Friday, April 24, 2009

Busy week but hopefully relaxing weekend

My car decided to develop an oil circulation problem on Tuesday. I had taken Dael to work and Bradley to school and was driving to work when the oil warning light started buzzing and didn't stop. So I drove home and parked the car. I had no phone time so ended up walking to my parents house (about 20 minute walk). It was freezing that morning so I was like an iceblock by the time I got there. My dad took me to work and I got a lift home.
My loving brother came round on Wednesday and after opening up various areas of the engine it was decided that the oil is still circulating but the oil sensor which is very old is the problem. So I have been driving the car with the buzzer buzzing all the way.
Bradley was at my sister on Wednesday (actually playing with the neighbours kids) but when I went around to collect him in the evening, I discovered that he was feverish and sick with flu. Wonderful! So he has missed the rest of the week of school. Dael is also sick again but is not allowed to take more time off work. I told the boys that the only way to avoid getting sick is to start helping with the housework. That's what I do and I don't get sick!
Dael is having to work the weekend again. On Saturday from 6am until 6pm and on Sunday from 6am until 12pm. He is not very happy but he has run up a rather large cellphone bill, payment of which will come off my bank account so I have told him he needs to bite the bullet and work as much overtime as it takes.
Stress of work, sick kids, sick car - irritation, irritation, irritation. Thankfully when I am not busy being irritated I can see the funny side of things and that is what keeps me sane.
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. :[ aww poor bunny.

    damn about the car.
    xD only cure for illness is ice cream!

  2. I suposse the sensor is less scary than the actual oil not circulating. Maybe turn the radio super loud to drown out the buzzing.
    Poor bunnies! How silly to leave them out

  3. Poor love, all came at once for you. Cars are a nuisance when they go wrong, like computers really, only more expensive in some cases. And a poorly child isn't very nice for anyone. Mind you, a few days of school usually does the trick!

    CJ xx