pain killers and anti-inflammatories. As for me, one doesn't mess with one's tongue, dearie!!
My car's left front wheel tried to fall off! I kid you not. On the way to dropping Brad off at school, a loud banging noise was detected. I crawled my car to the garage and my daddy took me to work (thanks dad!). About two hours later, the jokers at the garage called to say "your car was beyond repair and we gave it away". Ha! I think I would have to pay someone to take it away! What's it going to cost? R2,500.00. Okay pull the other one. For that amount of money you will have to keep it for about two weeks! Anyway they tightened all the bolts and checked the other tires and for an amount of R228.00 I got my car back! Anyway I decided to go the whole hog and my jalopy also has two new tires and its wheel alignment done on dad's account (thanks dad!).
The boys were playing with rubber bands that Dael bought from work. "Pick them up cos the cats will eat them!" They didn't believe me, they didn't listen and this morning in the bathroom, I noticed Charlie, my big orange male chewing on something which turned out to be...a rubber band! So at 5am I was deep cleaning my living area and found rubber bands behind the couch, on shelves and even on my dish rack amongst the clean dishes. All off which went in the bin. But the damage could be done. My little orange female kitten (Flopsy) is sick today. She has been bringing up and is off her food. I hope she hasn't eaten one cos Dael is going to find something else to spend his hard-earned wages on - the vet! My cats are known for eating plastic bags (Kittykie) (previously wrapped around meat - understandable!) and thread with needle attached (Bitsy) which embedded itself in kitty's cheek and caused an abscess.
Phoned Robynne in Cape Town to catch up on her news which generally consists of boring work and busy social life. She informs me that the Twilight craze has caught up to her and she has read 2 books, is reading the 3rd and has ordered the 4th. She loves them! She hasn't been too well for some time and has been battling to throw off the flu. She lost her appetite and hasn't really eaten much for 2 weeks. Her boss (surrogate mom) bought her health shakes which she drinks for all 3 meals and at least is getting the vitamins and minerals she needs. She is also attending belly dancing lessons which she says give her a fantastic workout! So she should be the new slimline Robynne soon!
My sister (also in Cape Town) has been retrenched from her job where she has been for 5 years. She is understandably quite upset but is acting as if it isn't a big thing. She is trying to handle it on her own which is not a good idea because sometimes just talking about what is happening relieves stress. Someone you talk to might have a suggestion or an idea or might know someone who needs to employ someone. That person you confide in will not only help you to feel better but might have the solution to your problem.


  1. Welcome back!! Hope your kitty is way better by the time you get home. Being an animal person too I know how much it worries one and how much it costs!!!
    Had to smile about the tongue piercing a friend of mine had it done not so long ago and she also couldn't eat etc etc......I hear it is very very painful...
    You are so right about confiding and sharing a problem I am one that bottles them up and it can drive you crazy. Helps just to let it out even if the person can only listen and sympathise.

  2. Thanks Lulu - I am sure she will be all right and it is probably not a rubber band but just a little bug or something - just the timing wasn't too good.

  3. Here's hoping things in your world settle down soon.

  4. Thank you much Travis! I hope the same for you after all you guys have been through. But knowing me I've got a magnetic attraction for challenges. Probably because I can cope pretty well. Just one day at a time. And a good sense of humour rocks!

  5. I saw your comment on "A Majority of Two" and just want to say Hi to a fellow SA Blogger (Not a regular blogger though... I have only started and have posted all of two posts - very proud of myself! Ha ha) I also love cats and yes, some humans (but that does not mean that I always like them). I really enjoyed you blog and will become a regular.

  6. Hello Human Human - Thanks for your comments and welcome to the blogosphere. Hope you will be happy here!

  7. Hi,
    Thanks for your insightful comment. It is always something with our pets, be it rubber bands, paper clips, or foam rubber.

    My lab pup tore her brand new bed (value $80.00) into approximately 300 or more tiny pieces of foam.

    I, like you, worried she had ingested some of her lunch.

  8. I'm not too into piercings. My daughters know to warn prospective boyfriends to conceal evidence of such when they come to our house.

  9. Cheri - Thank you. Kitty was fine by the time I got home that evening and had fully recovered her appetite!

    J.L. - I'm with you on the piercings but my son assures me that the girls find a tongue piercing 'sexy'!