Friday, April 23, 2010

Long weekend for me!!

I didn't take any extra time off over Easter so I decided that since next Tuesday is a holiday and most schools have granted their students the Monday as a holiday too, I would take a day's leave on Monday and have another long weekend. After the day I've had today I know I made the right decision!
Last night being Dael's birthday night, I gathered my funds together and bought a chocolate ring cake and a box of prepared custard to go with it. I had left work late and by the time I finished shopping, it was dark and had started raining. A storm had blown up and as I was driving home, it started pouring. I staggered into the house with my shopping and Dael looked up from his phone. He was sitting quietly, with the television playing in the background and Bradley sleeping on the couch. I ran out to the car again and ran back through the pouring rain, balancing the chocolate cake. When he saw the cake, Dael's eyes lit up. I don't think he was expecting anything much as, being the end of the month, he knew funds were low.
"Its your cake, for your birthday. You can have some now if you want". No further invitation needed. He was in the kitchen like a flash, cutting a big chunk of cake and coating it with custard. When he was seated back in the lounge with his cake and a big cup of coffee, he tucked in and announced "This is very good". I felt a glow of satisfaction that I had chosen a treat he was really enjoying. A little while later he ate another helping. In the meantime, I had washed a load of dishes and cooked supper but no one except me was really hungry.
Bradley had woken up and eaten a piece of cake too which he really shouldn't have because I had picked him up from school at about 10.30am that morning because he had been sick at school. I was really concerned because he had been complaining on and off since Monday about a pain in his stomach or bowel area. I thought it might be appendicitis. I had taken him home and given him a tablet for nausea and settled him on the couch with some juice to drink and then gone back to work. He seemed fine and I just checked in on him during the day by phone.
Anyway fast forward to the evening and he is eating chocolate cake and custard! Anyway I let him have a small piece but he still wasn't feeling very well and didn't finish the slice. After I had eaten and packed the leftover supper away, I still wasn't done for the day. Bradley hadn't finished a project for school which was due to be handed in on Friday and he really wasn't up to doing work. Famous last minute project story! After an irritating start when I discovered that he didn't have an eraser or a sharpener and his pencil is a stub, we got on with the project. Brad and I worked together to throw this project together and by the time we were finished and I looked at the clock again it was after 11pm. Needless to say I fell into bed and was soon comatose from exhaustion.
Then the day at work today! Say no more... My car wouldn't start for a while this morning. Something about rather cold weather and the starter motor! Then I had to drop the project off at school. Bradley was hitting up flu symptoms this morning so he didn't go to school. And now I have lost 2 pieces of paper that I know I had on my desk. I have hunted high and low and can't see them at the moment. I'm writing a note to remind myself that I need to find these items on Wednesday which is when I will be back in the office.
Roll on the weekend!


  1. Sounds like you are needing this break. I hope you have lots of time for R&R.

    You are SO BLESSED to have a son that is happy with chocolate cake and custard on his birthday...most kids are so spoiled that they would not even have appreciated that. You have a special boy there:-)

  2. Sounds like you can really do with the weekend. Enjoy the rest.

  3. Shane, I hope he feels better soon and that you enjoy your much deserved long weekend! And happy birthday to your other son. :-)