Monday, May 10, 2010

It was a sad mothers' day

because I lost one of my furkids and in a very traumatic manner too.
Early morning on Sunday, I was having a bit of lie in because I had been woken early by the boys that are staying with us. As I woke up I heard whining from the dogs next door and my dogs were running in and out growling so I assumed that one or more of them had succeeded in pushing through the dividing fence between the properties again. It didn't worry me too much as they are harmless. I eventually got up at about 6.30am and was just busy putting on the kettle and relining the cat box when all hell broke loose outside.

I heard a cat screaming and screaming. I knew it was one of my cats in trouble and I frantically searched for the keys to get out. I couldn't find the right key for the padlock. Bradley woke up and ran up and down hysterically, eventually going to the window of my room and shouting out at the dog which was attacking one of my cats. Eventually I got out and Brad and I ran around the house to the passage between my house and my garage. Mischief was lying on a pile of clothes next to an upturned garden chair and as I reached him he was dead.

The harmless dogs which had come through the fence had preceded the dangerous Boerbul which these people have. My cat had spent the night on the pile of washing on the garden chair between my house and my garage and this intruding dog came round the corner and caught my cat sleeping in his own yard. I assume he tried to jump higher and this big dog just caught his body between his jaws and killed him. It took less than a minute. Bradley when he shouted out the window while I was searching for keys actually saw this dog with my cat in its mouth when he shouted and he said as he reached Mischief he was still moving. How very traumatic for my son.

Mischief is the grey tabby with the white nose and chest.
This pic was taken a few years ago.
The thing is he was a member of my family for eight years. He was a tall, healthy robust cat who loved to wander but when he was home he was as affectionate as can be. He wasn't a sickly old cat and it wasn't his time to go.
He came to me as a rescue in 2002 with his foster mom kitty and her two kittens. He wasn't her baby and he was much bigger than her two kittens but he was taking full advantage of that free mother's milk. He got his name from being Mr Hyperactive, climbing curtains and knocking items off the counters. The momcat and her two kittens were adopted by one family but grey tabbies that aren't tiny babies are not as popular and he stayed with us. As he grew older he became a wanderer and would protect the borders of our kitty domain. He was often to be seen on the road verge or in my catless neighbour's yard. He would hang about in the mornings after breakfast, lying on the bonnet of my car until I started my engine to leave for work and then would run down the driveway on route to his day's capers. In the evening when I arrived at my driveway he would materialise and run up the driveway in front of my car, so happy to see his people. For some time he hadn't been allowed in the house by my alpha females who are newbies in age but still very bossy females and this is probably because he wasn't around much and maybe smelt of his wandering lifestyle. He was persisting though and starting to get closer and closer to the family.
For a couple of days last week, maybe Thursday and Friday, I noticed that he didnt come for meals. I used to call him and he would normally run home for at least one meal a day. Then on Saturday morning he arrived home. I fed the cats in the dark as mom was picking me up for morning market. When I arrived home at about 11am, he was still there but while I was petting him, I noticed that he had a scab or scratch across his head that he didn't want me to touch and a large patch of fur scraped off his leg that he was licking. He hung around under my car for the whole day and obviously had decided to spend the night at home as he was under the weather with his injuries, lying on the washing on the chair at his house where he felt safe and where it turned out he was not, thanks to my neighbours dangerous killer dog.
I lost one of my kittens last year after it got a fright and ran out the house. The boys had heard a cat screaming in the night and we assume this nasty dog got hold of my little one too. This dog has bitten Piglet in my yard and caused me a vet bill to stitch Piglet's mouth. I bought my house for the safety and comfort of my children and my animals and now my privacy and comfort and safety have been violated and my beloved Mischief has paid the ultimate price.
I carried him in my arms and showed him to my neighbours who just said sorry but they were trying to keep the dog in. They have piled what looks like a whole tree cut into logs against where the dogs dig but I already saw one of the dogs in my other neighbours yard again this morning. They must have made a hole somewhere else. Some of my cats are smaller and even more defenceless than Mischief was and my dogs are even petrified of this dog as they run in the house and stand growling from safety.
This is definitely a case for the SPCA. If I leave it up to Dael, it will not be stones he is throwing at this dog but something more lethal.
Rest in peace my beautiful boy. I miss you, Mischief.


  1. We are so very sorry to hear about your precious Mischief. We are sending you our best comforting purrs during this very sad time.

  2. Momcat I am so so very sorry to hear about this. I can imagine how you and the boys are feeling after such a horrid tragedy. It is utterly gut wrenching and made worse by the fact that your safe haven has been intruded upon by this dog. The owners must do something! What of the dog goes completely
    aggresive and attacks Dael next time in your own garden! Man oh man I am thinking of you all and wishing Mischief and peaceful journey to the other side. Lots of care and purrs from us in JHB.

  3. Creek Cats - Thank you so much. I appreciate your thoughts and purrs.

    Forever Feline - Thank you for your wishes. Poor Mischief. At least he is not being chased by anything now. He is at peace. I am sure the owners will not do much more than what they have already done and eventually it will probably be up to me to do something.

  4. Do I understand you correctly that you padlock yourself inside your home? That is a terrible fire hazard. From your sad experience yesterday, you should learn that when you most need to exit the house, you'll likely encounter the most difficulty unlocking the door.

  5. P.S. You may also be in violation of your fire insurance, which would mean that in the event of a catastrophe, your friendly insurance company will have cause not to pay.

  6. I am so sorry for your loss:(

  7. Momcat,
    I am so, so sorry for your loss. Somewhere Mischief and my Iris are scampering about together, I hope. May peace come to your heart soon. Loving thoughts to you...

  8. Im so very very sorry for your loss. Being a fellow animal lover I kknow how terribley sore this is!!xxxxxxx

  9. I am very sorry for your loss.
    And I hope Mischief’s happy he is in heaven.
    (Sorry my English is poor. )
    (My friends call me Myko sounds like Michael)

  10. TallTchr - Thanks for your concern. The padlock is only on the french doors which serves as our front door and was placed there as a temporary measure after our breakin last year because the intruders took all our keys including my car keys. The back door doesnt have a padlock but in that one minute that my cat was being killed I couldn't locate that key as well. If I had a fire I would throw a stool threw a window if I had to as we have some windows without burglar guards. It is actually quite a flimsy house if truth be told unfortunately so in desparate measures, we would probably be able to get out.

    Griever - Thank you. I miss my kitty.

    Kaleena - Thank you too.

    Alexandra - I appreciate your comments and I would like to believe that. Somewhere somehow Mr Mischief is still up to his tricks. He will always live on in my memory though.

    Lulu - It is sore and so unfair. A lot of people in this real world don't count this as a loss though. They don't see the character behind the cat.

  11. Myko - Thank you for your condolences and your English is not so bad. I appreciate the English translation of your name too so I can refer to you personally.

  12. So sorry to hear of your loss. I hope something is done about the boerboel.

  13. I'm so so sorry, Momcat. My mom's cat is called Mischief too. Such a horrible thing to happen!

  14. Lynette - Thanks. SPCA doesn't get involved. I would need to get down to Metro Police and make a complaint. They will probably get a warning to keep the dog in their yard.

    Tamara - Thank you too. It was a horrible thing to happen and my big boy is sorely missed even though he wasn't often around. When he was he was very affectionate.

  15. My heart aches for you I am so very sorry about the loss of your beloved mischief.

  16. La Bellette Rouge - Thanks so much for your condolences. It means a lot to me.

  17. That is such sad news and im sure you are devastated. A lot of people dont realize what it means to lose a pet until you are in that situation. It is like losing a child or a sibling. They are there for you day in and day out. this is a link to a discussion where people who have been in your situation and are in your situation now. They discuss how they get through it and what they are doing about getting through the process.