Friday, September 4, 2009

Its Friday so it must be time to post!

On Monday, Dael was scheduled to write his 1-hour learners licence test. He studied hard and was confident. The test was at 8.15 am at the licensing grounds across town from me in early morning peak hour traffic. Not the best time for me to be fighting against time to get to a venue. We made it. He wrote the test, using almost all the allotted time to check and recheck his answers and HE PASSED!
I actually think he even surprised himself! I dropped him back home with his friend and that day he was almost manically happy.
His friend C was scheduled to write this past Wednesday and had stayed over at my house to study with his friends. He wrote and rewrote the practice test several times but was not confident of his ability to pass and HE DIDN'T pass. If you set the bar low for yourself you cannot help but not achieve. He even said to me that he freezes in tests all the time and cannot remember the answers.
So he had to rebook to write the test again. On Wednesday night he stayed over again so that he and Dael could get to the grounds early to book again before the queue built up. As I was lying on my bed, I heard him say to Dael something about setting his cellphone alarm early so that they could get up and get ready and I shouted for them not to make a noise when they woke up.
Thursday morning - still dark - no lights on in the house. The cellphone alarm goes off LOUDLY, C stumbles across the lounge (he was sleeping on the couch), cursing the poor unfortunate cat who was startled and ran in front of him trying to escape his stumbling torso - "Stupid Cat!" - I'm hearing it all. In a loud voice "Bones, you awake?" (He's talking to Dael). Light on in the kitchen - bang crash - kettle being filled - cups clattering. Guess what time ; 4.30am!!
I swing out of bed pulling on a tracksuit top against the morning chill. Now I'm grumpy. Usually, my cellphone alarm is set for 4.55am, snooze gets pressed for 5 minutes and I get up slowly. Bathroom, brush hair, proceed to kitchen - all accomplished in silence with no-one else awake. I've got my early morning routine which I share with the cats. Other humans must only awake at the decent hour of Any time after 6.00am, I'm not fussy! But that one hour of peace and quiet is mine alone. Anyway after a bit of chastising silence reigned once more and I calmed down while washing my usual 101 dishes.
The boys were off to book again at first light and the next test is on 1st October! I wish him all the best but positivity is the only thing that is going to get him through this along with a lot of learning (and remembering).
I am very chuffed that my son got through first time though considering that he has battled in school under exam situations but he is very determined when it is something he wants to do. He is following in his sister's footsteps as she also got through her learners and drivers first time.
I am very proud of my children!
Have a restful weekend and see you on the other side....


  1. Ooooh yes, I NEED my morning routine too! That hour to myself, sipping coffee, with the cat on my lap, look at the birds in the feeder, do whatever it is I want to do as long as I'm left alone, priceless!!! I usually reply to the questions I'm being asked in the comment section of my blog with a @ ... comment, but in case you should miss it, here's my answer. I use a little squirt of washing up liquid and a good splash of vinegar in warm water to clean my windows. When the stains are nasty, I pour an extra splash of vinegar on my sponge and let it soak for a while before proceeding. Cheap, easy and clean! It works really well!

  2. The whole process of licensing is so overwhelmingly important to kids. I know some people that studied and easily passed and struggled with it and sort of caved under pressure on the spot and failed (at least once). I passed the first time on the written but failed my first road test. SO glad those days are long past :)

    Congrats to your son!

  3. Pat - Welcome and thank you for reading my blog.

    Jientje - Your morning routine sounds divine! Many thanks for your advice about the vinegar. I am definitely going to use that mix in a spray bottle. Now I just need the boys to leave me along for a day on the weekend so I can get the job done!

    Huckdoll - I agree. Its one of the stressful milestones of that agegroup. I passed first time on both my learners and drivers although I needed many many drivers lessons (lost count) because I was such a nervous driver!

  4. hey my morning routine is also done alone and in total silence with just the animals for company (minus Abigail the jack russel as she does not get up early). If it is disturbed or interrupted I am grumpy for the day:-)

  5. Lulu - Hi, its amazing how many of us do rise early for a bit of silent contemplation before the rush of the day hits us.