Thursday, January 14, 2010

No more babies for mommy cat..

I finally got organised to take in my little mommy cat, Kittykie, to get fixed this week. She went in on Monday evening as I had to get Bradley to school on Tuesday and wouldn't have had the time to drop her off in the morning. She wasn't impressed and I virtually had to drive with one hand while holding the door closed on the basket with my other hand as she was pressing so hard to get out. Thank goodness I've got an automatic car. I left her yowling in the vet's holding cage and waited for the vet to have a look at her one little kitten baby that I had brought with me at the same time.
The little one has a bad case of snuffles which causes sneezing, blocked nose and infected eye (conjunctivitis). I had been treating the little one and her brothers over the past couple of days with meds that I had at home but she was the worst case. The vet gave her a shot and some antibiotic ointment but didn't have antibiotic tablets for me to treat her with. Since I got her home from the vet she has actually been worse with her nose closing up even more. So much for vet treatment! Anyway I had put the spaying of mommy cat into high gear because she had managed to wean her kits off suckling mainly and had been running around a lot more lately. Her belly was very round and I thought that I had left it too late and she was pregnant again. Remember I was waiting for her kittens to be eating on their own before taking her in and then it was Christmas and New Year and the timing wasn't right. Anyway, turns out she wasn't pregnant but her bowel was distended. She is taking strain from feeding her little monsters.
"Keep the kittens away from her". Ja right! She still allows them to suckle at times apart from the first night home when she wasn't too keen because of her operation cut. I think it comforts her and them to let them have a bit of a suck from time to time. They all fall asleep together. She will let them know when she is over the mommy thing. She will just start whacking them and run away. I saw it in action with her older kittens. She's not ready yet. The kittens are 12 weeks old today. My main concern was getting this fertile little kitty spayed so that she cant procreate anymore and its done now.


  1. Good work! Glad she's "fixed' now. For your snuffly kitten, you can try antihistamine and nasal spray. Safe human ones are chlorpheniramine 4mg 1/4 tab once a day, and Afrin spray (Oxymetazoline Hydrochloride 0.05%) every 12 hours, and L-Lysine 500mg 1/2 every 12 hours.

  2. Cats and cars never mix well. It is amazing how these little creatures can make us worry so.

  3. Lulu - Thanks. 2 down, three to go..

    Teri - Me too. I'm very glad. She's a good little mommy but her body and health have taken a bashing and its time for her to put her paws up and have a break.

    Susan - Too true. Cats are not very good travellers at all. Some are downright terrorists in the car. I try to keep travelling to a minimum.:P

  4. Hi Tammy, Thanks for your concern. I'm okay. Just having a bit of end of January blues at the moment.