Monday, January 25, 2010

Failure to post...

Its been a busy January so far. I've had to get into a bit of a new routine with Bradley attending a new school. He is now closer to my work than to home and until we can organise him to get on the bus (which is also an extra expense), I have been fetching him every day and bringing him back to work. After a comment from my boss about him coming back to the office every day, he now has to sit in the car for an hour every day until I'm finished at work. This will sort itself out but the new routine of going out every day in the heat to fetch Brad is a bit upheaving.
Brad had a long face on the way to school this morning. The Grade Eights were going to be sorted into new classes according to ability today. He had already asked me this morning if we were nearing the end of the term yet! They have only been back at school for about two weeks so I can assume that the honeymoon is almost over with his attitude to school. He hasn't even had homework yet.
Dael and a friend have been walking the area flat in search of work. His friend is newly matriculated with distinctions but that still doesn't make it any easier to find work with hundreds of other matriculants also looking for work. In the meantime, the friend has been staying with me so that he and Dael can go out together to look for work. This however does nothing for my budget with having another mouth to feed. I'm hoping that some work will be found soon by both the boys.
Robynne in Johannesburg has this weekend moved into a house with 3 friends in the Sandton area. I have gained this information from Facebook and not directly from my daughter as she is not speaking to me at the moment. She is irritated with me for having brought Dael back from Jhb on the bus in direct opposition to her arrangements for herself and him, I assume.
The kittens are becoming toilet trained slowly but still occasionally have lapses where they prefer to use the soft furnishings as their litter tray. I have covered the couch upholstery with plastic bags and loose covers for easy laundering and they are also banned from my room as my bed is a favourite place to go toilet. I am hoping that this phase is almost over as it is extremely irritating and creates a lot of extra work. They are lucky the cuteness factor gives them a lot of leverage in terms of my level of patience with them. Naughty kids!
So friends bear with me. It has been a bit of an uphill battle this month and this has a direct bearing on my desire to post unfortunately.


  1. Shame, Momcat. I hope the year settles into an easier routine for you soon!

  2. You work so hard. Just getting from A to B seems tough. I doubt you get thanked for it but anyone who can read will agree you deserve the praise. Without you, so many lives would crumble so I agree with Tamara, I hope things get better soon. You're doing a great job.

  3. Oh those cute kitties can be bad, can't they? I remember (many years ago), when my daughter's kitty decided to sleep with me one night, (The Husband was out of town.) I woke up to a terrible odor, opened my eyes and there was a pile of fresh poop right by my head. I could have rolled in it! Kitty sat at the end of the bed, seemingly waiting for me to wake up. She got in big trouble, I can tell you that. And was forever banned from my bedroom.

    Hope things calm down a bit for you and improve somewhat. Sigh. Nobody can find a job here in California too. My son-in-law and daughter moved to Colorado with the baby because there's work there. I miss them terribly.

  4. Tamara - Than you, hope so too! But my boys are going to continue to keep me on my toes, I bet.

    Griever - Thank you so much for recognition. So often all that goes into running a house and childrens' lives gets taken for granted and it certainly doesn't happen with no effort.

    Elizabeth - Poop on the pillow! Yip had that recently too. Sorry about your family being so far. Colorado is a very different place from California too. Here it is Johannesburg which is the place for jobs (and money) but if you're a coastal kind of person (which my son is) then its sometimes too much of a change even to move where the money is.