Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I got such a fright....

This is a Vervet monkey. Our office park is in a green area and there is a troop of these monkeys which pass through from time to time. Generally they stay their distance at the unoccupied property next door but today was different.

I had just finished a walkaround of all the office blocks in our park, dropping off post which is addressed to the street address and is dumped by the security guards in our building reception.

As I climbed the stairs and crossed the verandah to return to my office, suddenly there was a loud sound like a screaming grunting noise and as I swung my head to the right, all I could see was two large male monkeys dashing towards me on four legs. At that split second, I couldn't figure out if they were trying to attack me and I made a leap for our office door, screaming in fright and grazing my elbow as I fell into the office. The door is quite heavy and I was holding a box of paperwork but I made it into the office just as these two scary creatures bounded past.

They were obviously fighting with each other over territory and females but all I could see were open mouths and fangs and even if they weren't aiming for me, I wouldn't want to get in the way of one of their fights.

Wow, my heart has only just stopped pounding. Some of my colleagues were also standing in reception quietly discussing some financial issue and as I burst through with a scream, they all nearly had heart attacks too.

Talk about working among nature.


  1. Oh my goodness. . . ha ha ha Momcat. . . once again I think in pictures so you have provided me with a good chuckle.
    I'm very pleased you escaped the fang brigade :)

  2. Forever Feline - Fangs for the wishes. I thought the wildest wildlife I would encounter at the office would be the bosses. I was wrong!

  3. Ammonite - Welcome to my blog. We do work in a very nice environment. Unfortunately the company I work for is just about to move further back into the city so the monkeys, wild geese and other wildlife will be left behind.

  4. You have such a fantastic way of telling a story that I can SEE it! Thank you for sharing this.

  5. It must usually be nice to have wildlife so close and free near where you work. I don't cross anything bigger than a Squirrel where I'm from. No danger of them hunting me down in packs.

    I'm glad you're okay though.

  6. Lynette - Thanks. I do try to paint a picture with words but without being too wordy about it. I just feel if you are too longwinded about telling a story people get bored and lose interest. Or maybe that's just me! :)

    Griever - I do appreciate the wildlife we have surrounding us and I will miss it when we move. Our office park is in a former residential area and this is why their is so much wildlife. I do prefer my monkeys at a bit of a distance but after my shock, I had a bit of a giggle at myself at my reaction.

  7. Omigawd, I think I would have fainted before I could get the door open. Holy doodle!

    It sounds as if you work in a most interesting place!

  8. Jo - It was just so unexpected. I got such an adrenalin rush. I was a bit embarrassed at my reaction afterwards especially since the people in the office hadn't seen the monkeys. They probably thought I was having some sort of a breakdown!

  9. I've heard people say they worked with a bunch of monkeys but this is a whole other level. Angry monkeys are a very scary thing. I admire your ability to get the door. You are a brave Momcat.

  10. Oh my. My monkey experiences are lame compared to your, what seemed like it would be simple, walk to the office!

  11. OMG, the worst we can ever encounter over here is an angry wasp! This takes health and safety to a whole 'nother level.. I'm glad you escaped with only a scraped elbow, sounds like it could have been far, far worse. (Hugs)

  12. Greetings from Cape Town,
    Whoa, those monkeys sound like trouble.
    Be careful okay.

  13. La Belette Rouge - I think it was pure adrenalin rush that got me through that door. I do tend to act first and react afterwards though, thank goodness.

    Susan - Usually the monkeys stay their distance so this is a first for me too.

    Shrinky - Yup I'm sure it could have been worse as getting in the way of a monkey on a mission could cause it to become a little testy! I wasn't about to wait around to find out.

    Jus - Welcome and thanks for visiting. I'll try to keep my eyes peeled from now on and look out for any more monkey business. :)

  14. FF - I'm still alive. Just been super busy and stressed with a whole lot of stuff going on. Will update today.