Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Seen on the streets - Jogger Fashion Fail

As I was nearing work this morning, driving a long straight stretch of road with a tree-lined pedestrian pavement adjacent to it, my attention was briefly caught by a middle-aged lady who was 'appropriately' attired (according to her) in a modern kaleidoscopically-coloured jogging set consisting of short shorts and a bikini (double D at least) top, revealing her rather saggy and wrinkly midriff with the appearance of a spare tyre. Now I am impressed by the fact that the 'ladies that lunch' in the area where I work, an office park situated in an upper class residential area, are jogging, walking and generally making some effort to keep fit but there must surely some kind of dress code or dress sense that must prevail when you surely must be aware that your body is experiencing the effects of gravity. This particular lady's one redeeming factor that she was wearing a pair of dark glasses so that fortunately I would never be able to identify her in a line-up!
My only thought as I whizzed past her in my car was, "Lady, Go home and put some clothes on!"


  1. There are some odd looking fashions in the world these days; we are in a generation where anything goes. Doesn't always look good though does it!

    CJ xx

  2. Spear - and Amen!

    CJ - I think we have to take a good look in the mirror sometimes and ask ourselves "Does the world really want to see me looking like this?" :}

  3. What, no photo...maybe I wouldn't have been able to "Look away"...