Monday, September 6, 2010

Did you miss me?

As I write this at my desk, I look over the houses and gardens below my house. I am typing this from my home office.
I packed up and moved out of my last work office last Tuesday and apart from one last trip to my old office to supervise the move of the boxes of files which were going on to head office, I have been home based.
What a pleasure except I have no phone as the phone system I was using before has gone missing and my internet was only operational from last Saturday with my emails only being available today. Teething problems! Otherwise everything is looking rosy. I am just spending time sorting out my own personal paperwork and organising my office.
Its nice to be in communication with the world again. Its quite different to be able to just go from kitchen to office without even changing out of my pyjamas! I think having my desk and stationery from my previous office helps to put me into that work mindset but it is a constant battle for my chair and computer with the boys vying to have a turn at playing the computer game on my machine. Luckily my workday is really flexible so I just go watch tv for a while or do some other household chores until they get tired of playing.
Maybe I could get used to this.....


  1. We missed you! So glad you are back. Enjoy working from home!

  2. Welcome back Momcat and yes I missed you! Me thinks working from home is something you could definitely get used to with a few boundaries in place for the rest of the family to know this is moms work space :)

  3. You sound happier. I hope you are. Welcome back.

  4. Missed you like crazy! You do sound happier I am so glad!

  5. Creek Cats - I'm glad to be back. I missed everyone too.

    Forever Feline - Its a totally new thing for me to get used to. Ive only been at home as a stay at home mom not a work from home mom.

    Louisa - Thank you.

    Griever - Thank you too. I am somewhat happier. Still got plenty of things to sort out but much more relaxed atmosphere and setting.

    Lulu - Missed everyone too so much. Nice to be back in touch.

  6. Hey, glad you are back. Ir seems such an ideal thing - to work at home.