Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lazy Sunday Random Thoughts....

From the Ellen tv show which I had on while housecleaning and I had to stop and giggle:
Dogs on meeting you for the first time will sniff your crotch to get to know you....Cats will Google you! Too true...
Dael has a set of 6 pairs of grey and black sock, each pair with a different colour band around the ankle. Do you think he will wear the pair with the same colours at the same time. No! That reasoning is meaningless to him. He will just grab any two. I would match the colour band.
Last night,Dael and his friends were trying to coach a slightly underage friend on how to act casually when standing in the queue at the nightclub to avoid the bouncers asking for his ID. The thought crossed my mind that if it were me, I would actually be highly complimented if I was asked for my ID because I looked too young. Ja right, never going to happen! :)
Finally, just a gripe recently while shopping and I have a feeling I'm going to have to take this one further. Does anyone else have an issue with the dirty and unhygienic and also quite often broken shopping hand baskets and trolleys that are our option to use when shopping at any of the big supermarket chains. Yuck! It means a lot in terms of marketing and customer service to me to use a shop that has made an effort to clean their trolleys and baskets. To do a bit of namedropping, I find that Pick n Pay often have the worst trolleys and baskets although they do always provide the hygienic wipes for the handles. Checkers is next and do not supply wipes. Spar do not supply wipes but generally their baskets are clean and maintained. I am generalising now as individual stores might have a better track record with this but mostly shops fail to provide this small but important service which might be the one thing that keeps their customers coming back..


  1. I also find the filthy grimy trolleys to be totally gross! I carry hand wipes in my bag most of the time as the shops you mention have often "run out" of wipes. My worst memory of a trolley was a todler with a heavily soiled nappy in front of us at the till and the overflow of the nappy was spilling out into the trolley.

  2. Ha! I know what you mean about the filthy trolleys and baskets. My pet peeve is smelly stores. I don't care if it's an aircon problem or whatever, if I walk into a shop and it smells funny I turn around and walk out straight away.

  3. omg @ the overflowing nappy hah hah.

    yeah, I hate touching the baskets n putting stuff in them, I always try n find a "cleanish" one, Checkers on the bluff has the wipes so I guess it depends on the store manager. I don't think it's acceptable to have really dirty baskets, but will that change, hmmmm.

  4. Forever Feline - Good idea on the wipes. I cant even remember to put tissues into my bag. Gross on the nappy and it must have smelt just as bad. Poor baby as the mother should have made a plan to change the little mite. Yuck!

    Louisa - I'm usually not too bad with smelly stores as my sense of smell is not to sharp. But if there is a smell there must be a source and if you're not happy then you are right to walk out.

    Anon - The mission to find equipment in clean and unbroken condition can sometimes take a few minutes. It will only change if enough people have an issue with it. After all its out health they're playing with.

  5. There's certain branches of stores where I flat-out refuse to shop because they're dirty, but I must admit that I'm more scared of the filthy escalator handrails than the shopping baskets, which is weird because they're probably just as unclean!