Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Positive start to the year.

Robynne had registered on the Au Pair website, looking for work and while she was visiting me over Christmas, she received a call from a gentleman who was also registered on the site looking for an au pair for his 14 year old son. They made arrangements for an interview the following week.
Robynne attended the interview and liked the family although she didn't receive a reply immediately as the man was still interviewing another candidate. She sms'd me on New Years Day so say that she had the got the job.
Unfortunately it worked out that she hadn't worked her notice at her current employers and was in fact on leave from them. She decided that she wasn't going to work her whole month's notice as she hadn't been happy with them for a long time and despite meetings with her bosses, conditions were still onerous with nasty emails and comments flying about. She went in to work on the day that the company opened and cleared her computer and packed a box with her personal belongings. She had intended to work at least that week but the only other person at work was a woman who had hounded her for the entire period of her employment and she decided to just leave that same day. She emailed her resignation to all the applicable people, got in her car and left.
She apparently had a phone call from her boss as she was driving away saying that her leaving like that was illegal and she should return to work immediately. She phoned me for moral support and information and I told her that these people were just trying to intimidate her. Obviously, this is not the usual way to handle a change of employment but these people were pushing her into depression. It was only by me counselling her over the phone on various occasions that I think she hadn't walked away from this company before now. I told her that the most they could do was to charge her with absconding, hold a disciplinary enquiry and dismiss her in absentia.
She started work with her new family yesterday. The 14 year old and his younger sister (who will be living with her mom but is there this week) were playing Xbox and then Robynne helped make a meal. She had to take the kids to meet their dad later that afternoon to register at a new school. Today Robynne and the kids were going for brunch and then ice skating this afternoon. What fun. From working in a stuffy office to being able to have fun with kids and earn your living while doing it. Robynne is very responsible and quite strict but she knows how to have fun and enjoys going places and doing things. I'm sure she will do wonderfully in this job and its so different from what she was doing before that I'm sure it will have a positive impact on her health and outlook. Also good as while the boy is at school, she will be able to return home to supervise Brad with his work and spend time with him. Much more flexibility now and she gets a car while she is at work so she doesn't need to use her own car for running about.
I'm so happy my girl has made this a positive start to the new year.


  1. It really does sound like an incredibly positive move!! i work in a similar environment to how she did...and I have often thought of just *walking away*.

  2. Illegal? that's the type of rubbish my work would try and pull on me. I don't know her, Robynne, but I am genuinely happy for her. It's always nice to know someone somewhere is in a better place.

  3. Tanya - One thing about my kids is they not afraid to seek a better work environment for themselves. I have encouraged it in them because I have not had the confidence when I was younger and the opportunity as I am older to seek out what I truly want to be doing. Sometimes I dont even know what that would be. So if my kids can be happy, so can I. Living life vicariously is better than nothing I suppose. :)

    Griever - Their attitude is one reason that Robynne left. She would have left months ago if I hadnt counselled her. She has financial commitments. But I encouraged her to make her long term plan and she did the rest. Brave kids I've got!

  4. I hope she continues to love her new work that lets her have so much fun and freedom...and I hope that her ex-employers let her be.

  5. Lynette - I am sure she will continue to enjoy this job as her hours are so much more flexible. Her ex-employers continue to email and harass her unfortunately.