Monday, February 1, 2010

Seen at the pool - Swimming dad (so bad)

My kids dragged me off to the public swimming pool again yesterday. It was a warm day and with the imminent changing of the seasons, one of the few good swimming days left. I settled down amongst the towels, while the boys dashed off to the pool, and proceeded to indulge in a bit of people watching before turning to my novel.
To my immediate right were 3 or 4 middle-aged ladies, lying in the direct sun - suntanning. From the tanned tone of their skin, it was apparent that they spend quite a bit of time indulging in this activity. It was about 1.15pm and the sun was still very hot. Now, I'm in my forties and I know to hide away from the sun. Their skin actually looked like it was aging as I watched. I was actually quite aghast that ladies who should know better were engaged in an activity that is so damaging to their skin.
A few minutes after I arrived, a large group of older teenagers and early-20's arrived and set up camp behind me. I glanced around at some time and there in all its glory, was their Hubbly Bubbly smoking pipe. Now this is the 2nd time visiting the pool that I have seen a group of youngsters with a hubbly pipe in attendance. Have Hubbly - will travel! Its the new in-fashion group activity. Hopefully its only tobacco they're smoking with it!
Anyway, the subject of the title was discovered sitting on the edge of the deep end of the pool, watching his daughters as they swam. A tall slim balding man, wearing what was noticeably a speedo swimming costume. Now anyone with sons knows that speedos are a no-no in this day and age. My son is supposed to have one for school but I'm wasting my money if I buy one because he won't wear it! Its baggies or nothing. Anyway the gentleman stood up on the way back to his towel and walked past in front of me - with his little soldier pointing the way. Seriously - nothing left to the imagination! I discovered he was sitting just a little to the left of me and soon after that I noticed that he was sitting cross-legged with each of his daughters sitting on one knee. And they weren't babies either.
After that I decided to engross myself in my novel for a while, to avoid any more eyestrain of the fashion variety.


  1. Oooh I really dont like speedo's - nasty little soldiers as you mentioned - ha ha ha ha!
    I could "crowd watch" for hours.
    Well done on keeping your skin out of the direct rays. I am so white I actually look quite sickly but the reality is I am far healthier than the bronzed goddesses.
    One day it will pay off :)

  2. p.s. I adore your new pic.... that really is what mom's are.

  3. Forever - I'm trying to get that sight out of my head. :) And yes, lets start a new fashion trend - white skin is in! I love that pic too. My new colour scheme feels very relaxed to me. And thats what I need right now.

    Griever - Quite so. It was horrible.

  4. My dad refuses to switch to board shorts. he says he doesn't like the feeling of the wet material down his legs and that they chafe (TMI, Dad). We won't go swimming with him when he's wearing his rainbow-coloured (so not kidding) Speedo. Gross!