Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I come to work for peace and quiet!

Dael hasn't been called to camp this week and Bradley is off school with a 2 week end of 1st term holiday. Friend 'S' hasn't been working and other friend 'S' also seems to be there permanently since the weekend even sleeping on my couch. Luckily the two friends 'S' have been given some of their pay (another story) and they are contributing to the food. Their new fad is to whip up a batch of chocolate muffins. They have discovered the Snowflake Easymix muffin range where you just add 2 eggs, milk and some oil to the powdered mix, mix it well and pop it in the oven for 20 minutes and whallah...instant meal. I think they are surviving on muffins at the moment. The major food items that I'm using a lot are eggs, bread, milk, coffee, sugar and butter. I had two muffins for supper last night but tonight I feel the need for some substantial 'real' food.
Bradley was so desperate for me not to see his school report that he organised for his whole school bag to go missing! Kidding....but his school bag is gone. I had picked him up from school and we went to a local shop and bank. Then he was at my work for the afternoon and I dropped him home before going on to the supermarket for my 'big' shop. I shopped for groceries for an hour and then still had to stop at a another corner shop for rolls. At either the corner shop or the supermarket, some 'kind person' spotted Brad's bag on the floor of my car and forced my passenger door with another key and lifted the bag. We only discovered this loss on Saturday afternoon and I racked my brains thinking when the bag could have gone missing. At the corner shop I remembered that when I returned to the car, the passenger door was unlocked but I thought at the time that I had left the door unlocked by mistake. This with 'car guards' on duty. In general, they are worse than useless and sometimes I wonder if they are not guilty of the theft themselves. So the bag is gone as well as his new school shirt, new grey pants, school shoes and the report! I will have to replace the shoes and bag before the new term. Its this kind of petty theft which frustrates the heck out of me and chances are that the whole bag with its contents was dumped around the corner once the perpetrator discovered nothing of value in the bag. Nothing of value to them not me. To me its just another thing that has to be replaced. There is just no way of being that vigilant all the time because the one time you slip up, there is some layabout to pounce and take advantage.
I am looking forward to the long Easter weekend though so roll on Thursday afternoon. The Easter bunny won't be doing a major visit at my house this year as my kids are mainly grown up but I might just put on an Easter braai for them. I think that will go down better with them!


  1. How frustrating and mindless...to steal a school bag!

    Thank you so much for your encouraging comments, I really appreciate each prayer and uplifting message.

    This weekend I hope to find time to just sit on a sand dune in Sardinia Bay and stare at the sea...I am SO tired!

  2. My word how revolting some characters are! What a pain and expense for you now man. I too am looking forward to a long weekend and hope my mommy gives us an Easter braai too... I love those family gatherings :)

  3. I remember the days when work was more peaceful than home. :) Now I sit with only one still here and he'll be 18 in a few weeks. :( I miss the Easter Bunny.

  4. Oh I also come to work to rest;). Sorry about the bag - have you thought of offering a reward and posting and add at the corner shop? Maybe someone found it lying outside. Happened to a friend of mine where someone found her handbag, purse etc (only a little cash and phone missing), phoned her and gave her bag back.

  5. I love those muffin mixes. Tell them to try the cuppucchino one!

    That's such a pain about the school bag. i hope the weekend is filled with happy times and no stress.

  6. Lynette - I think the thief thought that there might be a wallet or cellphone in the bag. Hope you get to sit on the beach and just listen to the wind this weekend.

    Forever Feline - Tammy, its becoming so frequent, I am almost blaming myself for not being more careful. How crazy is that? I hope you have a lovely restful long weekend.

    Lisa - Its very quiet with just one. With two or more, they tend to bounce off each other. You'll just have to put the Easter Bunny on hold til you get a few grandchildren one day.

    Cat - I'm sure with so many itinerant homeless people around especially in that area, someone else would have picked up the bag by now. Luckily we do have more shirts and pants and it wasnt his books or stationery as he had taken them out the day before.

    Spear - Braai is very good but with teenage boys its not usually a lot of fancy sidedishes just meat and booze. I usually throw in some tinned spaghetti, potato salad, garlic bread and boiled eggs. They dont really 'do' salad. :)

    Tamara - I think in two days they have mixed up 4 chocolate mixes and 1 vanilla. I smelt the cappucchino and it smelt yummy. Maybe I'll just get it for myself. Thanks for the weekend wishes.