Thursday, April 1, 2010

You are speaking to Susan...and this is not a recording!

Shame, I hope the lady I just spoke to is not too sensitive. I do suffer from inherited and incurable foot-in-mouth syndrome!
I had dialled the number of a major insurance company in Gauteng but while waiting for the line to be picked up, one of my co-workers was talking to me from my office door.
In the background, I could hear that the line had been answered but it sounded like an automated voice answering machine and I didn't quite catch the message. So I stayed silent, waiting for the next recorded message. The voice started up again "You are through to 'our' company and you are speaking to Susan. How may I assist you?"
I suddenly realised my mistake and that I was speaking to a living person and I laughingly replied to her "Oh sorry Susan. I thought I was speaking to a recording!" Oops, probably not the best thing to say but I did qualify my statement by saying that I hadn't been listening properly. She didn't seem too worried and soon put me through to the right department where the queueing system IS a recorded message and blow me down if the recording didn't sound the SAME as Susan!


  1. Ha ha ha thats funny :)
    I've been caught many times but in the opposite way... I start talking TO the recording!
    Have a wonderful Easter with the boys and kitties :)

  2. That is very funny! Maybe she made the recording for the queueing system.

    Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

  3. This is Susan calling. We're funny like that!

  4. Oh that's funny! I think these poor call centre people actually hears everything.

  5. I think we are related. Are you my long lost sister? That is too funny and has happened to me (maybe once or twice)

  6. Forever - I do sometimes have been caught out with very realistic cell phone voicemail messages. Very embarrassing if you are not alone when you start talking!

    Lynette - She might have! Maybe the company is being run by robots...

    Griever - My pleasure. Writing about it made my day.

    Cat - And receptionists come a close second to call centre staff. I'm just glad I no longer have to answer a phone as a receptionist - not fun!

    Alyssa - Welcome to my blog and thanks for following. I think everyone with a sense of humour is related and sometimes you just have to find the funny in an otherwise boring day.

  7. Susan - Haha. Susans' of the world stick together. I'm sure you don't sound like a recording!