Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Servant of the furry ones

A funny thing happened to me in the wee hours of the morning when it was still too dark to see. I had been awakened by one dog, Puppy (who is not a puppy anymore!), from a deep sleep by the scratching on the door. He just gives a scratch with one paw over and over again until I wake up and let him in. I went back to sleep and was eventually woken up again by a whining outside the door. This was Piglet, Puppy's father who just stands and whines until I get up. So I hauled myself out of bed again, opened the door for a second and closed it again. Get back in bed and settle down again.....and there's that whining again. The dog was still outside the room. Get up again and peer into the dark. Piglet is standing a little way away from my door outside the bathroom door and doesn't move until I say, "Come on Piglet!" Only then does he run in. He was waiting for an invitation.
And we finally got to rest again!


  1. Ahw, that is cute. (Bet it was not that cute at the time)

  2. I am with Cat on that...cute...but not in the middle of the night...ewww!

    Love the names you gave them...very cute;-)

  3. Oh Momcat such a funny post to me as I was in the same boat last night. First of al I was wedged between Odi and Casper then there was a horrible hiss so light on to see Diva had upset Odi. Then Budda had jumped in the plastic laundry carrier basket and was chewing it and it sounded like he was chewing cables so lights on again then Diva started crying as she does before using the cat sand so lights on again to check on her and clean away the doo dah and eventually I feel aslpee and ignored them all.
    Hee hee
    May you and I sleep well tonight!

  4. Cat - Lucky my human babies trained me long ago to just get up and get the job done without complaining. It seems to be an every night occurrence at the moment.

    Lynette - Piglet was named by my daughter when she was still at school. She loved the characters from Winnie the Pooh. Puppy was the tiniest little black and tan puppy when he was little. Now he is much larger than his father, a robust and sturdy terrier terror!

    Forever Feline - I can sympathise complete. There's many a night I have woken from deep sleep to eject one of the animals from the room because it was trying to do its business from either end of its body on the carpet or the bed. The joys of parenting!

    New Cat loving commenter - Thanks for visiting. I can't understand your website but photos of kitties dont need translation.