Monday, April 20, 2009

Hello Strangers...

Okay okay its me who's the stranger. I'll admit to it. Dunno why it happens but every so often my thoughts get all stuck in my head and they don't want to come out. Maybe they just can't find the way. So I had a little break.

I had visitors over the Easter weekend. My son had teenage friends around on Thursday and Friday and they also ended up sleeping over on those nights. I don't mind having the teens around except my skimpy grocery supplies do tend to reduce quite dramatically! I also had the extended family from Gauteng staying the weekend although they did contribute but having people in the house means that I don't get to do the things which I had planned i.e. washing all my windows and spending time in the garden and just generally relaxing. I spent the weekend cleaning up after the crowd and entertaining my visitors. Easter was low-key. Bradley as the youngest is past the egg-hunting phase and I hadn't catered enough chocolate goodies for the whole crowd so he just sneaked an egg here and there from his stash when no one else was looking.

In years past, I have gone out into the garden at first light with my basket of labelled eggs and propped them onto windowsills and plants and even hung them on the line and the kids (even the older kids) have been enticed out of bed to find their chocolate. This involved a bit of fine tuning because I had to wait until it was light enough to see but not so light or late that Bradley was waking and peering out the window. It had to be done fast and the kids woken up to find the eggs before the dogs got hold of them (it has happened before!). So that is probably all over now until my grandkids happen along. I get a bit of a break now from the Easter bunny and Santa Claus.

This past weekend when I could have got all caught up with my chores and my gardening I had an attack of couch potato sickness and spent some hours watching tv and if I don't start early with my day I don't start at all. Maybe I just needed the break. I spent some time with my parents on Saturday afternoon as it was my dad's 74th birthday. I had phoned to remind my daughter and my son who was over at his aunt's house that it was grampa's birthday. While I was visiting at the parents, my daughter phoned to wish her grampa for his birthday. When they had finished chatting I spent some time chatting to Robynne.

I have a Monday headache today and my car has oil problems again but we have a public holiday for voting on Wednesday so thankfully another short week.


  1. happy belated easter :]

    aww ickle baby bunny :3

  2. Oh my word I had to chuckle about the bunny saga.
    Hope your headache dissipates soon and you get some R&R in between voting on Wed :)

  3. We didn't hunt eggs this year either, and I missed it.
    I am glad I didn't have a houseful though, it was nice and peaceful for a change.

  4. Stange to have bunny trouble during easter. Nothing wrong with couch potato sickness

  5. Oh dear!
    A bunny triste.

    My kids are still young enough (or perhaps want to believe enough) that I can shop for their presents and hide the eggs with them watching and they still think the Easter Bunny came by. I find this endlessly amusing, as my mom was SO careful about different wrapping papers etc, and wonder how long it will last.

  6. We do egg-hunts the very last minute, because our weather is not cooperating too often. Also, we want to make sure the deer don't partake.

  7. I love the bunny tale:)

    Welcome back!

  8. Nice Easter tale.

    How do children not know that bunnies make lots of bunnies or that they like to make lots of bunnies....a lot.

    Look up something on Youtube to educate them.


    I can't imagine what would be up there for them to be able to understand without it being an on going bunny porno.


    Just TELL them.

  9. Sorry I'm extremely late in reading this lovely post. I don't think Amy does the Easter bunny anymore either but she still believes in Santa.

    CJ xx