Thursday, January 13, 2011

Getting into the New Year

aka known as My State of Mind.
I feel as if I am being torn in several different directions.
My immediate challenges are:
1) Organising my paperwork. This has been getting out of control for over a year now. My home desk is covered in papers and these are covered in paw prints. The cats LOVE walking and lying on these and this doesn't improve the appearance of anything that they have used as a bed.
2) Organising my Parents paperwork!? Several years ago (maybe 10) I bought files and sorted out as much of their paperwork as I could. This was a mission and for months afterwards I was being asked where various bits of paper were so needless to say I am not enthusiastic to do this again. The filing was never continued and papers are in various containers and boxes and heaps! Nonetheless, being the dutiful daughter that I am, I emptied one of my own alphabetical sorters and ventured forth yesterday to my parents home. I have started sorting out my mom's filing and need to get down there again for another session. This is likely to be a slow process as I don't have solid blocks of time to devote to this duty.
3) Looking for a job. My new procrastination. Mainly because all the consultants are situated out of town and my car is not up to scratch anymore so that making any trips at all are a cause of anxiety for me. Also this would entail me primping and getting all dressed up in work clothes which I am kind of getting out of the habit of! Terrible to hear, isn't it.
4) Cleaning up the house and the garden. Not happening. Oh I tidy up but please open the cupboards with care. You have been warned.
The easiest and most unnecessary pastimes for me at the moment are knitting and sewing my gorgeous toys up while I listen to (watch) tv. This is easily classed as being my escapism at the moment and I have to force myself away from it every day in order to achieve all or some of the above items which needs to be done. I wish I could be making a good living out of the knitting but I am not so I need to put it into perspective.
All this is part of the process for me. I will get there eventually but forging ahead with all that needs to be done requires constant mental organising and planning on a daily basis to get accomplished. Fortunately the angel of action on my shoulder is very insistent and NAGS to get me to move away from the couch and the knitting until I almost throw the knitting down in frustration and move off to get down to one of my many tasks to be done.
The best way I have of getting things done at the moment is breaking all the above big tasks down into small chunks and just doing a little bit of everything every day.
Wish me luck!


  1. Hi you know I could have written this post except my tasks are different. I too have just been crocheting and knitting and not getting to major house and garden clean ups etc. I don't know what it is but at this moment in time I am struggling to leap forward into 2011. Why don't you put a link on your blog and put some pictures of your toys up for sale? I have been thinking of doing it with my items just haven't got around to anything concrete yet. I have also heard you can do it on FB on the advertiser page? It's worth a try!! Good luck my friend while I am fortunate enough to have a job I can sympathise totally with the rest, lets hope we both get some vooma soon!! ;-)

  2. Well I think opening the cupboards with care is a good enough task. Why stress yourself with the rest :)

  3. Lulu - Great idea and I could brag about what I have made. Just need to work on a method of getting pics from phone to pc. Getting there... Glad to know that another addicted crafter is also having trouble getting into mundane household tasks. Wishing you luck too.

    Sandra - Great to hear from a new reader. Too true. The cupboards will definitely be last on the list.

  4. I think tackle to one you want to do the least (may I guess the job search?) and do that first. Somehow, the rest then follows easier.

  5. Cat - Good idea. I will make appointments to see some agents.