Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Its not easy for me to leave my house...

for any extended period of time. I have animals. The humans are fine. They can look after themselves but my kitties have to be fed. I have been cooking since last night. Okay I did have a break to sleep but I was at it again from 4am this morning.
A pot of rice and veg split into 2 halves. Each half gets a pot of meat porridge made from tinned food, pets mince and mealie meal and this mixed with the rice gets split into 2 halves again and placed into individual packets. Before this, the mixture must cool down to lukewarm. The packet gets tied up and placed in the freezer. I have created 18 separate packets of food. Each day Dael must take out two packets of food and after defrosting a bit in the microwave and removing from the bag, he must add bread and warm up to a good temperature for the animals to eat. I will be gone from midday tomorrow until the evening of Saturday, 2nd October. I hope I come home and find my animals still here!
In addition, there is also fresh drinking water for the animals to see to, feeding the fish, making sure everyone gets love and doesn't get insecure, making sure the house is secure especially when no one is here. And last, my personal favourite - Cleaning The Litterbox! My youngest kitties are very attached to me. I've got Toby sleeping on my lap at the moment and he is my shadow following me everywhere. When mom is not around for a few days they might decide to do something stupid like going through the fence to where the big dogs next door can eat them. If I am here they dont really stray.
Tonight I have to make sure everything I will need is packed, check on Bradley's packing and just generally be prepared because tomorrow I still have to go up to the school to fetch the transfer form and Bradley's report which I have to take up with me. I could have done without this trip but the forms weren't ready today.
Its going to be a long trip tomorrow on the bus. The bus only arrives at Midrand at ten to eight at night.
So if you dont see me for few days, I'll be in the big bad metropolis of Gauteng settling my youngest chick into his new routine.
See you on the other side!


  1. Wow Momcat that is one heck of a feeding routine! What a delicious meal though :)
    If you need help while you are in GP (Gangsters Paradise) give me a shout!
    Take lots of care xxx

  2. Forever Feline - Haha - I like that - Gangsters Paradise. Thanks for the offer of help. The feeding routine is not usually so draining but you can see why I seldom leave home. :)

  3. Hope you have a safe trip! Also mail me should you need anything.

  4. Wishing you a safe trip and not too many tears.

  5. Lynette - Our trip was safe but more about the week in my next post and just a few tears on leaving. Thanks.