Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I seem to have the floor.

I keep checking and a lot of bloggers whose musings I follow seem to be in Winter hibernation at the moment while I have an urge to write. I guess this means I'm not a bear after all!
I have propped the curtain open so that I can glance to my left as I type and see clear across the tops of the trees in the valley below my house to the sea on the horizon. The weather is still overcast but not raining and it has cleared enough for the view to be visible. I very seldom go to the beach and have not swum in the ocean for a long time but I love being able to see it from my house. I live at the coast. Its great.
I had a very positive meeting with a consultant at a recruitment agency in Westville. I drove to Westville VERY slowly as I don't like the rattle coming from my front wheel. (Dael checked it and seems to think it is the cv joint again!). The consultant and I sat in their meeting room and had a very pleasant chat about all my work experience and skills. She seemed impressed with the 'top notch' companies I have worked for. She introduced me to her colleagues so they could fit my face to my name and cv. She is keeping me in mind for temp work and then I did my tests. These don't really phase me any more. I don't take them too seriously. For my Word test I got 88%, my Excel test where I ran out of time as I have to think and fiddle with Excel I got 70% and my typing test I got 99%. I've done typing from my school days and I was in the last grade bar one that was taught touch typing. We used typewriters in those day. Not so long ago so don't start counting my grey hairs.
And then I helped the environment...
Knowing I was coming down to Westville and would be opposite The Pavilion shopping centre in Westville I had loaded my glass bottles and food cans in my boot. I had two heavy black bags of bottles and one black bag filled with cans. The centre has a recycling depot run by a private contractor right in the bottom car park and I was thrilled to make a deposit with them. Fortunately my plastic and paper is picked up by Mondi whose truck comes along behind the Municipal refuse truck every week and picks up the orange bag of recycling which is left on the verge with the refuse. If only they would pick up the glass and metal too but I suppose doing good can't be too easy otherwise there wouldn't be any merit in it.
I was rewarded for my recycling. I went into the centre and Checkers Hyper was having their market day and I managed to pick up a few items on a one day special. I came back to Pinetown and then visited my mom. I didn't want to come home as I had to pick up Dael from work. He went to work today but didn't want to ride the bike with his leg still being very sore. He reckons its getting worse not better. I might need to get him through to a doctor for an xray or something but right now I'm just observing it. If it doesn't come right in a few days I'll make a decision what to do.
Signing off to go and make supper. Its pork sausages tonight since I let them defrost. :)


  1. You're a good person. I also enjoy the sea, though I've only saw it 3 or 4 times in my life, one coastal town is very important to me. I love the peace and eternity of it. I know at some stage in my life, the sea will play a big part. I'm sorry I removed my other video, I know you commented, and again, I'm very grateful. No one ever said that. I have a scar on my face, not that it bothers me, but that's why I film 'like that'.

  2. Griever - You're entitled to your privacy but dont be private because you're embarrassed about a scar or something. There is nothing wrong with you. And definitely a lot right.

  3. Good luck with the job hunting :) i am positive something will come up soon ! I really hope D gets checked out to make sure its nothing serious!

  4. Tanya - Thank you. I hope a job hunts me down too. :) Dael seems to be much better now. I think it was just an injury that took a few days to heal.

  5. You mentioned all my old stomping grounds - Westville, The Pav and the first place my husband and I lived when we got married - Pinetown :-) I wonder if I would recognise it now, we left 11 years ago. Love reading your blog - I'm glad you're not in hibernation as well! x

  6. Your post brought back memories for me too. I also lived down there in Hillcrest but went to Pinetown and Westville and the Pav often!

  7. Thanks Misty's Mom for visiting. Pinetown has changed somewhat but you would probably still recognise it. Our municipality is not up to scratch however and our town is becoming disappointingly rundown.

    Lulu - Glad to bring back some memories for you. Hope they are happy ones. Its rather a small world isnt it.